Funny / Batman Odyssey

Take your pick:
  • In one of Bruce and Alfred's many bizarre conversations, Bruce gets this gem:
    Bruce: Ha, ha, ha! Sworn to secrecy. Ha, ha! Such a thing... Such an octopus of a thing. And I have only an inkling!
  • After Ra's al Ghul fends off an attempt on his life by a group of the Sensei's assassins, this exchange happens:
    Ra's al Ghul: I think that one's dead.
    Alfred: Most assuredly. As well the gentleman pinned to the Herodotus volume.
  • Sleep-deprived Bruce Wayne taking a nap on the floor of the bat-cave in the middle of an intense conversation.
    Deadman: Doom is at the door and you're taking a nap!
  • Batman, Jamroth Bok, and Primus are fighting Ubu, when a giant stingray flies out of the ocean and shoots a dart at him apparently out of its anus! The reactions from the characters are priceless:
    Ubu: AGK! The thing! The thing! NO!
    Jamroth Bok: AHHK... From below... it's like a magnet.
    Ubu: Hell has come for me... no ARRRRGH!
  • Batman's reaction to seeing a whale.
    Batman: Sweet mother of God! A whale? A whale? A whale?!!!
    Aquaman: Yes... A whale.
  • Alfred offering to kill the villain, since Batman refuses, and Ra's is being whiny.
    Alfred: Put me in there, I'll kill him. I don't give a hydroelectric dam about all this flap.
  • The arguable signature scene of the book, Batman blowing Robin up, is dark comic gold, just for how out-of-nowhere it is, even in the context of this book.
    Batman: Blah, blah. Prattle on you small-minded fool!
  • Robin's reaction to learning the identity of his parents' murderer has to be seen to be believed. Although really, it's Batman's narmtastic narration (featuring Skewed Priorities, Brutal Honesty, and no fewer than twenty ellipses) that makes the scene.
  • Batman beats one antagonist with the henway joke. Yes.
  • Really, the entire series is full of such gems, even if it takes a lot of effort to sift through the often impenetrable writing. The deconstruction posted on Comics Alliance is good place to start, though.