Funny: Bedazzled (2000)

  • Elliot's priceless, deadpan reaction to having his first wish "granted". (He even had to pay for that Big Mac and large Coke!)
  • "Maybe I should call you a cab, although it'll be hard to find one that'll go to Hell this time of night!"
  • After Elliot's attempt to ask out Allison is a bust, his co-workers try to mock him by having one of them imitate his behavior at the beginning of the movie. The heartbroken Elliot does NOT take it well and the threatening glare he sends at them makes one of them flee, and the other three slowly sink below the cubicle and out of sight.
  • The Emotionally Sensitive Guy Wish is pretty epic, but the last couple of minutes are beyond hilarious, especially with Elliot's exclamation of "I'll get into your pants!" and then giving up, dialing 666 on his pager with his pinky, taking one last look at the beautiful, tear worthy sunset, and completely losing his shit crying.
    • The gif of that scene has become something of a Memetic Mutation to describe one's highly emotional reaction to something.
  • Dumb Jock Elliot and his reaction to finding out that he has tiny
    "Oh, damn the Devil! DAMN! THE DEVIL! TO HELL!!!"
  • The One-Scene Wonder gay lover Elliot has in the Smart Guy Wish.
    • Elliot desperately trying to prove he's not gay. He kisses Allison, while his unconvinced gay lover looks on. He stops kissing, saying "Alright, I'm gay. Well, it was nice meeting you."
    Elliot: Shut up, bitch!
  • Elliot ripping off part of his mustache in anguish when he finds out Allison is cheating on him. The cherry on top is that there is a Band-Aid over the wound for the rest of the wish.
  • After Elliott is arrested in the church:
    Elliott: I'm telling you, the Devil gipped me for a HAMBURGER!
  • The Devil replacing all the medication at the hospital with candy.
    Elliot: You can't give Tic-Tacs to sick people!!
  • Elliot as the Columbian drug lord, complete with random Spanish stock phrases and a ridiculously over the top gunfight. Elliot's reaction to pulling a pistol out of nowhere is priceless.