Funny / Bored of the Rings

  • The whole book. Beyond that...
    • The forming of the Fellowship, where everybody volunteers everybody else.
    • The attack of the Thesaurus.
      "Maim!" roared the monster. "Mutilate, mangle, crush. See harm."
    • The reaction of the Fellowship when Goodgulf faces the Ballhog. They cut the bridge out from under both of them.
      • Also the Ballhog's shirt, on which "was written in cruel runes, 'Villanova'."
    • The history of Minas Troney and its Stewards.
    • The observation that, in the fall, the standard boggie dessert changes from whole watermelons to whole pumpkins.
    • Tim Benzedrine, full stop.
    • "Batty Benelux Burns!"
    • The riddle contest between Dildo and Goddam, specificaly the last riddle:
      Stumped at last for a riddle to ask, he [Dildo] cried out, as his hand fell on his snub-nosed .38, "What have I got in my pocket?" This Goddam failed to answer, and growing impatient, he paddled up to Dildo, whining, "Let me see, let me see." Dildo obliged by pulling out the pistol and emptying it in Goddam's direction.
      • Pity stayed his hand - "It's a pity I've run out of bullets".