Funny / Ben-Hur

  • Any scene that involves Sheikh Ilderim.
    • Berating someone for whipping, or just being careless with his beloved horses.
      Ilderim: You think you can treat my horses like animals?!
    • Especially his introductory scene, which features him furiously leaping onto the chariot in mid-practice run to show the driver how to handle the horses before unceremoniously kicking him off.
    • About marriage.
      Ilderim: One god, that I can understand; but one wife? That is not civilized. It is not generous!
    • Ilderim leaving out a big burp to show his satisfaction after eating, and encouraging Judah to do the same. Judah obliges, although it's a smaller one.
  • In an otherwise very tense scene, Judah carries his mother and sister, now lepers to Jerusalem in order to meet Jesus, only to be told by a blind beggar that the man is being put on trial. After giving him some coin, Judah moves on, as the townsfolk shun him screaming "lepers!". The blind man doesn't leave, but nevertheless he's disgusted/horrified and throws the money away.
  • When Judah and Quintus Arrius are on the float, Judah has this hilariously smug look as Quintus realizes he's in chains.