Funny / Bionic Six

  • From the episode "I Compute, Therefore I Am", Mother-1 creates a giant holographic image of Dr. Scarab in order to fool the Cyphrons. This troper cannot stop laughing at Mechanic's reaction to the holograph.
    Dr. Scarab: What kind of parlor trick is this?
    Mechanic: Hey boss, that fat guy looks alot like you.
    (Scarab knocks over Mechanic)
    Dr. Scarab: It is me, you dolt!
  • "I, Scarab" has a few nice ones as Scarab conquers the world and Sharp has to organize Perceptor, Kaldiscope and the Bandroids to save the Six and set things right.
    • Kaldiscope poses as Elvis to trick some guards.
    • Squeezing out of a vent, Perceptor mutters "Now I know how toothpaste feels."
    • Kaldiscope tells Sharp to just fire off his "de-modifier" and set the world right.
    Sharp: Oh, I can't just fire it off from anywhere.
    Kaldiscope: Why do I get the feeling I've been had?
    Bionic-1: Well, where do you have to fire it from, Professor?
    Sharp: Oh...just the White House lawn.
    Cue the massive You Have Got to Be Kidding Me! reactions from everyone.