Funny / Blue Gender

  • Episode 7, after Dice pulls a Big Damn Heroes moment to drive off a Land Whale with his Armor Shrike, he assumes Marlene and Yuji are a couple.
    Yuji: "Hey, it's not like that! I think you've got the wrong idea here."
    Dice: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You're a lucky man kid."
    • The humor comes from the fact that Dice somehow shifts from raucous laughter to quiet, casual conversation in maybe a quarter of a second (Tone Whiplash?).
  • After that, Marlene wants Dice to take Yuji and her to Baikonur. Dice blows her off, until...
    Marlene: *points her assault rifle at Dice* "Are you listening to me now?"..."I gave you an order."
    Dice: "...No you didn't."
  • In Episode 9, Yuji has been rescued by some nomads, and has decided to live with them (which may seem odd, but considering the alternative...). Marlene is not happy about this, as it is her mission to take Yuji to space. She even goes so far as drawing her handgun, but stops just short of shooting Yuji's new girlfriend. As she walks back to the dune buggy, Dice remarks:
    Dice: "Well how 'bout that? Surprised to see you giving up so easily."
    Marlene: *keeps walking*
    Dice: "Ah, she's probably just going for a bigger gun."