* "Open the window. Now jump. [''Andrew jumps up and down, *Jump *Jump*Jump*''] No-- ''out the window!"''
** After this, Andrew understandably becomes afraid of heights, [[BrickJoke which get referenced later on,]] such as Andrew hesitantly looking out the window of a skyscraper and this exchange with "Little Miss:"
-->'''Amanda''': Come with me to my room, Andrew.
-->'''Andrew''': ...Does this involve a window?
-->'''Amanda''': (giggling) No.
** FridgeFunny: Jumping out the window is probably what jostled his programming; he never showed any individuality up until then!
-->'''Richard''': Good night, Andrew.
-->'''Andrew''': Good night, Andrew.
** At one point, Andrew walks into the wall. That's how broken he was.
* Early in the movie the joke about the man with dementia.
** As well as Andrew's RapidFireComedy style of joke-telling in the same scene - mixing in "What's invisible and smells of worms? Bird farts" with far more adult humor.
** Not to mention the unintentional joke afterward.
*** And much later on in the film, Andrew delivers this:
--> "If nothing mattered, you'd love me, and not some man whose chin could sink the Titanic!"
* The scene displaying Galatea's new {{Jerkass}} personality. Rupert's understandably confused and bewildered reaction to it all really sells it, as well as every word out of Galatea's mouth.
--> '''Rupert''': [[StunnedSilence "...Chaps my ass...?"]]
* While Andrew and Rupert are working on the artificial organs, Galatea starts singing [[Film/TheWizardOfOz "If I Only Had a Heart"]]. LOUDLY. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGVTPXMikgg Andrew is NOT amused.]]
-->'''Andrew''': ''(casually, to Rupert)'' Do you have an impact drill?\\
'''Rupert''': ''(focused on his work)'' Uh, yeah, over on the rack.\\
'''Andrew''': Thank you. ''(walks off)''\\
''(sound of a drill being revved up, then Galatea screams)''\\
'''Rupert''': JESUS!
* When Rupert removes Andrew's robotic outer head, Andrew looks in the mirror and screams, startling Rupert and Galatea
-->'''Rupert''': What happened?\\
'''Andrew''': I saw the ''inner me''.
* [[ItMakesSenseInContext "...People actually]] ''[[{{Squick}} do]]'' [[TheTalk this, sir?"]]