Funny: BattleTech

  • The writers sometimes get lazy when thinking of planet names. We have:
    • Butte Hold, the domain of the pirate king Redjack Ryan
    • Struggle, the capital of the planet Here
    • A Place
    • Somewhere
  • Or they make up clever puns with other names:
  • There is a corporation named Wangker Aerospace.

  • In the early sourcebook, City Tech, were several amusing stories, including one of a mercenary group that had a couple of skilled technicians who were also inveterate pranksters. The day after a battle, the Mechwarriors were rather upset to find that their stripped armor had been replaced with scrap from delivery trucks, leaving their 'Mechs plastered with messages like "WIDE LOAD", "LARD" and "processed chicken".
  • The A Time of War roleplaying sourcebook provides short quotes and stories all throughout. Due to the quotes being a sentence or two at best, most of them are amusing in a Noodle Incident sort of way, but the quote for the Throwing Weapons skill is comedy gold.
    • In the same sourcebook, the picture for the Training skill features an instructor who Drives Like Crazy piloting a 'Mech with a trainee in the backseat. The instructor has a Slasher Smile. The trainee looks like he just wet himself.
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