Funny: Battlestar Galactica (Classic)

  • Zac's reaction to being allowed to go on his first ever mission in the series pilot. Shame things turned out the way they did.
    • Starbuck's reaction to learning the secret of Geminese poker players.
    • While exploring the dark surface of the planet Carillon.
    Lieutenant Starbuck: I wonder how this place looks like in the daytime?
    Lieutenant Boomer: Hey, this is the daytime.
    Lieutenant Starbuck: Oooh... lovely...
    • Starbuck and Apollo's use of "Red/Blue" and "Yellow/Green" Squadrons is very brilliant. Apollo draws the line at the idea of adding "Purple" and "Orange".
    Athena: Sir, we're picking up attack signals between Purple and Orange Squadrons... We don't have Purple and Orange Squadrons.
    Adama: (looks completely puzzled) Purple and Orange?
    • A typical conversation between the Imperious Leader and one of his Centurions.
    Centurion: Our Raiders are all destroyed.
    Imperious Leader: All destroyed? How? We took them by surprise.
    Centurion: (as sarcastically as possible for a Cylon) Apparently it was not as big a surprise as we had hoped for.
  • As Lucifer and a Centurion leave to execute Baltar's scheme during "Lost Planet of the Gods".
    Lucifer: Isn't he wonderfully devious? We can learn much from him.
    • When Apollo finds out about Serina's pilot training, he asks Boxey and Muffet to leave the room.
    Boxey: Come on Muffet, they're gonna argue.
    Serina: We're not going to argue!
    Boxey: (leaves with a knowing smile on his face and tells Muffet) Yes they are.
    Apollo: Yes we are.
    • The rookie shuttle pilot's, especially during their training.
    Athena: (blasts the Cylon ship) I got him! I got him!
    Starbuck: Yeah you got him alright, and me.
    Athena: ...what?
    • Starbuck and Apollo mockingly make conversation that mimics the conversation of the female Warriors in the "Lost Planet of the Gods" episode.
    Starbuck: Apollo, what do you plan on doing for living quarters after you're married?
    Apollo: Oh, well, I am so excited. I just found this place in the Astradon freighter. With a little paint and some nice curtains, it's so cozy!
    Starbuck: You always were good with color. (after the female warriors continue talking in the background)
    Apollo: Mmm, you'll never believe what I found. I just found some Valcron in the Tip Barge.
    Starbuck: Really? The soft, translucent kind?
    Apollo: (ridiculously effeminate) Absolutely stunning!
    Serina: (finally notices them) Hey Apollo, Starbuck. You guys aren't feeling left out are you?
    Apollo: Oh no! What would make you think that? (rolls his eyes)
    • Starbuck later gets captured by the Cylons.
    Starbuck: Just to let you know torture wont work, I took a course on resisting. (some Cylon starts shoving him) Hey, hey. I bruise easy.
  • The look on Starbuck's face when he's introduced to Adama by the people of the Serenity settlement as their new "Constable" in "The Magnificent Warriors".
    • That's nothing compared to the look on Adama's face when he has to go courting Siress Belloby.
  • While the episode "The Young Lords" was kinda lame. Starbuck's banter with his Cylon captor was pretty good.
    Centurion: These humanoids are not well constructed. They damage easily.
    Starbuck: At least we don't rust.
    Centurion: Silence!
    • Lucifer, criticizing Specter's sucking up to Baltar.
    Lucifer: Oh felgercarb.
  • When Boxey is hanging out with the pilots in "The Lost Warrior", they play for jelly beans rather than cubits. The hilarity involves this:
    • First, Boxey tells Starbuck to stop dithering and call already.
    • Then, he tells Starbuck off for eating part of his own bet.
    • Finally, Starbuck thinks he's won the pot... and Boxey plays a Complete Pyramid.
  • The way Starbuck and C.O.R.A. would keep snarking back and forth in "The Long Patrol".
    • Later, when Starbuck first woke up in the Protius cell.
  • From "Living Legend", when the Cylon says to Baltar, "I really think you should look at the other battlestar."
    • The blink-and-you'll-miss moment between the two IL-series Cylons as their base on Gamorray explodes.
    IL-Cylon: Uh oh.
    • When Starbuck walks off feeling glum about Cassy after she rushes off to meet Commander Cain, Boxey tries to look on the bright side.
    Boxey: Poor Starbuck. Well at least he's still got Athena, and Miriam, and Noday...
    • The list continues until Apollo finally tells him off.
  • Just about all of "The Man With Nine Lives" is a CMoF.
  • From the first episode of the "Terra" two-parter: When trying to smuggle empty, but clear containers covered in space rugs out of a docked ship as part of a plan to help the "Earthlings" escape the Council of Twelve's meddling, the security jerk-of-the-week looks inside after Jolly fails to convince him that they were trying to evacuate the children inside the ship to a hospital (excuse us — "Life Station"). Boomer's lightning fast reaction as soon as everyone sees there's nobody inside? "Jolly, you forgot the kids!"
    • Jolly's reaction is good too, notice for a split second he has no idea what Boomer's up to. A second later he catches on and does his best to look ashamed of his "mistake".
  • After a tense scene when Boomer jumps through the door into a storage room in "Fire in Space", he can't help but add a little quib to Boxey.
    Boomer: Boxey, it looks like I... mashed your mushies.
  • Starbuck and "John's" first meeting in "Experiment in Terra" while brief, is hilarious.
    John: You're just going to walk in there?
    Starbuck: Yeah, pretty much.
    John: (sighs then looks up) I know but, I'm doing the best with what I've got.
    • As Starbuck confronts two guards, his voice can be heard coming from Apollo's communicator. Which a Terrain scientist happens to be examining at that precise moment.
    Starbuck: (over the communicator) Drop it! Or I'll incinerate you! (Terrain scientist panics and drops the device)
  • Just when the Galactica crew think Starbuck and Apollo haven't survived their mission using their stolen Cylon ship in "The Hand of God". A Cylon Raider approaches Galactica, and is about to be blown out of the sky.
    Boomer: No! Don't fire! It's them!
    Adama: How do you know?
    Boomer: They're waggling!
    Tigh: Waggling?!

Galactica 1980

  • Starbuck and his Cylon pal Cy get a few, in what may be the only decent Galactica 1980 episode.
    • When Cy is explaining why his Raider crashed, Starbuck jokingly asks if someone in the three-Cylon crew pulled out the manual. Cy (completely missing the mockery) confirms that they did, but it did not help. He goes on to show why flying a starfighter by committee doesn't work:
    Cy: We were taking a vote when the ground came up and hit us.
    • Starbuck tells Cy that the (pregnant) human woman they've discovered is going to give birth to yet another human. His response?
    Cy: I am rapidly being surrounded.
    • The humor is a bit darker, bordering on Fridge Horror, but... one almost has to laugh at the absurdity of it all when Starbuck's innocent question reveals that the Cylons haven't given any thought to what they're going to do once the universe is finally "organized."