Funny / Becoming Human

TV Series
  • Christa's reactions when discussing her scars (from a werewolf):
    Adam: Seriously, Christa, we both know how you got that scar on your arm.
    Matt: And the rest. [holding his hand to his chest, showing where they are]
    (Adam and Christa both look at Matt)
    Christa: What? (looking shocked)
    Matt: Nothing.
    Christa: When did you see? When did you see?
    Adam: See what?
    Christa: I think I know exactly what he was doing that day, don't I, Matt?
    It turns out Matt was spying on her in the locker room.

  • When looking for Matt's body, Christa transforms:
    Adam: Unless it WAS in there. Werewolves'll eat anything.
    Matt: I wanted to get inside you, but not like that!
    (Matt fist bumps with Adam, while Christa vomits)

  • When Matt comments that if Christa was to jerk them off, given how he and Adam are invisible on camera, she'd look like she was ski-ing.