Funny: Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

  • The Title Sequence casts the boys in a 1970s cop show, where they score with chicks, kick ass and escape big explosions. The very first image after the sequence ends? The boys digging through the garbage looking for a TV.
  • This little exchange between Flemming and Bork:
    Agent Flemming: Did you give him a cavity search?
    Agent Bork: Uh, the witness?
    • This actually becomes a running gag, Agent Flemming orders cavity searches for nearly every person they interogate during their investigation, including the elderly passengers on the America Tours bus, Mr Anderson and Butthead. This culminates in a brilliant punch line after Butt-Head's cavity search: "Uhhh...did I just score?"
  • The exchange between Butt-Head & a pilot after Butt-Head falls into the cockpit while the plane is plummeting.
    Pilot: Get the hell out of the cockpit!
    Butt-Head: Huh huh... you said--
    Pilot: NOW!!! (pulls Butt-Head out of the way)
  • "You know that guy whose camper they were whacking off in?" "Bork! You are a federal agent. You represent the United States government. Never end a sentence with a preposition!"
  • The Godzilla-themed opening sequence. The visual of Beavis breathing fire at his enemies is just amazing.
  • Butthead is not exactly Sherlock when it comes to gathering evidence. After observing broken glass, footprints leading up to where the TV was, and the open door, his brilliant deduction?? "This sucks."
  • The road trip montage on the America Tour bus, which includes such gems as Beavis and Butthead being more interested in a donkey taking a crap than the Grand Canyon, them laughing at various dirty road signs, such as "Butte" and "Big Piney" and "Bald Knob", and headbanging to the montage music.
  • When they arrive at Yellowstone National Park, the duo are absolutely mesmerized by the motion controlled flushing for the park urinals, to the point where they stay in there so long that the bus leaves without them.
    • Funnier when you consider that moments before, they were dismissing the Old Faithful geyser.
    Ranger: There are over 200 active geysers in Yellowstone Park. Old Faithful here is one of the largest. During an eruption, the geyser can reach as high as 200 feet.
    Butt-head: So?
    Ranger: The - the geyser shoots out over 12,000 gallons in a single eruption.
    Beavis: That's not that much, really.
  • When the tour bus arrives at the Hoover Dam:
    Butt-head: We're in Washington.
    Beavis: Yea, we're gonna score now.
    Old lady: Actually sons, we're at the Hoover Dam.
    Beavis: Uh, no. We're in WASHINGTON!
    Butt-head: We're gonna score now!
  • When the two end up on a bus full of nuns on their way to New Mexico, Beavis is taken in by having the Bible read to him, since "there's this talking snake, and a naked chick, and a dude who puts a leaf on his schlong".
  • The boys Comically Missing the Point when Muddy is getting ready to shoot them.
    Muddy: Oh, I'm gonna enjoy this. Any last words before I kill you?
    Butt-head: Uh, I have a couple. Butt cheeks.
    Beavis: Yeah, um, and boobs! I just wanna say that again. Boobs!
  • The "He said anus" exchange between the boys and Mr. Van Dressen.
  • The deleted scene of Beavis using the Declaration Of Independence as toilet paper. Its even more hilarious that there was a security guard standing right there, who didnt notice Beavis smashing the display case with a flagpole and stealing the document until the alarm sounded.
  • The montage of the two arriving at the luxurious hotel and casino theyre staying at, and spending most of it staring and giggling at a topless egyptian statue, to the tunes of Red Hot Chili Peppers Rollercoaster Of Love.
  • Bill Clinton giving a touching, grateful speech to the two after they foiled Muddy's and Dallas plot. Their reaction?
    Butthead: "Huhuh, he said extend."
  • Beavis and Butthead fighting over who "gets to go first" with Dallas. Its even more hilarious that Beavis doesnt have any pants on during the brawl.
  • When the two are about to die of dehydration in the desert, they spend what may be their last few moments alive... giggling at two vultures having sex.
    • Later in that same scene, Beavis has his Mushroom Samba from eating a peyote cactus.
  • Their escape from Muddy's car, while its moving on the interstate. This involves Butthead pushing Beavis out of the trunk and then falling out himself when the car hits a road bump. They end up causing a huge car pileup, including crashing Tom Andersons trailer.
  • Beavis/Cornholio having A Date with Rosie Palms in Anderson's camper, complete with music that makes the scene ten times funnier. And Anderson's reaction when he finds Beavis.
    Anderson: "Pull your damn pants up, boy! I don't want to see that! Dammit, get out of here! And if I ever catch you whackin' in here again, I'm gonna hog-tie you!"
  • When Fleming demands that Beavis show him the unit, he snaps out of Cornholio mode just long enough to say "Why does everyone want to see my schlong?"
  • Butthead makes a pass at Chelsea Clinton...and promptly gets thrown out the window.
  • When touring the Hoover Dam:
    Beavis: Uh, is this a God dam?
    • Mike Judge says that he's amazed how many people tell him that was one of the funniest jokes in the movie.
  • Butthead playing with a car jack while in the trunk of Muddy's car.
    Butthead: Huh huh, check it out Beavis. I'm jacking off.
  • Cornholio in the Oval Office. On the Red Phone. Hilarity Ensues.
    • More specifically, when the soldier who answers the phone is understandably confused to hear his Commander-In-Chief introducing himself as "Cornholio" and rambling incoherently about his bunghole. About five seconds into this "conversation," said soldier looks directly at the camera with a "You have GOT to be kidding me" look on his face.