Funny: Brutalmoose

Prison Tycoon 3
  • At the beginning, he accidentally builds the prison without fences, and is surprised when his prisoners escape.
  • Later on, he does figure out how to build fences, and fences in each prisoner without amenities until they escape or die of hunger.

Living Books
  • He points out that individual words can be clicked on, and uses this to make the narrator say "We saw a long monster coming" and "Stinky was feeling me slowly".
  • He keeps pointing out how the main characters of the first book keep missing obvious paranormal activity and how the setting changes of the second book don't make sense.
  • The ending, where he mimics Harry's dancing from the game's menu.

Bad Milk
  • His emulator crashing at the combination lock puzzle.

Crisis City
  • After beating the game, Moose explores the badly textured environment, finding a "sand sponge block", "blue robot creeper head", and "magical rainbow egg".
    Ian: If you gaze upon it for too long, you will be filled with mischeviousness. Some of humanity's most evil people (pictures of Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Plankton appear) were inspired by staring upon the magical rainbow egg for too long. But here it stands, ready for anyone with a heart of pure evil to look upon. It is Crisis City's greatest secret, and also its most dangerous.

Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Shadow mounts a hoverboard, and Ian comments that it's pretty badass, but it needs something...then puts carnival music behind it.
  • Brutalmoose's comments on how hard it is to hear Doom's Eye, later mimicking his speech as unintelligble growling.
  • Sonic wants you to kill the 'black creatures', which Brutalmoose thinks sounds racist the more he hears it. There is then a clip of Knuckles saying 'Get rid of these annoying aliens' with overlaid text HIDDEN POLITICAL AGENDA?
  • Brutalmoose's amusement at the mild swearing Shadow uses. Everytime he says 'damn' in the review, he cuts Shadow saying it in instead.
  • Shadows has a weapon looking like a toilet seat, because 'the kids will just eat that up, know what I'm sayin'?'
  • By merit of the narmy-ness from the game itself, Shadow's '' line.

Space Dude

Amazon Trail II