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"Feast yer eyes!"
  • In an effort to help Elinor communicate better with their daughter, Fergus asks her to pretend that he's Merida and does a hilarious impersonation of her.
    Fergus: Pretend I'm Merida. Speak to me. What would you say?
    Elinor: I can't do this!
    Fergus: Sure you can!
    Elinor: (gives him a hard look)
    Fergus: There! There! That's my queen! Right, here we go. (takes a deep breath... and speaks in a high-pitched voice) I don't want to get married! I want to stay single and let my hair flow in the wind as I ride through the glen, firing arrows into the sunset!
    • What really sells it is the cheeky grin he gives Elinor when he's finished. It's like he's asking "Do you feel better?"
    • He gets another great expression not too long into the scene when Elinor admits to her own reservations about her marriage, his face just screams a mixture of "What?!" and "I don't think I was supposed to hear that!"
  • Pixar and Disney are proud to present: the mooning Scotsman. "Feast yer eyes!"
  • After Merida and Bear!Elinor have left the castle, Fergus and the other clan leaders get down from the tower after being locked out by the triplets (who were running interference for Merida), using their kilts to make a rope ladder.
  • The Stinger—earlier in the film, Merida bought every single carving (so the witch would accept her offer of a spell). At the end, a guard wakes up to find the witch's familiar, and a cart carrying said carvings.
  • The breakfast scene between Merida and Bear!Elinor. Her strictness about weapons not being on the table is still evident and then Merida reveals to her mother that the berries she got for breakfast are actually nightshade berries. When Elinor doesn't understand, Merida explains they're poisonous and Elinor spits out the berries, then drinks the water, only to spit it out when Merida points out the worms in the water, which ends with Bear!Elinor dropping her head on the table in frustration, causing the table to go flying.
    • And then when they've caught their first fish and Elinor tries to eat it with twigs like a knife and fork (which had failed hilariously with the nightshade), she is reduced to eating it like a bear. After voraciously devouring it, not at all like a proper lady, she looks at Merida, and then tries to cover for it by daintily cleaning her mouth with a leaf.
      • And then she asks for seconds. And then thirds.
  • The whole scene at the witch's cottage. First the witch does her level best to convince Merida she isn't a witch, just a poor harmless wood-carver—the lengths she goes to to make her case are hilarious, and if Merida hadn't already thought she was, her increasingly transparent Blatant Lies would have given it away in two seconds flat—until her raven familiar finally gives the game away, at which point she just admits it and claims she was lying because of "unsatisfied customers". Then she won't let Merida stay unless she buys which point she offers to buy her entire stock. Then when she finally does cast the spell for her, at one point she has an anachronistic (but adapted to the period) welding mask for herself (and her familiar!). Finally, of course, there's Merida's return to try and find a cure for the curse, which leads to an answering machine cauldron where each option is represented by a vial instead of a number (and an overly ominous recitation of the Curse Escape Clause, complete with Nightmare Face...that she repeats when Merida doesn't get it).
    • "It's impossible to imbue wood with magical properties! I should know, I'm a Whhhhiiiiiiitler—a whittler! Of wood!"
    • "...and have a lovely day!" (cue explosion)
    • When the witch tells Merida that if she's not going to buy anything then she should leave, all of the witch's carpentry tools fly over to Merida and stop inches from her face, pointing at her threateningly. Merida then says she'll buy everything, and the carpentry tools wheel around in mid-air and point threateningly at the witch instead.
    • The way Merida screams "YOU'RE A WITCH!". Just that dawning realization in her voice.
    • When Merida sees the crow and backs away screaming, "The crow's TALKING!", she hits her head on one of the beams in the ceiling.
  • Bear!Elinor after her transformation scolding Merida about what she did, and Merida responds, "There's no point in having a go at me," because Elinor's words are all bear growls.
  • Most everything Elinor does after she turns into a bear, both at the castle and at breakfast the next morning. Of particular hilarity are her delicate placing of the crown on her head, trying desperately to find something to wear to cover herself (and then using her paws when Merida rips the bedsheet away), her attempts to communicate which of course Merida can't understand a word of, and her pantomiming. Oh, and trying futilely to hide behind a tapestry.
    Merida: You're covered with FUR! You're not naked! It's not like anyone is gonna see you!
    (Both slowly turn to see Maudie standing there watching her talk to a bear. Elinor gives a nervous wave)
    Maudie: AHHHHHHH!!!
  • Maudie's hand-flapping run of screaming terror; it's the only thing she ever gets to do, and the constant repetition of it is hilarious.
  • Everything the triplets do. EVERYTHING. Gets taken Up to 11 when they all get turned into bear cubs, and take full and complete advantage of their new forms.
    • Special mention to bludgeoning a warrior with that huge mace one of them carries around.
    • When Merida orders them to get a key Maudie has. Maudie defiantly puts it down her bosom. The triplets get it anyway, by one of them eventually diving down in to get it.
    • When the triplets free their sister, one of them trips and lands on his face going down the stairs. Catches you off-guard especially since it was supposed to be a serious moment with dramatic music.
  • The brawl that breaks out after Lords Macintosh and MacGuffin mock Dingwall, who sics his son on Macintosh like an attack dog. The funniest thing is the bagpipes playing during the brawl. It stops when the brawl stops, but resumes when the brawl is resumed when the triplets hit Dingwall's foot with a mace. It only stops for real when Elinor calmly marches into the middle of the brawl and walks back to the thrones dragging Fergus (who joined the brawl when it resumed) and the three clan lords by their ears like their a group of naughty schoolchildren.
    • What sells it is Fergus trying to explains himself after she drags him back to the throne but gives a meek "yes dear" and sulks back to his chair.
    • Highlights of the brawl include:
      • Young Macintosh getting a purple-nurple mid-battle stance.
      • Someone sending a herd of sheep into the middle of the fight (with one getting tossed into the air at one point).
      • Merida and Elinor's completely nonchalant faces during the whole scene. Granted, Merida was feeling a bit down for different reasons, but both their attitudes imply that they saw it coming.
      • The bagpipers playing both times and calmly ducking to the side when a table is thrown their way.
      • Fergus enthusiastically cheering on the proceedings until he catches a Death Glare from his wife, at which point he begrudgingly gets to his feet to try and break things up...before quickly becoming embroiled himself.
      • After the brawl resumed but just before Fergus joined in, Lord Macintosh tries rearing back with a giant mace, but it slips out of his hands and knocks down a chandelier—what really sells it is the look on his face: a completely exasperated look that just screams "seriously!"
  • In the "A princess does not..." montage there's a few:
    • The scene where Merida and Fergus are falconing. Merida takes the hood off of her hawk, only for it to promptly attack her dad's face—along with Fergus's own hawk.
    • When she says "A princess is compassionate," you can see a maid in the kitchen behind her cut off a chicken's head.
    • When she says "She does nae doodle," and it's a drawing of Elinor holding up the picture.
  • The entire sequence in which Fergus and everyone in the castle chasing what appears to be a bear shadow when actually it's that of a plucked chicken, due to the triplets helping Merida and Elinor get out the castle as a bag-pipe rendition of Song of Mor'du plays in the background.
    • Song of Mor'du, the fact that Pixar put a drinking song in their film is hilarious.
  • Maudie the maid. It's a wonder she didn't have a heart attack and drop dead after all the wacky hell she goes through in this film.
    • The bit at the end with her ending up with the fearsome, scarred-up warrior, who is clearly entirely enchanted with her (which also counts as a heartwarming moment).
  • Even though it was a lead-up to a serious plot twist, Elinor's ill reactions during and after the eating of the bewitched cake were pretty funny and realistically animated.
    • Just the cake by itself. While the viewers know it's cursed, it looks pretty and tasty, which could be quite the opposite of what's expected. Then there's the fact that Elinor cuts herself a thin slice of it, and immediately feels ill and starts rattling off how gross it apparently tastes (making is appearance something of a Double Subversion).
  • Bear!Elinor runs into her sons...and promptly scolds them into behaving properly. The look on Merida's face when she walks in and discovers what's going on is priceless. When the triplets see the bear, not only do their jaws drop, but so does the jaw of the mounted deer head they were playing with. When they see Merida come into the room, they gesture towards Bear!Elinor as if to say "What the hell happened to Mom?!", while Bear!Elinor gestures towards them as if to say, "Can you believe your brothers?!"
  • When the triplets meet Bear!Elinor, Merida has to bribe them with desserts to get them to help her and Elinor sneak out of the castle. Therefore, when the triplets are transformed into bears themselves, Merida's blunt order and their subsequent obedience of that order can bust a gut.
    Merida (coercing the triplets into helping her): You can have my desserts for two... three weeks!
    Triplets: (expectant stares)
    Merida: Fine, a year.
    Merida (locked behind a door to which Maudie has the key in hand): Get the key.
    Triplets: (turn to Maudie)
    Maudie: (utilizes Victoria's Secret Compartment with a none-too-eager expression)
  • The entire archery scene, especially when Young Dingwall wins totally by accident. Before being cut off, Fergus starts teasing Merida about having "Dingwall" as her new name.
    • Every second of Young Dingwall's attempt at archery.
  • No one can understand anything Young MacGuffin says. After he finishes talking to Young Macintosh and Dingwall, the two exchange a confused glance.
    Young Macintosh: (cracks up) I have no idea.
  • The three Lords and Fergus acting like complete children for most of the film. By the time Merida and her mom are sneaking back into the Castle, they've divided the dining hall into four forts.
  • When the three clans are preparing to leave, Young MacGuffin tries to give Young Macintosh a playful punch in the arm...only for it to become an accidental Offhand Backhand that knocks Young Macintosh off the dock and into the water!
    • Common translations of his brogue indicate that two of his three lines were smartass remarks—and pretty scathing ones at that. He might be able to get away with something like this because everyone thinks he's too kind-hearted and quiet to even think of pulling pranks.
  • In the ending scene, the three clans are returning home. As Merida and her parents wave farewell, Fergus notices the triplets waving back from one of the leaving ships. Cue Fergus rowing after them in a dingy, visibly grumbling—with his two deerhounds in tow.
    • There's also his telling the three Lords to "Show a little decorum! And no more fighting!" The last phrase you'd expect to hear from a Scottish Lord in that time period.
  • The three lords starting up an impromptu drag race to DunBroch with their boats after seeing each other.
  • When Elinor turns into a bear.
    Merida: B-B-BEEEAAAAARR!
    Bear!Elinor: (makes a confused sound as if to say "Bear?", then turns and sees the shadow of a bear on a wall but doesn't realize it's her own and freaks out)
  • In the archery contest, pay attention to Young Macintosh's fan girls. Every time they scream, the same two girls faint at the same time.
  • In the archery contest, the running commentary Fergus and Merida give during the boys' archery competition, while Elinor fumes in the background. Culminates when, after his shout accidentally makes Wee Dingwall hit the bull's-eye, Fergus starts to turn to tease Merida about what her new last name will be...except of course she isn't there any more.
  • Shortly after Elinor's returned to her human form, Merida realizes that her mom's totally naked under the tapestry and points this out to her. When Elinor informs Fergus of this, he stares at her until she gets mad and tells him to stop. When Fergus calls out the three clan leaders for ogling his wife, they nervously turn around.
    • Then the triples run up to their parents and sister totally bare.
  • When Lord Dingwall is introducing his son, everyone assumes he's pointing at a tall, handsome, scarred-up and insanely ripped warrior. Every girl in the room, including Merida, ogles him...until Dingwall reveals his actual son, who was standing right behind the huge warrior.
  • Young Macintosh throwing a tantrum when he fails to hit the bull's-eye.
    • When he throws his bow into the crowd in his fit, a fan in the distance catches it and yells "I got it!"... And everyone else cheers.
  • The FACE Wee Dingwall makes right before he initiates the brawl.
    • Watch him closely during the last brawl, near the end of the film. When everyone else is yelling and throwing things at each other, Wee Dingwall is chewing on the sharp blade of his axe.
  • One of the short scenes in the home release, where Elinor puts on a small show with her triplet boys that describes her very own wedding games. Elinor provides narration, her boys are her actors. In the first act describing an archery contest, an arrow almost takes out one of the lords. In the second act, a hurling contest, one of the triplets manages to hurl a mace...into the audience. The crowning bit is the end however...where she describes a duel of blades. The triplets reenactment finishes with them pulling sausage "guts" of the "dead opponent" and the dogs coming in to get some, all to the Queen's horror.
  • When the triplets are transformed into bear cubs, Merida's initial reaction is simply a mildly annoyed "Oh, no."
  • Jings crivvens help my boab!
  • In the Blu-ray featurette titled Once Upon a Scene that focuses on deleted scenes, there's a sequence where Merida is trying to teach Elinor archery. Elinor gets in it her first try, and Merida's shocked open mouth expression and Elinor's smug look seal the deal.