Funny / Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing

It's that kind of game, so prepare for a good deal of unintentional humor.
  • Driving forward results in your truck accelerating normally. However, if you drive backwards, your truck will accelerate into impossibly fast speeds, eventually reaching Faster-Than-Light Travel if you keep the reverse key held down. Even then, you can still turn on a dime! And to top it all off, when you let go of reverse, you instantly drop back to zero speed, even if you were practically going at Warp 9. Good thing the game's featureless driver is completely immune to whiplash, no?
  • The complete lack of collision detection for structures, including bridges. But who needs bridges when you'll simply drive under the bridge and back up with no problems?
  • Sometimes the game bugs out and throws out YOU'RE WINNER ! as soon as the race begins.
  • There's no Invisible Walls. If you keep going in one direction, you leave the map completely and then eventually find yourself in an endless void of grey nothingness.
  • The enemy truck will always lose. Even in the version where they're able to move, they're forced to stop just before the finish line. In other words, the game is Unwinnable by Mistake...for your opponent.
  • Gamespot video review of this game by Alex Narvarro.