Funny: Bedknobs and Broomsticks

  • The suits of armour use the wackiest Dancing Pants shenanigans while fighting Those Wacky Nazis. A recurring visual gag is the suits removing limbs or helmets to shake out accumulated bullets.
    • Highlights include one suit of armor taking off his leg, shaking the bullets out of it, then hopping over on one leg and beating a Nazi over the head with it, and a disembodied pair of legs literally kicking a Nazi's ass while goosestepping. Repeatedly.
    • One of the medieval suits raised the visit on his helmet to "spit" the spent bullets out, with them dinging off of a Nazi's helmet.
    • One somehow ends up seated in a walking pair of legs, shouting all the while to be released.
    • The look on the Colonel's face when the executioner comes for him.
    • One suit whacks a Nazi on the helmet with his mace with a comedic cartoon sound effect.
  • "Would you like to be turned into a small white rabbit?" It's actually a very real threat!
  • The animal soccer game. That is all.
  • "Can't you READ READING? No peopling allowed!"
  • Miss Price's attempts to ride her broom sidesaddle like the instructions say, but gives up and straddles it instead. Cosmic Creepers the cat gives her a significant look.
    Miss Price: I know it's not ladylike!
  • The Running Gag of turning characters into rabbits, though Miss Price comes to use it to her advantage.