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Funny: Bowser's Kingdom
  • The Shyguys and their antics are always good for a laugh. It helps that every single one of them sounds like Christopher Walken.
  • Kamek's flying lessons came as a Crowning Moment of Funny to most people.
    Kamek: Now get on your brooms and think happy thoughts! Like titties!
    Hal and Jeff: *jump off a cliff and plummet into the abyss* Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Kamek: What are you, gay?
  • Anytime the Inaudible Twomp speaks, Hilarity Ensues.
  • Lemmy Koopa's Quirky Miniboss Squad in episode 3 was quite disfunctional. Mario easily mopped the floor with them on his way to Lemmy. In fact, only Lemmy himself put up a real fight.
    • The Dry Bones told Mario to go suck a dick before being turned into a pile of bones.
    • The Inaudible Thwomp shouted down at Mario to get under him for a good half minute before Mario went an alternate route. If you can understand what he's saying, it's even funnier.
    • Hot Head is restricted to moving around a single platform. He has a short, humorous Heroic BSOD when Mario makes it past.
    • Big Boo also suffers from the weaknesses of the other Boos. When Mario encounters Big Boo, he turns around to let it draw near, then faces it again while passing beneath it.
      Big Boo: Well, that ain't fair. That's just mean-spirited, that's what that is. YOU SUCK!
    • Karate Duo Number 1 drops down from the ceiling to get the drop on Mario. They shout their battle cry with weapons drawn and then are set ablaze by two fireballs.
  • This exchange from Episode 7:
    Hal: "If I can take down a large gorilla wearing a tie, then I can definately take down some German turtle!"
    Chomp Bro.: "I'm Austrian! HIYAAAH!"
    • From the same episode, the third place winners (Team Piranha Plant, which consists of Steve and his cousin Petey Piranha) get a lifetime supply milk. Hilarity Ensues when Steve points out that Petey is lactose intolerant, followed by Petey vomiting offscreen.
  • Episode 6:
    • Jeff going through a series of minion replacements, one of which is a Metroid. Jeff doesn't even know what that thing is.
    • I WILL KILL YOU WHERE YOU STAND!! ....As soon as I jump over these barrels!
    • Rick Finklestein writing Ganon down as "Angry Blue Pig".
  • From The Movie: "KILL THE TRAITORS!!!"

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