Funny / Board Game Online

  • The game is hilariously aware of itself. If you make a stupid decision, you'll often get called out on it. If you walk into a dark cavern with no way to see inside, the page the game will give you will literally be at a loss for words and drops into the first person, before trying and failing to help you out of your own dumb decision.
  • Try using an ACME magnet, and see what you attract. Oftentimes, you'll get more than a few items from various players that happen to be carrying anything metal. You might see something like "Player has attracted":
    Other Player's hammer, which knocked him unconscious.
    Other Player's sword, which stabbed him in the chest.
    Other Player's flamethrower, which set him on fire.
    Other Player's grenade, which exploded.
    Other Player's gun, which shot him in the face.
  • Certain actions can get you branded with a new prefix in your title. Success in the Dark Room can get you "Seductress" or "Macho". But you can also get "Piss" by accidentally drinking it, or "Sick" by failing the dark room event.
    • You can get multiple of these too, the more you play. It's possible to get "Macho Macho Macho Macho Player" by doing things just right, or "Sick Piss Seductress".
  • An experienced player with the right setup can dominate the game. There is something hilarious about giving a player Cursed Wounds See here , then aiming a gun at them, hypnotizing them to run away the max of 40 spaces, and watching them die anyway. There's an achievement for doing this.
  • One of the labyrinth options for the Archaeology dig includes a flying penis demon.
  • A random encounter in the jungle has the player watching Tarzan take a shower and getting so aroused they permanently lose 1 speed.
  • Some of the results of going to Prehistory and changing time can be hilarious. Such names that can come out are "Miss Choksondik" and "Longrod von Hugendong."