Funny / Beth Phoenix

  • The WHOLE Glamarella period. The most badass diva of all in love with Plucky Comic Relief Santino Marella. One of the best moments of her Glamarella funniness occurred involving Melina. Santino attempts to copy Melina's famous "split" ring entrance and... fails horribly. While he's in the fetal position outside the ring, Beth Phoenix gets ready for her Big "NO!" and screams, "OF ALL PLACES, WHY THERE!?!" When you're able to steal part of Santino Marella's comedic thunder, you truly deserve a CMOF.
  • Using her Hall of Fame acceptance speech to prank Edge.
  • In an interview with a New Zealand radio station, Beth revealed that she was a trained liturgical pianist. She claimed that she actually helped pay for her wrestling training by playing the organ at masses and funerals.