* One moment of pure hilarity is TheReveal that Thrust is [[spoiler:actually Waspinator, not Silverbolt]].
--> "Does that mean Spider-bot not go steady with [[spoiler: Waspinator]]?"
** Also, from the very end, [[spoiler:when Waspinator is reformatted into a wasp with a vehicon head. "Waspinator want glory! Waspinator want power! And what Waspinator get? (gets swatted away by Rattrap) WASPINATOR NEVER GET WHAT WASPINATOR WANTS!!!!!!"]]
** So how did [[spoiler:Waspinator]] get to Cybertron? [[spoiler:His proto-human subjects built a giant catapult which flung him into space, and then he flew there. It would seem stupid... if it was any other character. It's fitting for Waspinator]].
* 99.999% of what Jetstorm says.
** When talking with Megatron about [[spoiler: Tankor's [[FakingTheDead "death"]]]]:
---> Your ''glorious'' army will shine less brightly without his guiding...[[IfYouDieICallYourStuff Can I have his tank drones?"]]
** From the same episode:
--->''(Blasts an entrance into the sewers)'' "Welcome to another ''exciting'' edition of DIGGING FOR MAXIMALS!"
** From "Revelations Part I: Discovery":
--->"Well well well, all I need's a spider and I've got the whole set! [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Gotta catch 'em all!]]"
** In "Fires of The Past":
---> ''(At the Shuttleport)'' "Well, well, well. [[DontExplainTheJoke Your situation exactly matches your location]]-- [[{{Pun}} TERMINAL!!!]]
* In "Spark of Darkness," Rattrap is tasked with the all-important job of... building gardening equipment. Naturally, he doesn't take it well.
-->''(little girl voice)'' "And what'd you do in the war, Daddy?" ''(regular voice)'' "Well, honey, I made gardening equipment to help the troops plant petunias!" ''(little girl voice)'' "Really, Daddy?!"
* In "Sparkwar Pt. II: The Search," after finding themselves facing Strika and her drones:
-->'''Rattrap:''' This calls for a strategic advance to the rear.\\
'''Botanica:''' Meaning?\\
'''Rattrap:''' ''(already zipping away in the opposite direction)'' RUN AWAY!