Funny: Blue Streak

  • The entire pizza scene, for being so ridiculously over the top if nothing else.
  • When Agent Gray is coaching "Detective Malone", how to behave like a criminal.
    Agent Gray: You have to look, act, and even think like a criminal. And you're gonna have to change your speech patterns too. Most criminals like to use slang terminology, and profanity, and so forth, especially with regard to police and authority figures.
    Miles: Oh, you mean like, "Shut the hell up you dick-less FBI..."
    Agent Gray: Okay that's right, that'll do.
    Miles: You stupid-ass...
    Agent Gray: That'll do.
    Miles: No, You tight-ass...
    Agent Gray: Enough!
  • Poor Deacon and Tulley.
    Deacon: What's going on?!
    Tulley: I never know what's going on!
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