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Funny: Borat
  • In Kazakh with English subtitles: "Eat my asshole!"
  • "This my mother. She oldest woman in all Kazakhstan! She 43."
  • "My moustache still tastes of your testes!"
  • "Fuck off, Death!" (It's so random it's hilarious!)
  • An exchange so funny, that even the people involved in it, roared with laughter:
    Borat: Do Jesus like me?
    Pastor: Absolutely, Jesus loves you!
    Borat: Do Jesus like my sons?
    Pastor: Jesus loves your sons.
    Borat: Do Jesus love my retrd brother, Bilo?
    Pastor: He loves your brother, Bilo.
    Borat: Do Jesus love my neighbour, Nursultan Tulyakbe?
    Pastor: Yes, he loves everybody.
    Borat: NOBODY love my neighbour Nursultan Tulyakbe.
  • Basically the entire movie, but special mention goes to this exchange:
    Borat: Would you like some cheese? (hands the politician the cheese). My wife made it.
    Politician: Ah, thank you. (eats it)
    Politician: (genuinely believing him, pauses for a minute, makes pained faces, and puts down the cheese)
  • "This is Urkin, town rapist. Naughty, naughty!"
  • "This is Natalya. (passionately kisses her) She is my sister."
  • "What's up with it, Vanilla Face?"
  • Borat attending a gay pride parade and the interview with Alan Keys the next day.
    • "Are you telling me the man who tried to put a rubber fist in my ahnoos was a homosexual?!"
  • The relatively deadpan reactions Borat gets from a Hummer salesman and a gun store owner when he asks questions like "What is the best gun to defend from a Jew?" and "What is the best car to attract a woman who's shaved down below?"
  • Borat's attempt to marry Pamela Anderson.
  • The Kazhakstan National Anthem at the closing credits.
    • Borat is still wreaking havoc even after his character has been "killed off"; the anthem was used in lieu of the real anthem at a real-world sporting event.
  • "The Jews have shifted their shapes!"
  • The naked hotel fight/chase had this troper in tears from laughing too hard.
    • Made even funnier by the fact that Azamat never needs the censor bar; his massive, sagging belly acts as his own Scenery Censor.
  • Borat's ice cream van drives up alongside a park with the jingle playing. A bunch of children run up, expecting ice cream only to find a bear in the back.

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