Funny / BattleTech

The Tabletop Game/General:

  • The writers sometimes get lazy when thinking of planet names. We have:
    • Butte Hold, the domain of the pirate king Redjack Ryan
    • Struggle, the capital of the planet Here
    • A Place
    • Somewhere
    • Nowhere
  • Or they make up clever puns with other names:
  • There is a corporation named Wangker Aerospace.
  • In the early sourcebook, City Tech, were several amusing stories, including one of a mercenary group that had a couple of skilled technicians who were also inveterate pranksters. The day after a battle, the Mechwarriors were rather upset to find that their stripped armor had been replaced with scrap from delivery trucks, leaving their 'Mechs plastered with messages like "WIDE LOAD", "LARD" and "processed chicken".
  • The A Time of War roleplaying sourcebook provides short quotes and stories all throughout. Due to the quotes being a sentence or two at best, most of them are amusing in a Noodle Incident sort of way, but the quote for the Throwing Weapons skill is comedy gold.
    • In the same sourcebook, the picture for the Training skill features an instructor who Drives Like Crazy piloting a 'Mech with a trainee in the backseat. The instructor has a Slasher Smile. The trainee looks like he just wet himself.
  • The artists can get in on the fun. One of the core rulebooks had an illustration of two 'mechs fighting in a duel. One Mad Cat was pointing to a lump of metal on the ground as if to say to the other mech "You're next!". There was another 'mech with the Nose Art of a cartoonish rabbit and the name "Happy Bunny".
    • And not just any cartoonish rabbit, either!
    • There's more than a few of these in the Technical Readout books too, often in the form of little slogans or custom details on a 'Mech's hull. A prime example being what's written on the blade of the Nightsky's hatchet.
  • One of the units in Technical Readout: 3145 is the Condottiere assault craft, A small craft that is leased, rather than sold, to customers. In a raid in 3139, a Draconis Combine force raided a Federated Suns world. Both sides had Condottieres as escorts or defenders. When they engaged, the Condottieres on both sides promptly ignored each other to attack the DropShips that they were supposed to defend. You see, there's a mutual non-aggression clause in the Condottiere's lease that prohibits any models on opposite sides of a battle from firing on each other.
  • The very existence of Experimental Technical Readout: Royal Fantasy Tournament: A listing of customized 'Mechs fighting in a 3146 Solaris IV tournament. Mechs with nicknames like "Snow White", "Cinderella", "Merida", "Aladdin", "Mulan", "Ariel", "Beast" and even "Leia".
    • The Mechwarrior profiles are even worse. "Leia", for example, is piloted by a mechwarrior named Carolyn Fischer of Team Rebel Alliance, who inherited the machine from her mother, Natalia Portman, fought with the Stormhammers, and witnessed a terrible WMD strike as part of a rebellion.
  • The sourcebook for the Wars of Reaving, a fight between the Clans over perceived corruption caused by Inner Sphere influences, features a conversation between two young Clan Wolf mechwarriors. In it, one of them assures her friend that she can't have been tainted by Sphereoid influences, as she has never left Clan space. Then they both start to reminiscence about watching the In-universe version of the animated series, a holovid produced in the Inner Sphere, as children.
  • The Battlemech games on Noisiel. Imagine the Olympics. Performed by 'Mechs. Now imagine Baseball, rugby, and basketball games. Again, performed by 'Mechs. Now imagine dance constests and an Atlas dressed up like Santa Claus(said Atlas, by the way, won bronze in the costume contest. The medal was indeed to scale, and awarded by another Atlas.).
  • A Dark-Age variant of the old Inner Sphere Standard Battle Suit called the "Baka" swaps out the suit's jump jets for additional weapons. The suit gets it's name from the message that flashes across the unit's HUD when the pilot tries to activate the removed jump jets.
  • During the Clan Invasion, one planet tried challenging the invaders to a game of American football for the Trial of Possession for their world under the idea that maybe the Clans didn't know how to play. Unfortunately for them, the unit that was invading their planet was an Elemental-heavy cluster from Clan Ghost Bear, where football was a popular pass time for Elementals. The defenders noted that while they were utterly crushed it was still the cleanest game they'd ever played because the Clanners considered it a mark of shame if they got a personal foul.
  • In the House Davion sourcebook on a backwater world called Benedict, the New Avalon Theater group accidentally scared their audience of under educated farmers of their performance of Hamlet. The farmers have never seen holographic projections before, and were freaked out of their seats when they used holo-projections for the ghost of Hamlet's father.
  • Critter-TEK, a source book detailing BattleTech in a universe of Funny Animals and a theme of Major League Baseball. It's almost exactly the same as the 2nd edition printout, including Flyer-TEK (AeroTech), Burrow-TEK (CityTech) and TEK-Warrior (MechWarrior roleplaying system). Yes, it's ridiculous. Yes, it sounds funny and yes, you can legitimately play and roleplay with Critter-TEK.

The Video Game:

  • Sumire Meyer, the navigator, comes from a planet that has a very avian-rich animal biosphere; essentially, birds, birds, and more birds. Much of her background characterization chatter is dedicated to her antipathy towards birds because of it.