Funny / Bionic Six

  • From the episode "I Compute, Therefore I Am", Mother-1 creates a giant holographic image of Dr. Scarab in order to fool the Cyphrons. This troper cannot stop laughing at Mechanic's reaction to the holograph.
    Dr. Scarab: What kind of parlor trick is this?
    Mechanic: Hey boss, that fat guy looks alot like you.
    (Scarab knocks over Mechanic)
    Dr. Scarab: It is me, you dolt!
  • "I, Scarab" has a few nice ones as Scarab conquers the world and Sharp has to organize Perceptor, Kaldiscope and the Bandroids to save the Six and set things right.
    • Kaldiscope poses as Elvis to trick some guards.
    • Squeezing out of a vent, Perceptor mutters "Now I know how toothpaste feels."
    • Kaldiscope tells Sharp to just fire off his "de-modifier" and set the world right.
    Sharp: Oh, I can't just fire it off from anywhere.
    Kaldiscope: Why do I get the feeling I've been had?
    Bionic-1: Well, where do you have to fire it from, Professor?
    Sharp: Oh...just the White House lawn.
    Cue the massive You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reactions from everyone.
    • After the Six have broken his control, Scarab is in his hidden base, moaning over "where did I go wrong." In unison, his underlings whirl and start screaming out all his mistakes.
  • In one episode, the Bionic Six are tasked with escorting a scientist for Professor Sharp only to find to their surprise that he is a young adolescent. The Adorkable scientist develops a crush on Rock-1 who rebuffs him on the basis that he is too young and that their age difference is too great. At the end of the episode, the effect that Scarab had used to de-age him wore off and he aged into an attractive, debonair adult. Rock-1 was immediately smitten but the scientist agreed with her earlier sentiment that their age difference was too great leaving her bummed out and the rest of the cast laughing at the irony.