Funny / Bloodsucking Fiends

  • Practically all of Abby's narration
    • I'm going to try to talk her into getting a pentagram tattooed on her scalp. I know a guy in the Haight who will do it for free if you abuse him while he's tattooing.
    • I'm not intimidated- because I know that her boobs are fake. and it's so obvious that they hunt the nosferatu that it's not even funny. Inside, I was like: "Ha, suck my spiky rubber strap-on, vampyre hunter!" But on the outside I was totally chill. And I'm like, "I don't know who you're talking about. This is my apartment."
    • Moore's You Suck had one in Abby Normal's disgust in her mother's attitude regarding family time. Something about "flicking the bean" at the dinner table...
  • There's also William and his Running Gag of homeless signs:
    • I am poor and my cat is huge
    • I am poor and someone stole my huge cat
    • I am homeless and someone shaved my huge cat