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Funny: Big Trouble in Little China
  • It is important to remember that, when the climactic battle starts, one should not fire wildly at the ceiling. It doesn't like it.
    • In the DVD commentary, Kurt Russell cannot stop laughing every time this scene is even referenced.
  • David Lo Pan controlling a celestial avatar like how one would use a video game controller.
  • Jack's continuous yell as he's sitting on an out of control wheelchair rolling down a long ramp straight to a pit.
  • Lo Pan: "Now this really pisses me off to no end!"
    • "I'll have you both sent off to the hell where people are skinned alive, it's that simple, understand?!"
    • Preceded by Jack's Armor-Piercing Question about Lo Pan's failure to find the "right" girl during 2000 years. "C'mon, Dave, you must be doing something seriously wrong!"
  • "I can see things no one else can see."
    • Which leads to him confronting Lo Pan with lipstick smeared across his mouth.
  • Jack on the phone to his insurance company. "Look, I said 'accident!' I don't wanna hear 'act of God'."
  • Jack opening a warehouse door, seeing the heroes' escape route blocked by a swarm of armed mooks, and slamming the door back in their face. "We may be trapped."
  • Wang's nimble acrobatics juxtaposed with Thunder's statuary-shattering charges back and forth.
  • The eager Bring It finger wiggle by a grinning Lo Pan as Jack is gunning his truck through the alleyway right at him.
  • Gracie trying to do an 'up to here' gesture, but stopped by the chains on her, and Lo Pan doing it for her mockingly.
  • The look everyone gives when Jack throws his knife at Lo Pan, and misses by a mile.
    • Although given his string of failures, Jack succeeding on his second try (and the look on Lo Pan's face) is almost funnier.
  • Jack punching Rain to no avail.
  • Egg: It will come out no more!
    Jack: What?! Huh? What will come out no more?!

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