Funny / Beerfest

  • "UND BECK'S!"
  • Barry manages to get drunk enough to turn the Beer Goggles onto himself. Despite wearing a sweaty t-shirt, and an empty twelve pack box on his head ("Asshole" prominently written on it), he sees himself as a smooth 70s style swinger. The effect carries over to the woman he takes home. Cherry!
    Barry (drunkenly to the camera): "I knew the whole time..."
  • "Oops! I pushed his thingy off!"
  • The second time the gang goes to the secret Beerfest location, they cannot remember where it is. Fink then espouses his theory on "drunk memory" and makes one of the brothers drink to remember. Unfortunately, they have been training for a drinking festival (Lampshaded in dialogue) and after a table full of beers, the brother is still sober. Then, after downing an entire bottle of fake-Goldschlager, they begin a Mushroom Samba style montage of wandering around until they find the location. Once there, they are asked for the password, which is revealed to be a thirty second yodeling by the main character. Unfortunately, this was last year's password, and they are denied entry.
  • At one point, the Germans are spying on the American brothers from a submarine. In Colorado. For those who don't know geography, Colorado is completely landlocked, surrounded by at least 2 states until a coastline.