Funny / Black Company

  • Soulcatcher using an illusion to pass for a tree and getting pissed on by a spirit hound.
  • Lady's realization that she is in the company of extremely experienced murderers, and the sort of 'welp, suppose that the way it is' reaction is darkly funny.
  • The Dominator, Big Bad of the first trilogy, gets exactly one line in the entire series. That line?
For bonus points, he doesn't even get her name right.
  • One-Eye and Mother Gota getting trapped after an earthquake: they were too drunk to escape it. The rescuers find them alive, unscathed, naked and lying in their own vomit. Oh, and before this, everyone thought they hated each other.
  • Croaker and Goblin travelling hundreds of miles underground caverns to assassinate Kina, only for them to turn around half way when they realise that they can't see in the dark. The scene becomes more priceless once they reach the top; where Shukrat is wielding a lantern, waiting for them.
  • The Limper interrupts a covert operation by dropping in on their watch post (a rented room) just after Croaker has put the kettle on.
  • Case's description of his first sea journey. "The trip didn't start out that bad. But then they had to go and untie the mooring ropes."
  • Blink and you might miss it: Croaker notes that Lady, Sleepy, and the Radisha - all very capable and formidable women - had virtually no cooking skills. He goes so far as to state his doubts that any of them could boil water without causing it to burn.