Funny / Blandings Castle

  • A comment about pubs in Something Fresh: "In English country towns, if the public houses do not actually outnumber the inhabitants, they all do an excellent trade. It is only when they are two to one that hard times hit them and set the innkeepers to blaming the government."
  • "It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine."
  • "It was a fine cow, as cows go, but, like so many cows, it lacked sustained dramatic interest ..."
  • "What is your business?" asked Lord Tilbury.
    "The practical note!" said Lady Julia, with indulgent approval. "How stimulating that is. Time is money, and all that. Quite. Well, cutting the preamble, I want a job for Ronnie."
    Lord Tilbury looked like a trapped wolf who had thought as much.
  • The whole business with Baxter throwing flowerpots at Lord Emsworth.