Funny / Beverly Hills Ninja

  • The opening scene. All of it.
  • The scene where Haru spies on Tanley's car, when suddenly the gate opens and Haru is shoved by the gate and into the bushes.
  • The deleted scenes which involve Haru trying to swat a fly, first after he fails to graduate, then where he stops by at a store to get a new copy of his legend.
  • When Haru sneaks backstage at a nightclub, he is turned on by a dancer. He then declares, "No, I am not... One with the universe!" Then starts dancing along with the girls to "I'm Too Sexy".
  • Whenever Haru leaves the Plane of Enlightenment.
  • Sensei: "You do not have ninja intuition, you do not even have normal intuition."
  • While sneaking into Tanley's mansion, Haru gets chased by Tanley's dog, hits himself in the head with an antenna, and causes Gobei to fall off the building.
  • This exchange.
    Concierge: Perhaps I shall send Dom Pérignon (champagne) to your room.
    Haru: I prefer to be alone tonight, perhaps later I will meet your friend Don.
  • During the fight in the sushi bar, a Kobudosai gang member rips off Gobei's "hair" which ends up pressing his Berserk Button as he just ruined his disguise. "You know how long it took me to grow my hair?!"
  • The Laughing Mushroom scene.
  • At the end of Haru's Lock and Load Montage, he ends up accidentally ripping off the cloth where his weapons are stored.
  • Whenever Haru enters his hotel, he leaves his shoes out. The hotel's janitor then places it in the garbage.
  • Where Haru has Joey drive him to Tanley's warehouse. He blindfolds himself, and Joey ends up crashing through a horse race track and drives through a car wash to the tune of "Low Rider".
    Haru: Head towards the mainland!
    Joey: Mainland?!
    Haru: Yes, the mainland! The sea is foaming! You have wandered way off course!
  • When Haru sneaks into Tanley's warehouse, he forces himself to climb up a palm tree. He then swings from the palm tree to catapult himself into the warehouse to the tune of Tarzan Boy.
  • At the end, when Haru drives off with Alison, he ends up grabbing Gobei's wheelchair, and he eventually hits a rock, plummeting him into the ocean below. The movie ends with Haru yelling, "I am sorry, big brother!"
  • While driving to his hotel, Haru ends up getting in a driver's way. After finally letting the driver pass, the driver says, "Thanks, asshole." Haru responds with a smile and says, "You are welcome!"