Funny: Borat

  • In Kazakh with English subtitles: "Eat my asshole!"
  • "This my mother. She oldest woman in all Kazakhstan! She 43." She looks about 200.
  • "My moustache still tastes of your testes!"
  • "Fuck off, Death!" (It's so random it's hilarious!)
  • An exchange so funny, that even the people involved in it, roared with laughter:
    Borat: Do Jesus like me?
    Pastor: Absolutely, Jesus loves you!
    Borat: Do Jesus like my sons?
    Pastor: Jesus loves your sons.
    Borat: Do Jesus love my retrd brother, Bilo?
    Pastor: He loves your brother, Bilo.
    Borat: Do Jesus love my neighbour, Nursultan Tulyakbe?
    Pastor: Yes, he loves everybody.
    Borat: NOBODY love my neighbour Nursultan Tulyakbe.
  • Basically the entire movie, but special mention goes to this exchange:
    Borat: Would you like some cheese? (hands the politician the cheese). My wife made it.
    Politician: Ah, thank you. (eats it)
    Politician: (genuinely believing him, pauses for a minute, makes pained faces, and puts down the cheese)
  • "This is Urkin, town rapist. Naughty, naughty!"
  • "This is Natalya. (passionately kisses her) She is my sister. She is number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan."
  • "What's up with it, Vanilla Face?"
  • Borat attending a gay pride parade and the interview with Alan Keys the next day.
  • The relatively deadpan reactions Borat gets from a Hummer salesman and a gun store owner when he asks questions like "What is the best gun to defend from a Jew?" and "What is the best car to attract a woman who's shaved down below?"
  • Borat's attempt to marry Pamela Anderson.
  • The Kazhakstan National Anthem at the closing credits.
    • Borat is still wreaking havoc even after his character has been "killed off"; the anthem was used in lieu of the real anthem at a real-world sporting event.
  • "The Jews have shifted their shapes!"
  • The naked hotel fight/chase had this troper in tears from laughing too hard.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that Azamat never needs the censor bar; his massive, sagging belly acts as his own Scenery Censor.
  • Borat's ice cream van drives up alongside a park with the jingle playing. A bunch of children run up, expecting ice cream only to find a bear in the back.
  • Borat's attempts at American humour:
    • "My sister, she show her vazhin, to, my brother Bilo, and she say, "You will never get this! You will never get this! La la la la la!" He behind his cage, he crazy crazy, everybody laugh, you will never get this. But then one day, he break a cage, and he get this! And we all laugh. High five!"
    • "I had sexy time with my mother-in-law" That wasn't a joke.
    • Borat's inability to do the "...not!" remark, either saying it too soon or waiting too long to say it. He then gets it right at the end of the film, though the context is a bit off.
  • "I was not prepared to argue with a man dressed as Hitler."