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Whilst the storylines tend to be told in parts, each storyline has it's own category where all CMOFs of that category should be placed except for the Hand Drawn parts in 2000. CMOFs from Dave's commentary should be placed under the same category as the storyline the comic is from.

The First Strips

  • The original JPEG quality comics, with Dave pointing out that they suck.

The Beginning of the Story

  • Proto Man's first line in the origin story.
    Proto Man: Huh, what? Santa Claus and Albert Einstein?
    • Proto Man's snarking at Doctor Light's expense, especially the constant asking "Are you SURE you created me?"
  • The introductions for the first six Robot Masters.
    • Cut Man is the Gardener because of his huge scissors on his head
    • Ice Man keeps drinks cold in the fridge, as Proto Man points out, it's probably not a good idea to have a weapon of mass destruction keeping your drinks cold.
    • Guts Man is the garbage man and makes Proto Man want to go Screw This, I'm Outta Here!.
    • Elec Man powers the TV which has Mega Man doing some poses, Fire Man keeps the fire going and Bomb Man is a love machine.
  • The start of the "Right behind you." Running Gag.

Mega Man's Missing!

  • Mega Man's Screw This, I'm Outta Here!, causing Proto Man to have to dress up as Mega Man, except he still has his helmet, his blaster and his shield and Dr Light's attempts to take them from him for the sake of the origin story and winding up dead and Proto Man starts the Ice Cream Running Gag.

The Introduction of the Author

  • The Author's first attempt to introduce himself which ends with him just burping loudly. The second attempt just uses "POOF!" since it was the best he could do on such short notice.
  • The first Author Self-Deprecation joke and Dave's commentary about how cliche it is and how he hates it, but luckily he got away with it since he's the first one to do it.

The Author as Mega Man

  • The "There's a Script?" joke that only works because the Author used it, followed by his comments on why they're so far behind in production. Because Fire Man is an idiot.
  • The Author's wondering how his life got to where it is and then realizing that he can blow shit up and interrupting Dr Light and Dr Wily's conversation by asking that.

The Return of Mega Man

  • The beginning of Mega Man being an idiot by saying that he's looking for the imposter (Aka the Author, who is standing right in front of him.) and asking him where the imposter is.
  • Mega Man and Proto Man's attempt to get the Author back to the real world by using a box with a big ball to shoot him above the panels, especially since neither of them had any idea if it would work.

The Hand-drawn Comics I

  • Dave's Truth in Television commentary on working in fast food.
  • George meeting Bubba while working in fast food and running like hell.
  • Napalm's Badass Boast about being the destroyer of entire countries and civilizations, then interrupting it to say he likes to barbeque.
  • George's superhero name is "Spark."

The Return to the Beginning

  • Mega Man's "Affirmative, I am an idiot." response to Dr. Light.

The Attack of the Yellow Demon

  • Mega Man trying to close his eyes and hoping that when he opens them, the Yellow Demon is gone. He's still there when Mega Man opens his eyes.
  • The first use of the "Look behind you! YOINK!" Running Gag, especially due to the Yellow Demon's eye looking away, then back, then saying "Damn it."
  • Mega Man's attempt to use Obi-Wan Kenobi's most famous line "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful then you can possibly imagine.", which doesn't work so well when you don't have a shield.

The Return of the Author

  • The Author's return and being told he has no right to return to his own creation.

The White Space

  • Dave's solution of how he solves conflicts. By having the Author point out that Mega Man should already know how to win most of the fights he's in since he's got so much experience and it always works.

Why Alcohol is Bad for You

  • Dave pointing out that this storyline is proof that he can make a comic while he's drunk, since he made half of it while drunk.

The First Megaman Game

  • Mega Man's primary and secondary programming. To defeat Dr. Wily and his robots and to be an idiot, followed by Mega Man asking "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME WERE YOU THINKING?!" because Dr. Light built powerful robots to be servants.
  • Mega Man's Flat "What." when he meets Cut Man.
    Mega Man: Who are you?
    Cut Man: I am your worst nightmare! I am CUT MAN!
    Mega Man: No really. Who are you?
    Cut Man: I'm serious. I'm a bad guy.
    • Followed by Mega Man only wanting Cut Man's power if Dr. Light makes sure he doesn't get Cut Man's scissors on his head.
  • The beginning of the Running Gag of the lifts and Dave's making it clear in the commentary how much he hates them and Mega Man taking four tries to survive and it took something that would never work in the video games for Mega Man to succeed.
  • Guts Man's introduction and him throwing the super heavy brick at Mega Man when Mega Man mocks his power.
    • Dave's pointing out that you don't piss off the guy who can hold super heavy bricks since he can easily throw them at you.
    • Mega Man using Cut Man's weapon to crush Guts Man and then complaining about getting his stupid weapon.
  • Ice Man's No-Sell of Guts Man's power, which then kills him because he accidentally makes himself choke.
  • Mega Man's attempt to flee from Elec Man, which makes him run into Bomb Man and then he gets cornered by both. Mega Man then runs past Bomb Man and his pile of bombs which are lit by Elec Man's electricity. The bombs go off and send Mega Man all the way to Dr. Wily's lab in three to four strips.

The Attack on Dr. Wily

  • Dr. Wily's final machine has an Epic Fail moment due to it running Windows 98 and then lampshading the whole "Escape and torment you for years to come" part of the Mega Man games.
  • Dr. Wily revealing his plan, but the characters just don't care.

The Hand-drawn Comics II

  • Napalm's inability to understand why Blitz is there to arrest him.
    Blitz: I'm here to take you in to the proper authorities.
    Napalm: What, why?!
    Blitz: What?! You blew up a whole damn building!
    Napalm: Oh. Right. Sorry, my bad.
  • Napalm's using the "Look behind you! Zoink!" Running Gag to escape.
  • George's mother being a giant black blob in his eyes and making him agree to do stuff by showing her red eyes.

Not Again

  • Dr. Light and Rush's clever swearing. "Fornications." and "Son of my mother..."

Just Another Day

  • Mega Man's freak out due to the Stable Time Loop and spending the entire time running around like an idiot with Proto Man and Bass and later just Bass following him, which quickly ends once Bass somehow runs into a low hanging branch inside.
  • Dave pointing out that you don't try to apply logic to the comic and then on the next strip (Where Bass somehow runs into a low hanging branch inside) he reminds you of that.
  • The first Halloween comic, with Mega Man as the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers, Roll as a ghost and Dr. Light telling everyone to get off his damn lawn.

Not Just Another Day

  • The whole "Doppleganger" plot point involving the Author and his doppleganger, which Protoman lampshades by everyone but Mega Man and the Authors leaving because it's funnier.
    • Naturally Mega Man ends up unable to figure out which is which and asks the stupid question of "Which one of you is the real Author?", which goes as you'd expect it to.
  • The Author stops Proto Man's doppleganger from revealing his identity because it's more suspenseful and blacks out the fourth panel.
  • Mega Man finding the Author's doppleganger's Author outfit lying around and outright states he doesn't want to chase a naked guy around.

The Introduction of George

  • Mega Man thinks George is Bob and when he's told he isn't, Mega Man's response is "Are you sure?"
  • Mega Man and George keep insulting the Author while eating ice cream and the Author eventually retaliates by taking away their ice cream and George starts crying, then when the background changes, he freaks out since it means Bob is coming.

The Introduction of Bob

  • Bob comments that he doesn't find either George or Mega Man to be a threat and considers coming back to kill them after he takes out Proto Man. George doesn't know whether or not to be elated or really depressed. Bob then decides to come back and kill them after they snark at him.
  • The Christmas special with Mega Man still as the Pink Ranger, the Author throwing a snowball at Bob from behind, George saying he has got to get out of the Mega Man universe and Dr. Light telling Roll to get his gun as a Call-Back to the Halloween strip.
  • Mega Man's epiphany about how he's taken Proto Man for granted and how he'll never take him for granted again, only for George to ignore him and leave like Proto Man and Roll did to the Author when he was introduced.

The Attack of Bob

  • Bob's Curb-Stomp Battle against Mega Man. He destroys him with one blast, then has to do it again since Mega Man reappears and then Mega Man appears a third time, claims it's because he's the main character but then Bob reminds him that he's a title character and finishes him off a third time.
    • Mega Man then appears as a Force Ghost to tell George to use his blaster and to use the goddamn Force, which Bob picks up on and destroys the Force Ghost Mega Man as well.

The Aftermath of Bob

  • The Author's attempts to explain the events of Bob's attack and George just keeps interrupting or not being much help at all.

Tales From a Parallel Universe 1

  • The parallel universe itself. Mega Man and Bass are super intelligent and discuss the law of physics, Proto Man is a moron who uses his shield as a hat, George is a violent killer and Bob is gay.
    • George is trying to kill Beat and Beat claws his eyes out and George is left blind for the rest of the comic.
  • Bob tries to find Dr. Light for help, but it turns out that George killed him, Dr. Wily and Roll. Everyone else is only alive because they fought back.
  • The somewhat satirical public service announcements, the one about the Bob of this universe being gay and hitting on Bob because Bob freaks out and the one about the George of this universe being blind because he kind of brought it on himself, as well as the snarky comments from George.

Prelude to a Bad Time

  • The Level 10 Emergency Running Gag. There's nothing below Level 10 and Proto Man is a party pooper for commenting on it.

A Bad Time

  • The beginning of the "I hate time travel." Running Gag.
  • X telling Mega Man to push the button on his chest and eventually yells "Push the goddamn button!"
  • Mynd's intro as a shadowy villain and then having what little light he had left in the room go out.

Tales From a Parallel Universe 2

  • The entire crossover with Macc's series, mostly due to Bob's quickly beating the army of Cids and then his crippling fear being revealed, aka a fear of Pokemon, screaming like crazy and running like a madman.

Back to the Past

  • Dave's commenting on how lucky he is that Mega Man Xtreme came out because he needed 8 bit sprites of X.
  • Mega Man's being convinced that he needs to go stop Dr. Wily and Mega Man eventually understanding the paradox that'll happen if he doesn't do it.

The Party

  • X trying to make Nate talk by tying him up by his legs. Naturally this doesn't work.

The Second Megaman Game

  • Mega Man vs Bubble Man and how pathetic the latter is as a villain and he ends up killing himself by accident.
  • Mega Man vs Flash Man and the true beginning of the "Mega Man commenting on suggestive Robot Master name" Running Gag.
    Mega Man: Not another one! What is it with you nudists?!
    Flash Man: What? No! Not that kind of "Flash Man!"
    Mega Man: Yeah whatever, you naked freak.
    • Mega Man continues making jokes about Flash Man's name after he's frozen.
    • Dave's lampshading how most of his comic ideas work. He screws something up and has to come up with an idea to cover it up and pretend it was his true plan all along.
  • Quick Man. The lovechild of Elec Man and Cut Man. On crack.
    • Quick Man is revealed to speak like Gollum from Lord of the Rings and is destroyed by Mega Man using Flash Man's power (And not turning into a nudist) to stop Quick Man and causes his head to explode like a bag of sugar.
    • Dave mocks the spraycan function in Paint and labels Quick Man's death as the only successful use of the spraycan function ever.
  • Metal Man's death at the hands of his own weapon, aka his weakness in the games.
  • Wood Man's introduction.
    Wood Man: Greetings Mega Man, I am Wood Man!
    Mega Man: Wood Man? Man, that's almost as bad as Flash Man.
    • Mega Man makes Pinocchio jokes for a good part of the fight and then slices Wood Man in half with Metal Man's weapon.
  • Air Man's introduction.
    Air Man: I'm Air Man and I'm going to blow you away!
    Mega Man: Beat Is it just me? Is it? Am I the pervert?
    • Mega Man ends up using Wood Man's power which is a shield and ends up indignant about shitting leaves, something that Dave wastes no time in mocking in the commentary. Ironically, it ends up killing him anyway by clogging up the intake and overheating the engine. Mega Man still thinks the leaves are stupid though.
  • Mega Man snarking at Crash Man's name, it's a good thing that it's not Clash Man.
  • Mega Man versing Heat Man and the way he puts Crash Bombs inside Heat Man. The used version is using Flash Man's powers and then shoving it down his throat. The original version was so depraved that Dave had to censor himself, seen here.
  • Dave's tongue in cheek response to a critique about his writing by having Bob wind up in a world where everyone quotes Shakespeare.
  • Dr. Wily ranting about how he's sick of Mega Man not using the door and bursting in through the ceiling and complaining about how useless the fortress guardians are and Mega Man just stands there patiently and waits.

Back in the Future

  • It turns out that while heading back to his time, X and Mega Man himself started his own freak out in Just Another Day via a Stable Time Loop.

The Author's Breakdown

  • The Author's breakdown is ended because of fireworks.

Tales From a Parallel Universe 3

  • Bob's entering causes the shadowy villain's eyes to burn due to the bright flash.
  • Bob manages to blow up Mynd's fortress with one blast and then get knocked out by Mike with one hit.

Something Stupid

  • Dave's commentary on Roll's combat sprites, especially the comment about having Zero's hair as an extension because Roll needed something girly for her outfit and Zero's hair is about as girly as you can get.
  • Dr. Wily's rant about Zero, he'll be smarter, faster, stronger AND he'll have a cool sword. Bass then starts the Running Gag that Zero looks like a girl.
  • Dr. Wily attempts to rant and then stops since there's no one to do the "Right behind you" Running Gag.

The Next Generation

  • Mega Man making a big deal out of X being naked in the pod as he's being designed, then when Zero appears, asking him if he's a boy robot or a girl robot.
  • The Author's failed attempt to write out the plothole of why Dr. Light can't remember what he's supposed to do with the Past Mega Man who needs repairing.
  • Zero having a "Property of Dr. Wily" stamp on his back, thus ruining the big but obvious answer to who designed Zero.
  • Mega Man has yet another Screw This, I'm Outta Here! moment and locks himself in the bathroom.

Another Coffee Break

  • Roll and Proto Man commenting on how anti-climatic the 500th comic was, since it's just them talking and drinking.

Tales From a Parallel Universe 4

  • Upon waking up, Bob is pretty pissed and hurls insult after insult about Mike knocking him out once Mynd leaves Mike to torture/kill him.
    Bob: Where's that little shithead that cold-cocked me?!
  • Chadling's introduction, with Mike shooting him with Bob's blaster trying to find out how to dimension hop to the Mega Man universe. Chadling is on the wall refusing to come down since he got shot and Mynd threatens him and when Chadling hops down, Mike hits him with the blaster and sends him to the Alternate Mega Man universe with the intelligent Mega Man and Bass. Apparently it was the one button that Mike hadn't pressed yet.
  • Mike goes off a little early in the process of torturing Bob, which Bob quickly mocks and says it happens to alot of guys.
  • How easily Bob takes out Mike's overconfident karate chop of death with a kick to the back of the head and gets himself down. Then he throws his shield at Mike while looking for his blaster. Then due to Rule of Three, Bob ends up throwing his helmet at Mike to knock him out.
    • Bob then reveals that he's Napalm and sets Mike on fire and is then immediately knocked out by Mynd from behind.

In the Year 21XX

  • Prometheus' introduction by scaring X and Zero when they're hiding from Iris just incase she's outside.
  • The Author's appearance and asking if Prometheus is insinuating that his presence alone causes the weirdness of the comics, cue Funny Background Event of Iris chasing Zero.

The Arrival of Mynd

  • Helmeted Author showing up and punching Mega Man for bringing up a valid plothole and then being dragged to the Rehabilitator, which causes Mike to suggest rethinking their attack.
  • George and Chadling's reaction to Mynd disliking Ice Cream.
    Chadling: HEATHEN!
    George: BURN HIM!
  • George asking Bob's unconcious body what they did to him and the Helmeted Author bluntly answering what happened.
    George: Oh Bob, what did they do to you?
    Helmeted Author: Well first they tied him up, then beat the crap out of him.
    George: You're not helping.
    Helmeted Author: Since when do I help people in this comic?
  • The Halloween Party. Mega Man and Bass went as each other, Mynd is Frankenstein's monster with Mike as the Pink Ranger, George as an ice cream cone and Roll as Super Ho (Dave's wife's character from her webcomic), Bob painted pink and purple while passed out, Helmeted Author as Rick O'Shay (Subcomic author, appears later in the comic), Proto Man as Zero, the Author as Q from Star Trek, Chadling as a pretty flower, Nate as a mime, Dr. Light as Flame Mammoth from the X series and Dr. Wily as Bass.

The Attack of Mynd

  • How easily Roll beats Mike in a fight by making part of a cliff he's standing on after a lame attack crumble.
  • Mynd quickly disables Nate's glasses which are his control jewel. Mynd thinks that he'll explode or maybe go berserk and kill the others, but instead he ends up crying.
  • Mega Man's attempt to prove he's not an idiot by showing how much of an idiot he is before fighting Mynd.
    Mynd: You can't imagine how long I've waited to fight you Mega Man.
    Mega Man: Yes I can, I'm not an idiot! Four months, right? No wait, five minutes? Thirteen years! Man I suck at these guessing games!
  • Mynd using a Jedi Mynd Trick on Chadling to make him attack Bass.
  • Bob waking up (finally) and still being all painted up from Halloween.

The Third Megaman Game

  • Dr. Light's obliviousness to Dr. Wily still being evil.
  • The New Years party. Bass drinks Chadling, Helmeted Author has a date and the Author asks the audience if they're worried about his mental state yet.
  • Dr. Wily using the "Right behind you" Running Gag to stop George from exposing him.
  • Rush finally explains why dogs sniff butts. Butts smell nice.
  • George meeting Proto Man while he's tied up to the ceiling. Proto Man ends up asking if he ever gets his own game and upon finding out he doesn't laments that he and Luigi will never get their own games, except Luigi has Luigi's Mansion and technically Mario is Missing as well at the time the strip was made.
  • Mega Man's hatred of the Slide technique Running Gag, as well as mocking Proto Man's whistle.
  • The totally obvious and obligatory "I am your brother" joke from Proto Man to Mega Man during their first meeting.
  • The disappearing blocks and how much Mega Man hates them.
    • Dave mentions his hatred of them as well, despite how easy they should be, they really aren't.
  • Mega Man modifies Rush to use the Rush Jet and speak again and then goes on a rant about being able to clense the Earth of humans since he improved on his creator's design, then he's reminded that humans make ice cream by Rush.
  • Magnet Man is a ninja who does backflips shortly after Mega Man meets him and then after Mega Man tries to leave, Magnet Man drags him back with his magnet power and looks constipated, which Mega Man comments on. Mega Man then gets hit by Magnet Man's projectiles and tricks Magnet Man into using both of his powers at the same time, thus causing Magnet Man to kill himself with his own powers just like Metal Man did.
  • Mega Man meets Hard Man and immediately hurts himself due to the suggestive name which Dave mocked in the commentary due to the unfortunate name choice and claimed they should have just called him Boner Man.
    • Mega Man tries to explain what's wrong with the name, only for Hard Man to be oblivious and not notice and mention that he shoots his fist at people, which Mega Man ends up calling his handjob trick.
    • Hard Man then fires a rocket out of his butt (Which Dave knows he can't actually do in the games) and he ends up landing head first. Mega Man quickly finishes him with an EMP.
  • Top Man is introduced as incredibly flamboyant which makes Mega Man really uncomfortable and he tries to take out Top Man with an EMP which fails and is chalked up to Mega Man being unable to perform by Top Man.
    • Mega Man then uses Hard Man's fistjob which turns into a slap for some reason and Top Man retaliates with the Thousand Slaps of Doom. Alternate Bob (From the universe where Mega Man and Bass are naturally smart) shows up and preaches tolerance and then takes Top Man to a bar.
  • Mega Man's attempt to use the Top Spin to show Break Man that he doesn't need the Slide to beat Shadow Man. He just spins in a circle and collapses from dizziness.
    Proto Man: Oh yeah, that's gonna work real well against Shadow Man. Hell, I'm quaking in my boots.
  • Mega Man vs Shadow Man. The lights go out because of a dimmer switch and Shadow Man claims to haunt Mega Man's dreams, but he's not Dr. Wily, his long lost brother, Santa Claus, the milkman or Mega Man's old scout leader, which he's glad for.
    • After Shadow Man turns the lights back on after Mega Man's eyes have adjusted to the dark, he then throws a ninja star in Mega Man's eye to disable his eye beams.
    • Shadow Man turns the lights back on and applys Insane Troll Logic to confuse Mega Man (Like why you don't play Monopoly with an eskimo of the night) and knocks him out with one attack.
    • Upon getting his second wind, Mega Man's weapon changing module gets stuck on Top Spin for the fight, which makes Shadow Man flee and leaves Mega Man confused about what just happened.
  • Spark Man's intro. It's just him complaining about his life because he has no hands and Mega Man has enough of hearing it and tries to kill him with a Shadow Blade which fails which Spark Man tries to pick up and give back to Mega Man after Mega Man offers to get him hands and he ends up blowing himself up.
  • Back in the present, Mega Man and Bass decide to jump off a cliff and find a very alive Mike down there who survived by being taught the language of squirrels.
  • Snake Man ends up knocking Mega Man who is hiding with Shadow Man's power and gets swarmed by Search Snakes, which he gets off of him with the EMP (What, he fixed it.).
    • Mega Man then finishes off Snake Man with Bolt 3 and referencing the god awful line "You know what happens to X when they're struck by lightning? Same thing that happens to everyone else."
  • Bob runs into his Alternate Self and Top Man dancing and freaks out appropriately.
  • Mega Man meets Needle Man, who is a drug addict. Needle Man then attacks Mega Man with weed fog. Mega Man gets high. I think you can piece this one together.
    • Ran appears as a spirit guide to help Mega Man, Mega Man then proceeds to somehow throw him into Needle Man.
  • Mega Man meets the Gemini Men who after arguing over which one is the clone, they do what they call the Gemini Men Dance of Death, which is just them jumping around. He eventually wins by using modified Search Snakes on them, aka giant snakes that pop out of the ground.
  • Bob fights Shadow Man and kicks his ass because he can No-Sell Shadow Man's stealth and turning the lights off because he has sunglasses.
  • Doc Robot uses Wood Man's leaf shield power while Mega Man was hiding with Shadow Man's power.
  • George being hung from the ceiling, starting a series-long Running Gag.
    • George then goes insane and spins around alot.
  • George's Painful Realization and the ensuing comics of Bob, Proto Man and Dr. Wily running like crazy as the fortress explodes.
    • George then defeats Gamma by using his title character powers to save himself.
  • Bob rants about what pisses him off in the comic and then leaves. And by leaves, he goes off screen.

Tales From a Parallel Time

  • Prometheus aka Proto Man finds out that Bob is in the future and ends up hiding in the bathroom briefly. X even tries getting him out by breaking the door with Ride Armor.
  • Bob getting all disappointed when it turns out he didn't cause the Cataclysm. (Well, technically he didn't.)

The Second Party

  • Mega Man complaining that he has to appear in 17,000 sprite comics because of Dave and his comic.
  • Mike's interview was the best one he had all night.
  • What's really under Rick O'Shay's Methat. Sparkly pink bishie hair.

The Cataclysm Flashback

  • How the Shadowy Author teleports the Author to see what happened in the Cataclysm, by saying "Look! It's Zero!" and pfoofing them there.

Something Different

  • Mega Man's having something in his eye and everyone tries to get it out for him. Proto Man shoots him in the eye, Roll sprayed him in the eye with bug spray, Chadling puts his claw in his eye, George uses lightning, Bass uses his blaster, Ran uses an axe, Bob uses fire, Nate transforms his arm and winds up back at Proto Man. He went to Dr. Light and gets hit in the face with a 1200 RPM tweezer machine.
    • Mega Man then finds out he has eyelashes and thinks he's a real boy now.
  • The Mini-Authors and their wacky hijinks, including getting stuck in the 4th panel's wall, getting chased by Treble and saved by Bob and then using Pokemon Speak which makes Bob freak out and flee into the multiverse. Mega Man ends up using Mini-Rick to destroy some evil bugs.

The Attack of Mega Man

  • Mega Man tries to claim that he was making a soliloquy and no one else should've been able to hear what he just said. Roll's response is priceless.
    Roll: Thou can sucketh mine salty salami, William Shakespeare.
    Mega Man: Fair enough.
  • Mega Man is caught taking out Roll by Bass and Bass just says "Cool, can I help?".
  • Mega Man and Dr. Light having a drinking contest and ending with Mega Man crying that Daddy doesn't love him anymore.
    • Dr. Light ends up stalling Mega Man and running into the bathroom after Mega Man has him at his mercy.
  • Bass' incompetence comes back to bite Mega Man in the ass, but he goes God-Mode Sue on Chadling and George. After he finishes them off, he's covered in a purple mist from Chadling.
  • Bass merging with Nate and then saying that Mega Man will suffer, beg for mercy and call him master and thus begins the worst joke ever.
    Mega Man: Master Bate?
    Helmeted Author: '''rimshot'''
  • Mega Man is then thrown into a portal set up by Mynd's return and Mynd wisely chooses to leave right then and there.
  • The Author finishes off the arc with a quick Q&A, which ends with Roll stuck in the wall of the bathroom Dr.Light is hiding in and George has Chadling stuck up his nose.
  • The Halloween comic has everyone as Comic Book characters. Dr. Light as Beast, Chadling as Wolverine, Mike as Captain America, The Author as The Spectre, Bass as Godzilla and having an odd sense to destroy Tokyo. Nate is The Hulk, George is Spider-Man and shoots web all over Roll by accident who is Wonder Woman who shrugs it off since it happens to alot of guys. Proto Man is Batman and asks Mega Man who is Superman if he's meant to be in a dimension, who treats logic like kryptonite.

Tales From a Parallel Universe 5

  • Bob's good angel and evil devil, the latter has no real job since Bob is already kind of evil. They end up fighting and vanishing off screen.
  • Dr. Right sounding like Elmer Fudd and Bob trying to take advantage of that.
  • The corruption of Rock, Roll and Dr. Right that Bob thinks is his fault. The Shadowy Author appears and Bob has slaughtered them and has put a massive hole in Dr. Right, prompting the Shadowy Author to ask "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO DR. LIGHT?!" and it's reversed via a "Kerplunk!" sound effect after it's revealed The Author is the real reason.
  • Bob's Blatant Lies about how he hung Roll up to prevent her from falling down and then attempting to use the "Look behind you, yoink!" Running Gag and it doesn't completely work.
  • Dr. Wily has kidnapped Blues, but they think Bob is Blues, so Rock Man is surprised that Blues has been caught that easily and Blues comments on how uncomfortable he'd be if he had blood. Rock Man is then captured with ease and Rock Man tries to bond with Blues while they're held captive, all Blues cares about is that it's hard to be cool and mysterious while tied up and then escapes off screen.
  • Bob has shown up in Wily's fortress and it turns out that he's slowly and brutally tortured Sniper Jed, since he hates people named Jed.
    • Explained in the commentary by Dave since someone named Jed really pissed him off when he was younger. All webcomic authors have done this at least once.
  • Dr. Wily tries cloning Bob, which fails. Instead he sends an army of clone Rock Mans at Bob and he responds by blowing up the entire fortress, which is seen in the background from Dr. Light's lab.
  • Rock Man asks what he and Bob could do now that he's out of an arch nemesis. Thus begins the Acapulco Running Gag.

N4T3'5 R3C4P W33K

  • Nate talks with giant cue cards the entire time.
  • Chadling is revealed to be missing his left asscheek, which it turns out that George inhaled and then throws it up on Nate.
  • Proto Man goes on a rant about how hard it'll be for him to forgive Mega Man, which Nate has to censor with his cue cards.

The Fourth Megaman Game

  • George freaks out over the idea of the Fourth Mega Man Game happening because he doesn't want to get tied up to a ceiling again.
  • Ran's origin story, he was created as an entrant for a science fair and lost to a crappy paper mache volcano.
  • The judges give both the volcano and Ran the same score, and request the tiebreaker judge, Dr. Wily, to break the tie. But Wily's too busy stealing the contest tropies, complete with a "Bag for Stealing Trophies". No one suspects a thing.
    Dr. Wily: You people take all the fun out of being evil.
    • Then it's revealed Dr. Wily also stole the brain of Josef Stalin, and put it in his "Bag for Stealing Brains".
  • Dr. Cossack introducing some of his Robot Masters. Toad Man speaks one word at a time and has asthma, Drill Man who got told he can't say "Screw that!" because he has drills. Pharaoh Man is a 70s Disco guy who claims Disco has just been mummified and Dive Man is a stereotypical Russian Captain.
    • He freaks out after finding out they have personalities and it turns out that he did it while he was drunk because Dr. Wily convinced him to.
    • Dr. Cossack meets the other four Robot Masters he made and Vacuum/Dust Man can go from suck to blow in 2.4 milliseconds if you ask nice, Light Bulb/Bright Man has a really bright light bulb that glows when he has an idea, Really Old/Skull Man is a stereotypical cranky old man who complains about the young people and Hula Hoop/Ring Man has no quirky personality...because Dr. Cossack passed out before he got around to it.
      • Dave mentions for the Hula Hoop joke, he made Ring Man's ring really big.
  • In both the flashback and in the present, Ran is killed by Kalinka/George repeatedly until there's a huge pile of Ran corpses.
  • Proto Man hears Kalinka in the air ducts once she screams from the isolation and she makes up a lie about being air duct mice and just tells her to look out for over-sized airduct rats, which she immediately runs into.
  • Dr. Cossack immediately assumes Kalinka was kidnapped by Dr. Wily when he finds out what happened from Ran and reluctantly agrees to try and conquer the world for him, with Dr. Wily just confused about what's happening then decides to bother with dealing with it after Friends.
  • Mega Man and Dr. Light dressed up in the colours of the American Flag in Ran's flashback.
  • Mega Man tries to immediately foil Wily's plan, but it turns out it's not his doing and Mega Man is not happy to find that out.
    • He then proceeds to talk to a broom that talks backwards.
    • And then to Kalinka and although she gives him the entire plot in one go, he immediately assumes it's Dr. Cossack and wasn't listening. Proto Man blames it on the rap music.
  • How Mega Man loses most of his limbs against the Robot Masters.
  • Mega Man meets Toad Man...and immediately runs right past him and ignores him.
  • Bright Man's personality is basically like Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons, aka an obnoxious guy with a huge ego and holier-then-thou attitude as well as an stereotypical internet dweller.
    • Bright Man's power in the comic is to go on a huge rambling lecture that makes the victim lose the will to live because they're so bored, which naturally works on Mega Man until he throws a rock at Bright Man's head and kills him in one hit.
  • The fight against Pharaoh Man that goes from Pharaoh Man oneshotting Mega Man in Round 1 to Mega Man using Bright Man's power to lecture him into dropping the next attack on himself.
  • Ring Man is the ultimate foe for Mega Man because he has no quirky personality. Mega Man tries to use the "I am your father!" line which naturally fails. He then tries complimenting his ass which fails and then Mega Man's right arm gets knocked off, aka the one he ma-uh, writes with. Ring Man is then obliterated in one hit from Pharaoh Man's power.
  • Dust Man's name and appearance, which Mega Man once again mocks and then the next comic has the standard formula for comics like this.
    • Mega Man is then sucked in by Dust Man and gets clogged in Dust Man's head and proceeds to poke his brain in the right spot to make him change personalities, then shoots him in the head and gets stuck in Dust Man's head and can't get out.
  • Mega Man immediately one shots Skull Man and then tries to put him back together and asks Drill Man for help, who naturally gets indignant because he has no hands.
    • Mega Man manages to fix him and Skull Man makes a big deal about how great his weapon is...only for it to be another shield, except it actually works, which Mega Man discovers after somehow hitting him with a nuke. And then after being told what weaknesses Skull Man has, he proceeds to blow up Skull Man with one hit.
  • Drill Man manages to put a hole in Mega Man and is then immediately sent flying by Dive Man who then removes Mega Man's remaining arm and after talking to Ran, leaves him to lie there and somehow get up...then twist his leg.
    • Drill Man then ends up frying himself by accident because Dive Man made him cry.
  • The "Wily is compensating for something" joke, which turns out to be kind of true when Wily uses a phallic weapon against Dive Man and Ran.
  • After Dive Man and Toad Man break into Wily's fortress with Ran, Proto Man takes Toad Man to rescue Kalinka and then proceeds to call Mega Man a fucker for not using the Slide.
  • Toad Man's asthma vanishing just as he proceeds to make a Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Mega Man FINALLY gets to Cossack's lab and it's revealed that his one remaining leg is barely hanging on and is then crushed by Gamma when he finally gets to Wily's fortress again with Proto Man. And then he gets crushed by Eddie, who is even bigger then Gamma.

Dave's Adventures in Canada

  • Dave's mocking the post 9/11 craziness at airports in the comics. He makes it clear in the commentary to NOT do that in real life.

The Third Party

  • The entire Third Party being about people getting in line to beat up Mega Man, even a future version of Mega Man decided to.
  • Rick O'Shay with his "Will Sprite for Food" card with the Author behind him folding his arms.

Non Sequitur

  • Alternate Mega Man and Bass discussing how they bet the readers can't wait to get back to the low-brow humor, in which Alternate Bass proceeds to let a big fart out.
  • Future Alternate Mega Man ends up revealing secrets to the Present Alternate Mega Man and Present Alternate Bass just complains that his future self isn't talking.

BnG News

  • Mega Man having monkeys fly out of his butt.
  • Roll eating babies at an orphanage and then lying about being there to help the elderly and then the sketch artist prepared a rendition of what the suspect (Aka Roll) looks like and it's just a yellow and red stick figure, which was drawn by Chadling, who had no idea why they hired him either. He is immediately replaced by Megami, aka the resident Bob and George forums artist at the time.
    • Megami replacing Chadling was actually done because Megami asked Dave if she could do a better drawing that'd be used in the comic, he agreed and the comic was made.
  • Mike does a news report at the scene of a horrific car pile up and is immediately run over by sub-comic author Plague who just stole the car.

Story Time

  • Proto Man does a big recap of what happened when Mega Man attacked them and upon mentioning the nanites that infected George and Chadling, George mentions how everything still tastes like Chadling.
  • Mega Man ends up doing crazy stuff off screen and then ends up in X's pod somehow.
  • George has a freak out about having to time travel and is then heavily drugged by Dr. Light and has an argument with X who is his spirit guide and is also distracting him as Dr. Light equips the Time Suit on George and sending him back in time.
    • Which turns out to be the Shadowy Author's doing and then a dramatic "DUN DUN DUN" is done by Zero.

Another Bad Time

  • Dr. Light tries to make George apologize for yelling at him after being drugged and sent back in time, but George immediately counters by threatening to tell Mega Man where Dr. Light is hiding during the attack which makes Dr. Light immediately change his mind.
  • After George breaks out the Author and leaves, the Author ends up being convinced by Rick to go drink for a year and a half.
  • George gets sent back even further in time once his innate electrical powers are used to negate the nanites in his past self's body so he doesn't die during the attack because lightning and time machines don't mix. The time machine then breaks.
  • George has a freak out worthy of Smeagol/Gollum when he's intangible and has been sent back in time and lost his time machine.
  • The Halloween party has everyone except Nate as Final Fantasy characters. Chadling is Umaro, Ran is Mog, Kalinka is Aeris/Aerith, Proto Man is Cloud, Rush is Red XIII, Bass is Vincent, Mega Man is Zidane and is confused by the concept of a swallow blade, Mike is Squall and Roll is Terra, Nate is Crono from Chrono Trigger, Cossack is Tellah, Dr. Light is Final Fantasy IV Cid and Dr. Wily is Tifa. Don't ask how it happened.
    • Dave makes comments on why each character is who they are for Halloween in the commentary.

A Dog's Day

  • Rush and Treble try to fight Tango and end up getting their asses handed to them easily. Treble in particular is in two pieces.

George's Bad Day

  • George insults Rush for being a secondary character by accident and Rush somehow flips him off. George then quickly apologizes and Rush gets him some the form of Bass. George ends up going insane since Bass is fundamental to the Attack of Mega Man storyline.
  • After Bass is upgraded, he finds out that Wily wears women's lingerie because it makes him feel like a delicate flower.

George's Really Bad Day

  • George's insane rambling, mostly because he wants blood flavoured ice cream since it's sticky warm in his mouth.
  • The Helmeted Author decides to subject George to a Fate Worse than Death after giving a bunch of exposition. Hanging from Wily's ceiling again.
  • X's attempts to be all vague and mysterious in what George needs to do so he can stop hanging from Wily's ceiling. Aka blow up Wily's lab, along with all of Bass' stuff, which makes Bass freak out.
  • Rush ends up asking what George will do until he's caught up in time, he decides to go to Acapulco.

BnG News Exposé

  • Mike goes out to do a survey asking if people think the Helmeted Author is evil. Proto Man and Roll think so and Helmut agrees too after beating the crap out of Mike to the point that Mike's written "HELP" in his own blood on the lens of the camera.
  • The Christmas page has Mega Man, George, Bass and Chadling in a huge pile of ice cream with Chadling possibly crushed by it.
  • The segment about how Santa's sleigh was shot down and the attempts to make people not believe in Santa. Santa ends up breaking into the white house just to leave coal on the President's desk.
    • Straight after the segment, an elevator door is opened and then a ton of blood pours out as a reference to The Shining.
  • Helmut's cheering "WOO!" when Mega Man states that in the new storyline that he'll kill everyone.

Helmeted Preparations

  • Proto Man being Genre Savvy makes him freak out over the possibility of an attack and drop his beer.
  • Proto Man's screwing with Helmut disguised as George by claiming the ice cream's poisoned and after he's thrown up, it turns out Mega Man's doing it too because the cool kids were doing it.
  • Helmut disgused as George's entrance in the holodeck by calling the Met Yellow Demon "Bugly" and then mocking the "Star Trek Holodeck malfunction cliche" with Proto Man, which Dave comments on as well.
  • Proto Man's casual comment of "I'll get over it." after he's found out about who was really behind the Attack of Mega Man arc and began feeling bad about beating up Mega Man so much.
  • Proto Man shows Helmut disguised as George around the weapons cache and comments on one machine being a snow cone machine.

Helmeted Attack

  • Helmut's monologuing about how he can't kill Dr. Light too early, otherwise it'll ruin his plans, only for Dr.Light to collapse and Helmut claims that no one will ever believe anything Dr. Light says because he must have enough alcohol in him to bring down a bull elephant. Dr. Light immediately calls bull elephants lightweights after Helmut leaves.
  • After Helmut tries to kill Nate, Nate eats him. Helmut then forces him to merge with him and create H4T3 (Aka Hate) and Nate tries to escape in a way that looks like tentacles. This makes Helmut comment on how he wants to find a japanese schoolgirl.
  • Helmut's snarking at Proto Man throughout their fight, right before Helmut finishes him off.
  • George's snarking at Helmut after he arrives and is guilt tripped for Protean's death and just all around mocking him with his powers.
    Helmut: Let's see how you like the box!
    George: And a very pretty box it is, aren't you talented?
    • George then continues to mock Helmut for using the same box trick he used to kill Protean.
  • The Stylistic Suck of the Conservation of Energy video, including Mega Man saying that the cool kids were talking about it and how it was so short that it only took 6 panels to show it.
  • The absolutely ludicrous fountain of blood after George manages to impale Helmut on his own box fragment. Also two strips later, when the bleeding problem becomes too big to ignore:
    Proto Man: For Christ's sake! Doesn't this room have a drain?!
  • Mega Man finally showing up and asking who Helmut is after his true form has been revealed and asking to call him Uncle Fisty.
  • The Author's return which immediately causes Helmut to have a Villainous Breakdown.
    • Proto Man immediately asks "Where have you been?"
    Author: Drinking.
    Proto Man: Drinking?! For a year and a half?!
    Author: Yes. Well, what I can remember of it.
    • The Author then proceeds to explain that he had to let Helmut in due to union rules but did the best he could to limit Helmut's influence and powers and reluctantly agrees to kick his ass and get rid of him.
  • The entire Author vs Helmut fight, which is mostly just them making their auras even bigger, making homages to action movies and anime via split screens and then shooting each other with their powers and destroying the comic, which then ends with the "Uh, this is bad, right?" Running Gag from George and Proto Man.

The Fourth Party

  • Rick's mocking the update a day schedule because of laziness.
  • The introduction of Chick Bot, aka El Mistress del Taco. George greets her as Ultimate Lord of the Ice-Cream Clan.
  • Chick Bot's attempt to summon George a taco and accidentally using the wrong spell and causing the White Space to reach critical mass and causes all of the cameos of the Fourth Party, aka the Mega Man recolors on Day 1.
  • Mike's comparing the Mega Man recolors to cockroaches and saying that they scurried under the fridge when the lights were turned on.
  • Mike getting eaten by the cameo and then the Author tells him to spit him out and eat the recolors instead.
  • The Author's dramatic recap of how epic the fight between him and Helmut was and then subverting it instantly and saying he kicked his ass in under a minute and was really manipulating Helmut into doing his bidding, which he then admits he made up because it's his damn comic.
  • The Author inflicting a Fate Worse than Death on Helmut, by making him a fancomic reviewer. The Author then creates the Stable Time Loop of it actually being him doing the rimshot when the real Helmut makes the "Master bate" joke.

The Adventures of Ninja Ned

  • Mike's failed attempt to kill a ninja by snapping his neck and the ninja being stupid enough to help him do it.
  • How Affably Evil the ninjas are and upon Mike showing up to stop them, they immediately leave.

Tales From a Parallel Universe 5½ (Includes the additional parts)

The Fifth Megaman Game

  • Bob immediately destroying Dark Man after Dark Man pokes him and says "Wake up!" repeatedly.
  • Dr. Light singing all the way to the store because he's on drugs and then Bob kidnapping him by getting Mega Man to look away for a bit.
  • Mega Man noticing what happened and deciding to ask Dr. Light what to do, then remembering he was kidnapped and then deciding to ask Proto Man, then remembering that he (Actually Bob) kidnapped Dr. Light.
    • Mega Man's failed attempts to figure out Dr. Wily was behind it and causing Dr. Cosack to fume like crazy.
  • Bob attempting to kill Dr. Wily and the blaster failing and then revealing that Dr. Wily passed out and pissed himself. Right after Dr. Wily dreamt about waking up next to Zero.
  • Star Man defeats Mega Man by using his Star Power to stab him with projectile stars and is then promptly defeated by Ran with the taint of Communism.
  • Bob's attempt to make his own Robot Masters and the machine's limits set by Dr. Wily keep getting in the way (Like the Robot Masters having to have Man in their name) and then once he gets around them, mocking the Author because it's as easy as making a sprite comic.
  • Bob's backstory in the documentary, including setting people who cared for him on fire and being a really good programmer.
  • Dave's birthday comic. Starting with Age 20 and wanting to make a sprite comic, Age 25 and wondering why he's making a sprite comic, age 30 and wondering why he's still making a sprite comic while slowly getting grey hair and age 45 and being locked up in a mental asylum with a full head of grey hair.
    • Dave comments that he dodged a bullet on Age 30 and 45 since he ended the comic on his 28th birthday.
  • The Month of Destruction. The whole thing, starting with the Robot Master army patiently waiting for Mega Man to come out.
    • Alternate Mega Man and Bass mocking Gravity Man's black hole powers.
    • Present Mega Man turning into Mega Hulk and gradually getting bigger and bigger due to the nanites put in him by the Alternate Mega Man and Bass.
    • The Robot Masters make a comeback by morphing into giant forms of Robot Masters and then Bob to fight Mega Hulk on an equal level.
      • And then Mega Hulk eats the cache of Cossack Busters and blows up all of the Robot Masters.
    • Killing Ran for his Cossack Busters, followed by Future Alternate Mega Man's lame attempt at a Badass Boast.
    • Future Alternate Mega Man writing his name in the Robot Masters and then having to blow them up because the M in Man is a bit crooked.
    • Stone Man lives up to his name and is a Call-Back to Needle Man, except he's competent.
  • Mega Man somehow comes back to life after exploding as Mega Hulk. No one's really sure HOW he survived.
  • Proto Man just sipping a beer and blowing up each Fire Man as they spawn.
  • Charge Man's master plan to defeat Mega Man which combines his original plan with Wave Man's and Stone Man's. It's drawn in crayon and by its very flawed design, would kill him as well.
  • Bass gets Charge Man's power by giving him a dollar.
  • Dave commenting in the commentary about how he made Concrete Man in the 5th Mega Man Game adaption and how people think he should sue Capcom for making Concrete Man in Mega Man 9.
  • The Fifth Halloween Comic which is basically a robot zombie trailer, afterwards George tells the Author that everyone will know he was too lazy to sprite costumes for them.
    • Dave's commentary for the Halloween Comic. He comments on how he did Roll's voice since his wife was in Canada at the time and couldn't do it for him and wonders if he should be proud he can impersonate her or not.
  • Alternate Mega Man and Bass try to drown Bob with a heavily modified Dive Man's powers, which he then evaporates with his fire shield and Alternate Mega Man and Bass decide to relax in the sauna.
  • Alternate Mega Man and Bass' Ultimate Attack is dropping a f[BLEEP]ing asteroid on Bob.
  • Dr. Wily unleashes Gamma again and Mega Man freaks out and throws Ran at it, who immediately returns and hurls abuse at Mega Man until he's crushed by Gamma falling on him while Mega Man tries to warn him.
  • Mega Man trying to sound smart by making up science-y sounding words., then when it turns out he was right, he assumes he's being made fun of and runs off. Ran then explodes from the technobabble.
  • Dr. Light offers to make a time machine for Future Alternate Mega Man and Bass and George somehow shows up to try and warn them not to do it.
  • Bob gets trapped on a demi-plane with his shoulder angel and devil and they use their powers to make the demi-plane into Acapulco for him.

The Attack of Non-Alternate Mynd

  • N.A Mynd's review of the comic and lampshading how sad it is to have a character in the comic reviewing the comic and Dave comments that he thought it was pretty accurate and honest.
  • A beautiful bit of Bathos in one comic; N.A Mynd has just been squashed by two demons, which turns out to be his Berserk Button, and he proceeds to begin an all-out assault on Chadling. The strip thus ends:
    Mynd: And that's how I got Chadling up my nose.
  • George's wondering why he should bother helping Mike, given that Mike is a two bit character and George is the title character, which reduces Mike to tears and in the New Years Comic, he's in the fetal position and crying about how no one likes him.
    • Proto Man uses his being a superhero in his home dimension to get George to agree to help Mike.
  • Proto Man remembers the 5th Mega Man Game and upon mentioning Ran Bombs, Mega Man has a Cheshire Grin and Ran runs off screaming.
  • N.A Mynd's ability to destroy both Nate and Chadling in Demon form and they make popping sounds when they explode.
  • Proto Man's saying that he's going to let Mike die because his life is way more important to protect all of humanity, which turns out to just be him lying so he can merge with Nate and turn into Protean.

A&E Biography Month

  • Dave commenting on the original idea of Bob & George being a crappy one and having the drunk monkey picture lying around somewhere.

The Fifth Party

  • Mike has Proto Man shoot him in the head to get out of doing interviews for the fifth party and it turns out the Author wasn't going to get him to do it this time.
  • Shadow Man commenting that he's not going to have a major role in the comic because his sprites suck.
  • The fan who tries to make sense of the entire comic and that nothing is random in the comic, it all happens for a reason.
  • Karnak eats DisgruntledFerret, who immediately gets out through his stomach.
  • The Running Gag that people think Rick O'Shay is dead because he hasn't updated his comic in awhile and he explains that he hasn't updated because he found a dimension with free beer.
  • The Author's monologue about what he hoped would happen when he started the comic and how none of it's really happened and why he wonders why he continues making the comic but then he remembers that it's funnier then TV.

The Introduction of X

  • Mega Man's commenting that X is so advanced that he's invincible because Zero's spirit took the body.
  • George's Call-Back to Dr. Light's "It's just one button!".
  • Mega Man's introduction to X by yelling "I'VE SEEN YOU NAKED!" at him.
  • X meets Chadling, George and Mega Man when they're devouring ice cream and they all go "Yes....JOIN US.." when X decides to give ice cream a try and upon trying it and not liking it, he's chased by Chadling in Demon form, George shooting chain lightning and Mega Man shooting Charge Shots. In the next comic, it's revealed that Ran was also involved in the pursuit, and didn't make it... twelve freaking times.
  • Dr. Light's support unit Circus. Circus is a type of music too.

The Attack of X

  • George commenting that X has taken over all of the robots. Ok, all of the IMPORTANT robots. Cue Auto flipping him off.

The Mind of X

  • The Mind of X is done in the form of Mega Man Battle Network.
  • Mega Man clones are the force X uses.
  • Author's birthday is just him and wondering where the fuck everyone is.
  • The Mega Man clone's reason for Roll and George to shut up. Because his blaster says so.
  • George's lampshading that he can't explain anything without being interrupted.
  • George getting angry about how things not making sense shortly after it started making sense.

Megaman 6

  • George's having a bad day and decides to just try to stop Dr. Wily straight away.
  • George tries to use his lightning powers and fails until he screams at Dr. Wily to shut the fuck up, he then uses his lightning powers and blows up the Robot Masters and it causes a black hole to happen.

The Aftermath of X

  • George comments on his hatred of Auto which causes him to cry which causes him to fry since he's not water-proof.
  • George's eyes end up bleeding like crazy from directly staring into the light of Dr. Light's giant EMBB gun. He then gets a tool in the eye and it has to be amputated and replaced with a bionic eye.
  • Turns out that after the robot's minds were returned to robot bodies, they're in the wrong bodies. Seen here.
  • After Dr. Light fixes Mega Man, Proto Man, Bass and Roll, he comes across Chadling and Nate's failed attempt to fix themselves and they have a top hat since they already had a monocle (Nate's left glass).
  • The Halloween comic. Mega Man and Bass are Mario and Luigi, the Author is a Tetris block (Which George says is totally cheating.) and George is Link. Dr. Light is Donkey Kong, Dr. Wily is Bowser (And the two are discussing how Mario's beaten them both up). Proto Man is a ninja, Roll is Samus, Nate is a Metroid (And has a cue card that says "SKREEE!") and Chadling, Ran and Mike are Sonic, Tails and Knuckles (With Mike asking what an echidna is anyway.)
  • Naturally when Dr. Light tries to fix Nate and Chadling, Mega Man's consciousness is transferred to Nate and Chadling's merged demon body and has turned evil again due to Dr. Light hitting him. Mega Man then claims that no one can stop him, cue George immediately showing up and obliterating a good portion of the body to separate it from the core with his lightning powers and commenting that his only true weakness is his crippling self-esteem.

Prelude to the Worst Time

  • George freaking out because he only just realized that Bob has been missing for two years.

The Worst Time

  • George goes insane from finding out Bob died a hero. The third panel cracks and then the fourth is a ripple effect depicting George's descent into insanity. The very next comic is a flash animation of him running and screaming "AHHHHHHHHHH!" as everyone goes flying around as the comic strip spins around.
  • In the New Years special, Bass is drinking Chadling and Nate and Chadling are reincorporating themselves by drinking themselves. Chadling and Bass both comment on him tasting like fruit punch.
  • Bob has a coughing fit after hearing that Dr. Wily's computer has a 2 THZ processor and 10 TBs of RAM. It then takes forever to boot up because it has Windows 20XX.
  • The Shadowy Author takes Bob to repair X's programming for him, Bob refuses until the Shadowy Author tells Bob about the previous storyline.
  • George's freakout still continues and then Proto Man slaps him.
  • Bob assuring Dr. Wily that there's coding inside Zero to kill him and if he doesn't find the coding to avoid paper clips and wet noodles.

The First Annual Robot Tournament

  • Bob lampshading that he's being the main instigator of the past few game parodies because "It's his right as the Mary Sue to come up with all of the ideas."
  • Goth Man tries to join the tournament. It goes about as well as you can expect.
  • Snake Man and Ring Man oppose each other in one fight because they were the least quirky Robot Masters in the entire comic. The next day, in the comments, Dave mentions that he was completely unaware of "the obvious relationship between rings and snakes" until several fans constantly e-mailed him about the topic.
  • Bob's speech after George's offensive comment about Flame Man wearing a turban so he must be violent. It ends with the "The More You Know" star appearing.
  • Metal Man losing to Wood Man because "Petrified wood, bitch."
  • Star Man goes on about how he can't lose because his star power makes him a celebrity and that the most popular character always wins. And then he has to fight Shadow Man.
  • Jazz from one of the subcomics and Dive Man are about to fight but can't until copyright problems are settled. In exchange for Jazz being in the fight, Dive Man has to lose and be blown up with a nuclear mine.

The Sixth Party

  • The anniversary week, which is mostly excuses for no updates in various ways and the cameos happening at the very last second.

The Sixth Megaman Game

  • George turns the whole "Lightning and time machines" Running Gag on Bob.
  • The moment during the Robot Tournament after George loses his time machine and Megaman tells him he has lost his only chance to go back to his own time. George freaks out big time.
  • Mega Man takes out Ran Mk.II by throwing Ran corpses at it.
  • Mega Man getting outclassed constantly by Superman.
  • Plant Man constantly tries to use plant powers against Mega Man and Mega Man can No-Sell it and has to remind Plant Man "Me, metal robot. You, plant." after Plant Man uses it's plant shield powers.
  • Tomahawk Man continually throws tomahawks at Mega Man while Mega Man tries to talk to him and Plant Man's shield powers appear and Mega Man refuses to use it to kill him and leaves after dropping a flower from the Plant Shield and Tomahawk Man touches it (It's his weakness) and is immediately killed.
    • Ran then realizes that he must be fatally allergic to everything, given how he dies from everything.
  • Yamato Man's death by being impaled on the tomahawk in Mega Man's head after trying to kill him with a wooden staff after Mega Man refuses to give him back his speartip.
  • Knight Man continually using his flail on Mega Man while they talk. Mega Man then catches it and throws it back at him and tries to use it to kill Knight Man. After that fails, Mega Man gets the spear tip and stabs him to death 37 times in the face.
  • Mega Man calling Centaur Man a horsey and Centaur Man threatening to kill him if he calls him Horsey Man. Mega Man considers it Worth It. Meanwhile Vic takes over and stops Centaur Man's attack entirely and Mega Man and Vic then debate about what year it is.
    • George then interferes in the fight to call copyright infringement when Mega Man swaps to Knight Man's powers (Because it's the same colour as George's suit) and Author quickly points out that George is A) Supposed to be lost in time and B) Can't claim copyright infringement on a pre-existing property. George quickly leaves after that and Author reminds Vic that Mega Man's blaster is disabled.
    • Vic then sends Mega Man to fix the blaster and accidentally blows up the arm with the blaster and Mega Man inside it. Ran shows up to stop Mega Man and Vic does a horrible job of impersonating Mega Man.
  • Bass Man's attempts to get Mr. X to admit that he's really Dr. Wily and succeeds by saying "Dr. Wily says what?". When the predictable reveal happens, Vic controlling Mega Man shows up and asks if this means he's still the bad guy of the game.
  • Mega Man (Vic) tries to stop Wind Man who just blows him back repeatedly until Centaur Flash is used and after the flash wears off, Mega Man (Vic) reveals that he kicked Wind Man and might have broken his foot. When Wind Man tries to use his powers, it turns out that he has fragments of Mega Man's arm in his intake valves that cause him to overheat and explode...and causes Mega Man (Vic) to have a huge chunk of scrapnel in his face.
  • Flame Man and his throwing oil and money on Mega Man (Vic) and setting him on fire until he had sixth degree burns and then has to stop him when Mega Man (Vic) tries to run towards Mr. X's fortress since it has alot of oil in it. Dragoon Man then comes out of orbit and lands on Mr. X's fortress and blows up the fortress, himself and Flame Man. Blizzard Man survives only to be stomped on by Gamma.

All Good Things

  • George's travelling through time due to the segues between each time period.
  • George's reaction to being attacked by a duck on a pogo stick.
    George: A 'slight accident?'. A radiation leak is a slight accident. THIS IS @#^!# SCROOGE MCDUCK ON A POGO STICK!
  • George's lame attempt to make up an excuse to go out and do superhero stuff and his roommates find them entertaining.
  • Ninja Ned (N.A. Mike)'s inability to reveal himself dramatically.
  • George making Double sign a contract in blood, because ice cream is Serious Business.
  • How George made Bob lose his concentration and get sucked into the portal. By saying he fucked Maris (A girl they both liked).
  • George guessing that Bob is breeding ninjas to make a legendary gold ninja.
  • The Christmas Special, which is Dr. Light killing everybody for being on his lawn, including the Author.
    • Followed by the New Years special, which is Dave and Liss discussing the practicality of Dave's custom character from Lego Star Wars 2 being a bounty hunter with a red lightsaber. The custom character then slices him in half and Liss sips her drink.
      • Dave then revealed in the commentary when the flash strip was first released that he didn't update in a week because to be honest, he just wanted to play video games.
  • Back in the past, it turns out that the only reason the government superhero team has Psyche (A woman with psychic powers who is kind of useless) on the team is because she has wardrobe malfunctions.
  • The Curb-Stomp Battle George inflicts on the ninjas just so George can talk to Ted about the ninja problem.
  • George uses his title character abilities to somehow summon Dr. Light to sumo wrestle Mynd in his final form after forcefully merging with both Nate and Chadling.
  • In Sigma's mind, Dr. Wily captures George. "Guards... take him away... and attach him to the ceiling!"
  • Captain Kinesis promoted the ninja who made a fantastic cup of tea to Number One...and then immediately killing him and wishing he didn't have to do it because the tea was really good.
  • How easily George inflicts a Curb-Stomp Battle on Captain Kinesis, but right before he does so, he mangles the "Do you know what happens when X is struck by lightning? The same thing that happens to everything else." line.

The Seventh Party

  • Ted telling George about the love triangle between him, Bob and Maris and how George had the best sex he ever had with Maris. Too bad he couldn't remember it.

The Return of Bob

  • Mike and Ninja Ned's attempt to Ninja Vanish and Mike splinches himself in half.
  • Plan Q. Aka Chadling in the form of a Pikachu.
  • Bob's failed attempts to kill characters off.
  • Bob's reason for his Rage Against the Author is because he got sucked back into the story and lost being able to see Tifa's boobs.

The Last Strips

  • Bob's Villainous Breakdown over his supernova failing.
  • The whole reason for the Author being kidnapped. Turns out he and Helmut had a bet on if George could be willing to kill Bob if he had no other choice.
  • While the Epilogue is mostly depressing (until you get to the last part of it), it turns out that A.Mynd and N.A. Mynd went to an alternate universe where it was legal and married each other after their duel ended in a draw because they're equally badass.