[[caption-width-right:350:Being the Queen's guard dog is more painful than most think.]]
''Manga/BlackButler'' may be a serious and sometimes rather dark series, but there are still many scenes that are sure to [[FunnyMoments crack you up.]]


[[folder:Black Butler Arc]]
* In vol. 2 of the manga, Sebastian goes through his usual routine. All the other house staff come to him when something has gone wrong, and his inner thoughts on them are pretty humorous.
-->'''Sebastian (on Bardroy)''': ''The remaining 20% of your "food" has been hazardous waste.''
-->'''Sebastian (on Finny)''': ''I have seen many things in my long life, but this is the first time I've dealt with a creature from outer space.''
* When Ciel is detailing the characteristics of a string of murder victims, Sebastian voices his affirmative in increasingly loud yeses. Ciel looks around to find his butler... fondling a cat with "black, midnight hair" and etc.

[[folder:Red Butler Arc]]
* Ciel and Sebastian come home to discover that the entire manor, servants included, has been [[TastesLikeDiabetes cutesyfied]] by Lizzi.
-->'''Ciel''':''"My manor..."''
** Just a bit later, Lizzy puts a frilly pink flowery bonnet on Sebastian's head. The servants are amused. He isn't. [[DeathGlare To which he makes abundantly clear to them]] [[OhCrap causing them to regain their composure]].
* The ENTIRE chapter/episode where Ciel cross-dress as a girl. Especially when Elizabeth shows up while stalking 'her'.
* [[ItMakesSenseInContext "I am simply one hell of a deer."]]
* Ciel's inward horrified reactions at Viscount Druitt's advances in episode 4, as well as his reaction when he finds out Lizzy is there too.
* Sebastian training Pluto with a Carrot/Stick method.

[[folder:Indian Butler Arc]]
* Season 1 episode 14:
--> '''Ciel:''' "Have you concocted a curry better than Agni's yet?" \\
''(flashback shot of chibi Soma in a food coma)'' \\
'''Sebastian:''' "No. According to Prince Soma, something is still lacking." \\
'''Ciel:''' "Then get back to the kitchen and stop wasting your time making cakes. You have more important things to do." \\
'''Sebastian:''' "Yes, I understand, my Lord." \\
'''Ciel:''' "And anyway, I'm not really in the mood for chocolate right now. Drop it into the curry or something." \\
'''Sebastian:''' "Indeed, my young master."
** Gets [[HilariousInHindsight even funnier]] in the next episode, when we see that in the curry competition, [[spoiler:Sebastian really does [[BrickJoke put chocolate into his curry]]. And it ''works.'']]

[[folder:Circus Arc]]
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rw7HBmmb0cs It was just an affectionate nib]]
* How does Ciel pass the knife-throwing test in the Book of Circus? Sebastian was throwing pebbles at the knife to make it hit perfectly in the middle. How does Ciel pass the tightrope test? Sebastian was throwing pebbles ''at him!'' Ciel was not amused.
* Sebastian trying to hold back laughter when Joker ask Ciel for a big smile as the last thing needed for Ciel to be accepted into the troupe. And another when Ciel was nicknamed "Smile". Ciel again was not amused.
* William T.Spears got an amazing SUIT for his circus performances.
* Sebastian and William being forced to share a room. As Ciel protested against this arrangement, Joker laughs at him for being too attached to "Black". In the side of the panel, Sebastian and Willaim are {{death glar|e}}ing at each other.
* Every instance of Ciel trying (and ''failing'') to fit in with the circus troupe, from having to dress himself to having to peel potatoes for what is very likely the first time in his life.
-->'''Freckles''':"Smile, what're you planning to make from them potatoes with peels thicker than the meat ?"
** From the same chapter, Sebastian and William find out they'll have to share a room.
** While Ciel and Sebastian are at the circus, they get a call from the manor. Elizabeth is visiting and the staff want them to come home. In the background, [[FunnyBackgroundEvent we see her wreaking havoc]].
** Sebastian and the tiger.
* In chapter 37 Nina Hopkins states that she only [[BiTheWay likes boys and girls]] that are 15 years or younger, prompting Sebastian to comment that he does not need to know what she does in her spare time.
* In Book of Circus, Grell is shown looking through Beast's Cinematic Records and is found absolutely ''bored''...until [[BrickJoke she sees Sebastian seducing Beast...]]

[[folder:Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc]]
* Around at the beginning when Lau is describing Ciel to Arthur we are treated to Arthur’s mental image of what he thinks the Earl looks like, it starts off as a middle aged man with dark grey hair and a stern look on his face, once Lau mentions his eyepatch the image gains a more annoyed expression and seems to randomly add a [[TheAmericanCivilWar Burnside]] Mustache in addition to the eyepatch.
* While he was supposed to be faking his death, Sebastian risks exposing the whole scheme in order to... frantically hide a dozen cats in his wardrobe.
** Which was later opened by the guests searching for clues to Sebastian's "murder", flinging the cats everywhere!
* In one chapter Sebastian sits up in his coffin after faking his death, which results in Bard, Finny, Maylene, Lizzie, Agni, and the Prince tackle-glomping him. All while still in the coffin.

[[folder:Luxury Liner Arc]]
* Aboard the cruise ship, Ciel and Sebastian head off for the Aurora Society meeting. As they do, Ciel leaves his cake with Snake. After a moment, Snake noms it. The expressions sell it.
* We are... [[SecretHandshake THE PHOENIX!!]]
** Even better is Ciel's shocked "oh-God-do-we-''really''-have-to-do-that?!" expression upon being told about it.
** Later, the group has to do it again, and this time, Snake is part of the group. It's quite hilarious for not only Snake to strike the "Phoenix pose", but also the snakes on his shoulders striking the pose as well! (or as well as they can, since they have no arms).
* The look on Ciel's face when Lizzy starts chopping up zombies with a pair of swords. Just, [[JawDrop the look]] [[DidntSeeThatComing on his face]].
** I think the kicker of the whole thing was a rarely serious Elizabeth offering to carry an injured Ciel on her back while Sebastian calmly tells her that he could do it.
* There's just something darkly amusing about the fact that in the Campania arc, [[http://www.mangahere.com/manga/kuroshitsuji/v09/c057/4.html Stoker turned a horse-pulled carriage, complete with horses and driver, into zombies.]]
* [[http://www.mangareader.net/kuroshitsuji/59/16 "Can I kill him?"]]
** [[http://www.mangareader.net/kuroshitsuji/59/18 "Yeah, let's kill him right now."]]
* The flashback to Sebastian's first days as Ciel's butler in the manga is full of great little moments.
** After freeing Ciel from the cultists' hideout, Sebastian says they should go back to his mansion.
-->'''Ciel''': I don't know where it is.
-->'''Sebastian''': (''{{Beat}}, stunned expression'') Eh?
** Then he asks Ciel if "Sebastian", his new name, was the name of the former Phantomhive butler. Ciel matter-of-factly replies that no, it was the name of his dog. ([[MomentKiller The fact that all of this takes place at the end of an otherwise solemn scene makes it even funnier]].)
-->'''Sebastian''': [[TranquilFury *still smiling*]] ''I take that back. I ended up serving an incredibly disagreeable boy.''
** Sebastian brings Ciel into the restored Phantomhive mansion. One panel later, Ciel is screaming loudly enough to scare owls outside beside Sebastian just poured a bunch of boiling water into his bath. Then he brings Ciel some warm milk and honey to help him get to sleep, and Ciel stops him before he leaves the room...only to tell him that he better learn to prepare human food properly soon, because he can't live on warm milk for the rest of his life.
-->'''Sebastian''': *closes door behind him* ''That little brat...''
** Ciel makes a mistake in his studies, so Sebastian smacks him across the palms of his hands. Later, Sebastian - who is still struggling to get the hang of cooking - screws up making tea, so Ciel dumps the tea into ''his'' hands. [[http://img.batoto.net/comics/2011/11/20/k/read4ec865a2a842c/img000007.jpg Sebastian's expression is priceless]].
* This may be the first manga to ever reference [[http://www.mangareader.net/kuroshitsuji/60/13 Charlie Chaplin.]] Also, [[BlackComedy BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]]

[[folder:Public School Arc]]
* Chapter 62. The poor owl.
* In the school arc, the constant use of the word "fag". Though in this case it means "butler".
** "It's fag time!"
** "''He was even my fag for a while... [[DoubleEntendre He was]] [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything excellent.]]''"
* In chapter 70 Ciel pretends to not know Soma which makes Soma peeved so he uses the trunk of the elephant he's riding on to lift Ciel into the air.
** Hell, Soma's entrance into the academy. He's not going on a parade, he's got a ''parade of elephants'' to lead him all the way to the school!
* Agares from the college arc, in his so far two appearances, he had ''spectacular'' [[http://www.mangareader.net/kuroshitsuji/73/19 accidents when going down stairs]]. The poor guy just can't be near them.
* Chapter 72. Violet, the purple house's prefect, demands the green house's prefect's boytoy to pose awkwardly for him while Violet draws. A case of ExactWords: "You pose, I draw whatever the hell I want."
** Even better when it's revealed that Violet isn't even drawing Greenwell. He just thinks it's funny to have him be in awkward positions for hours on end.
* Sebastian dressing as an ugly unicorn to sell perfume in chapter 85.
** In case anyone was doubting Lizzy was actually girly after the ship arc, Ciel notes that she wasn't thrilled about his choice of mascot for the perfume branch of Funtom. Cue a flashback of her ''snarling'' "IT'S NOT CUTE!"

[[folder:Emerald Witch Arc]]
* [[TokenMiniMoe Sullivan's]] [[UnusualEuphemism "secret chamber"]] scene. [[{{Squick}} Sullivan...no...]]Sullivan, stahp.
** Pretty much any time Sieglinde decides to be TheTease is going to be a mixture of hilarity and extra doses of {{Squick}}.
--> '''Sieglinde:''' (to Sebastian) "I want your fabulous DNA!"
--> '''Ciel:''' "Hey, stop chattering!" ''Don't turn my butler into a criminal!''
* When Sebastian learns that Wolfram is taking so damn long to prepare dinner because he makes each dish separately. He's dumbfounded that someone managed to take inefficiency to such a level.
** Before that, our duo and Sieglinde are sitting at the table awkwardly for an hour before Ciel suggests that Sebastian says something.
* [[spoiler: Ciel cross-dressing as Sieglinde and surprising Wolfram with a loaded gun to the face]] could perhaps count as BlackComedy to some.
* In chapter 99.5, we are introduced to a friend of Ciel's dad who was quite the stunner (such as the majority of Kuro's adult male cast). Come a few years later, and he's gain quite a few pounds (yet can still kick ass!)!
** Even funnier is that Diederich was actually introduced quite early in the series (in a very short scene), and now he has a nice size following in the fandom.
** '''I AM NOT YOUR FAG!'''
* Lizzie finding Ciel and Sieglinde in a rather compromising position. What really sells it is Ciel's thoughts about how a giant tank was less life-threatening than an angry Lizzie.
** Right before that, Sebastian decides the best way to help the German duo with their pronunciations is to put these tight mouth-spreading contraptions on them so they can see how their tongues move... and about an hour later Sieglinde is screaming unintelligibly at Sebastian (possibly cursing him out) and [[ScrewThisImOutOfHere rushes out to find Ciel.]]

[[folder:Blue Cult Arc]]
* This troper personally finds that [[spoiler: the series went as far as to paint Ciel and Sebastian as the inspiration for ''Sherlock Holmes'', complete with Sebastian going into Arthur's mind and specifically telling him to write the story during a side story (even conjuring up Holmes's silhouette)]] to be absolutely hilarious as it is nuts.
* The original P4 brings J-pop idol boy bands to Victorian England. That is all.
** ''Sebastian'' even gets in on it himself at one point later in the chapter.
** And Ciel combats them by funding a boyband of his own- composed of the P4's former fags (plus Soma) no less! And sets them up to perform ''right across the street from the P4's performance hall,'' overshadowing them in EVERY way!
* 114 has Sieglinde entering CrazyAwesome territory by [[spoiler: basically turning herself into a robotic spider girl.]]
** Not to mention she's still as much as TheTease and DirtyKid as always...along with this gem of an exchange with Wolfram:
---> Wolfram: What if the needle wasn't put in...what if it was pulled out?
---> Sieglinde: Isn't that what boys do?
---> Wolfram: ''(shocked)'' '''That's not what I meant!'''
* Ch. 123 continues with the boy band gimmick, this time featuring the S4 in a cat get-up and the P5 (or at least Edward, Soma, and Joanne) in ''Japanese schoolgirl attire.''
** BlackComedy example: When Sebastian and the news reporter take a picture of the two guys disposing of the Sphere Hall's latest victim, one of the men's hand is positioned as if he's grabbing her breast.

* During one episode of the first season, Sebastian explains why he has such a preference for cats over dogs to Ciel. After he finishes talking, Ciel, in a rare moment of humor, barks at him.
* Lau's nude ice sculpture of Ran-Mao in episode 10, not so much the sculpture but everyone's reaction to it. Alestor ''loved'' it however.
* Alois dancing around in the first episode and saying "Ole!"
* At the end of "Solo Butler" (season 2, episode 2), Sebastian gives Ciel the following advice for handling Grell:
-->''If your eyes happen to meet, don't break eye contact; just back away slowly and call out from a safe distance, "Say, have you gained weight?"''
* In episode 3 of Kuroshitsuji II, Ciel turns to talk to Sebastian...only to find him fawning over a group of cats with [[CutenessProximity an awestruck expression on his face]]. Considering how [[TallDarkAndHandsome cold]] and [[DissonantSerenity composed]] he normally is, the moment is absolutely ''priceless''.
** And Ciel does a ''FacePalm'' and says that Sebastian is a "cat obsessed moron".
* Alois wearing Hannah's maid outfit.
* Stoic and composed William T. Spears getting his glasses knocked off, the Velma style way he looks for them, and yelling at the brick wall he thinks is Ronald from episode 9 of the second season.
* Claude kisses Ciel's foot in Episode 10 of Season 2...and gets kicked in the face for it.
* Depending on your interpretation, the ending of season 2 is downright hilarious. Sebastian has to serve Ciel for all eternity, and will never have the chance to claim his master's soul? Classic. As this troper once heard someone say, "the ending of season 2 is basically Sebastian being tied to a chair and having a delicious cake set in front of him. ''And he never gets to eat it.''"
* When the triplets finally speak in the "Spider's Intention" OVA most of their lines are amusing especially: "If it weren't for [[MsFanservice Miss Hannah]] I'd burn this mansion to the ground."
** Another when Hannah and Claude think about how they like Alois's unstable nature one of the triplets thinks [[BrutalHonesty "I don't particularly like it."]]

* The movie shows that even in the year 2020, Sebastian is somehow still serving the Phantomhive (Well, technically Genpo) family. While helping Kiyoharu, who's secretly a girl named Shiori, get dressed, they have a discussion about Shiori's nightmare and Sebastian says he wished he could've been there in her dreams to protect her and she quips how she already sees enough of his face and she receives more relief not seeing it at all, leading to this:
-->[[AC:Sebastian]]: ''(muttering)''…rotten ass brat.
-->[[AC:Shiori/Kiyoharu]]: What?
--> [[AC:Sebastian]]: Oh, nothing.
** Afterwards, he happily mentions how even though it would be troublesome if Shiori was to be murdered, he wouldn't care if suicide was an issue because he'd still obtain her soul if she took her own life. Sebastian is pretty much a calm, cool and collected character in the manga and in the anime series, so to see him lose his head momentarily was a hilarious sight.
* Just like Ciel, Shiori claims that since her abduction and the murder of her parents, she lacks the ability and the need to smile anymore, like Sebastian suggests she do. However, in the following scene where she invites her aunt over for lunch, Sebastian suggests once more that she smiles and while she does attempt to, she really can't smile. At all. To the point where Sebastian is disturbed.

* Most if not all of chapter 107.5 was this, given the amount of ridiculousness and breaking of the fourth wall going on.
* ''[[{{Mockumentary}} The Making Of Kuroshitsuji II]]'' is itself one giant CMOF, what with AnimatedActors (who nevertheless mirror their "characters'" selves uncannily) but the best bit is the fake trailer at the end, which at first seems feasible, but quickly descends into ShockingSwerve after ShockingSwerve before it degenerates into a massive ClicheStorm of Anime Tropes, ''even ones belonging in entirely different genres''. The animators must've had the time of their lives...
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EaAPaJDbyoE The outtakes for season 2.]]
** ".... Lick your mother."
** (To Lizzie) "Thank me? Well, you can start with a blowjob, for one."
** Sebastian: "A duck... No, wait. A goose. Ha! I'm an idiot." It's also perfectly in sync with the animation, which makes it even funnier.
** Ciel warning about Madam Red in a ''far'' higher pitch than normal (and in a sarcastic tone at that).
** Sebastian's dirty limerick.
** "Do you like it?! Look at my boobs!"
** "An instrument maybe? '''MAYBE?!'''"
** "Th-this is my jam. This is my jam, dawg!"
** "If you want to get your legs ripped off, then by all means, try it!"
** "I won't fall for the same trick. *falls down a trap door* And I just did." Bonus points if you remember that Claude has the same dub VA as [[Anime/ExcelSaga Il Palazzo]].
** Every single time [[Creator/BrinaPalencia Brina]] exaggerates her British accent. Some other actors on the show do this too, but she does it a lot more.
* Sebastian explaining that in his dimension, the only pets they have are [[Franchise/{{Alien}} xenomorphs]].
* [[ButtMonkey Ciel in Wonderland]].