Funny / Big

  • When Josh calls his mother, pretending he's a kidnapper, his mother asks him to name the song she used to sing to him when he was younger. Josh tries to dodge the question, but when she insists, he sheepishly sings the song, the title theme to The Way We Were, much to the confusion of his coworkers.
  • Adult Josh trying to convince his mom it's him by showing his birthmark, which he pulls his pants down to show her. But she freaks out, thinking he's some kind of sick pervert. Then she chases him out with a knife.
    Josh's mom: POLIIIIIICE!!
  • Josh's Manchild behavior in FAO Schwarz deserves special mention, especially in the Laser Tag scene.
  • Billy calls Josh "the luckiest guy I know" after learning that his job is to play with all the latest toys. Immediately afterwards, Josh is punched in the face by the toy he's playing with.
  • Josh checking if his fly is zipped upon everyone staring at his gaudy tuxedo.
  • Susan starts getting undressed after her date with Josh and turns the lights out. Josh doesn't really get what's going on and just wants to keep looking, so he promptly turns them back on.