Funny / Bean

  • This is Mr. Bean we're talking about here. Voice or no, he's still manages to be hysterical at every turn.
  • Bean getting arrested by 'Murican cops because he pretends to have a gun at the airport, highlighted by Bean nervously trembling as he reaches into his jacket and places his "firearm" on the ground. His own thoughts on the matter from the tie-in book:
    "I was arrested for the illegal possession of an imaginary gun. I don't know what all the fuss is about, it only fires imaginary bullets!"
  • The destruction of the painting, and all immediately subsequent scenes.
    • David's reaction is the best:
    David: [looking around] Where's the picture gone?
    Bean: [stammers]
    David: Why, why, why...
    Bean: [reveals the destroyed painting with his "restoration"]
    David: OH JESUS! OH GOD!!! OH JESUS! GOD! OH MARY MOTHER OF JESUS!!! JESUS OF NAZARETH!!! [shuts gallery door]
    David: Wait a minute! Why am I worrying about this, you did it! All I have to do is tell them what happened!
    David: [sigh] But they'll ask, 'Who left him alone with the picture?' And I'll say me. Then they'll say, 'You're fired!' And I'll say, 'Fine!'
    David: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! They'll say, 'Firing is not good enough! Let's prosecute him for negligence!'
    David: [calming down] No it's fine. I'm calm. Okay. Okay. Let me have one more look at the painting.
    Bean: [shows the painting again]
    David: OH GOD! OH GOD!!! OH GOD OH GOD!!!!
  • After successfully managing to get past some intense security systems, Mr. Bean hits his head on an outdoor display.
  • "Nothing will touch that painting, short of an earthquake that brings the entire gallery down." The whole time, we can see Mr. Bean on the security cameras taking the painting down.
  • "Magic." *snort snort*
  • During his "speech" for the painting, Bean calls Whistler's mother a "hideous old bat who looked like she had a cactus up her backside".