Funny / Blood

  • Many things you can 'activate' with the Use key have Caleb saying amusing things.
    "Aah! Oh. Just me."
    • Looking at an "EMPLOYEES MUST WASH HANDS" sign:
    "I like my hands bloody."
    • Walking into a walk-in freezer with human body parts hanging by chains from the ceiling:
    "The leftovers."
    • In front of a deep fryer:
  • The second game brings us an interesting intercom conversation:
    Intercom voice: Who is it?
    Caleb: Everybody dies!
    Intercom: Reeeally? Cool! I'm buzzing you in!
  • This exchange is always good for a giggle:
    Caleb: The choice is yours: walk now and live, stay and die.
    Cabal Goon: I'm staying!
    Caleb: (cheerfully) Then you're dying!
  • The journal log is extremely snarky and quick to point out many videogame tropes that you come across.
  • Because of Blood 2's glitchy nature, killing low-level grunts in mid-threat doesn't stop them from shouting at you, even if gibbed:
    "You're dead! Do you- *KA-SPLORP!* -hear me?! DEAD!!"
  • In the middle of Caleb's various grunts and yells when injured is a completely flat and disinterested "Ow."
  • Caleb's reaction to standing face-to-face with an Eldritch Abomination:
    "Well hello mister fancy-pants. Forgive me if I don't shake hands."
  • The Ancient One attempts to play some mind-games on Caleb by possessing the original (now dead) bodies of the other three Chosen. It backfires.
    Caleb: Aww, you're gonna hurt my feelings.
    • He also tries to deliver a dramatic villain speech about undoing all reality, and retroactively eliminating the past, only to realize he has no idea what's supposed to happen to the future. Caleb patiently lets him finish hesitating, even egging him on with an impatient "Well?".
  • Leaving Caleb idle for long enough, Caleb starts to sing snippets of several music works, including "I did it myy waaaaaaayy...", and parodies of a few others. Amusingly, he can do this after he's killed.
  • Standing idle in Blood 2 while holding the Voodoo Doll weapon will cause it to sit up in his grasp and cheerfully wave at the player. It's equally adorable and creepy.
  • Cabal members aren't the only ones that throw insults Caleb's way - Choking Hands in Blood 2, upon spotting the protagonist, will take the time to flip upside down, land on their wrist, and give him the one-finger salute before they start chasing him.