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Funny: Blaster Series
  • Math Blaster Ages 9-12 has plenty, including:
    Blasternaut: We don't mean to intrude... We just totaled our ship, and we were wondering if—
    Old Man: Dooooon't go dowwwwwwwn theeeeeeeere!
    GC: Oookayyyy... can you tell us how to get off this planet?
    Old Man: The only way off this planet... is dowwwwwwn theeeeere!
    Spot: Not much of a problem solver, are you? (Blasternaut and GC wince)
  • Any of the endings to Mega Math Blaster.
  • The intro of Reading Blaster Ages 6-8 (1999), in which Max and GC are in Hawaii:
    Max: After our last adventure, GC, there's nothing better for your imagination than a good book.
    GC: You know, Blaster, for once, I would agree with you.
    (Pink aliens called mumblers run past by disguised as tourists and steal Max's and GC's clothes, leaving Max only in his polka dotted boxers and GC in a Bankruptcy Barrel. The book Max was reading was also stolen.)
    Max: In this particular book... (realizes his book is gone) HEY! My BOOK!
    GC: Your book? Our clothes!
    (The mumblers run by again stealing the Islandia Juice Shack, leaving Max and GC on the ground.)
  • The Reveal of the Terrible Monkey King's true nature.
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