Funny: Bean

  • This is Mr. Bean we're talking about here. Voice or no, he's still manages to be hysterical at every turn.
  • The the destruction of the painting, and all immediately subsequent scenes.
    • David's reaction is the best:
    David: [looking around] What happened to the painting?
    Bean: [stammers]
    David: What, what...
    Bean: [reveals the destroyed painting with his "restoration"]
    David: OH GOD!!! OH G- OH GOD!!! OH MARY MOTHER OF JESUS!!! JESUS OF NAZARETH!!! [shuts gallery door]
    David: Wait a minute! Why am I worrying, you did it! All I have to do is tell them what happened!
    David: [sigh] They'll ask, 'Who left him alone with the painting?' And I'll say me. Then they'll say, 'You're fired!' And I'll say, 'Fine!'
    David: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! They'll say, 'Firing is not good enough! Let's prosecute him for negligence!'
    David: [calming down] No it's fine. I'm calm. Let me have one more look at the painting.
    Bean: [shows the painting again]
    David: OH GOD! OH GOD!!! OH GOD OH GOD!!!!