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Funny: Batman Odyssey
Take your pick:
  • In one f Bruce and Alfred's many bizarre conversations, Bruce gets this gem:
    Bruce: Ha, ha, ha! Sworn to secrecy. Ha, ha! Such a thing... Such an octopus of a thing. And I have only an inkling!
  • After Ra's al Ghul fends off an attempt on his life by a group of the Sensei's assassins, this exchange happens:
    Ra's al Ghul: I think that one's dead.
    Alfred: Most assuredly. As well the gentleman pinned to the Herodotus volume.
  • Sleep-deprived Bruce Wayne taking a nap on the floor of the bat-cave in the middle of an intense conversation.
    Deadman: Doom is at the door and your taking a nap!
  • Batman, Jamroth Bok, and Primus are fighting Ubu, when a giant stingray flies out of the ocean and shoots a dart at him apparently out of it's anus! The reaction from the characters is priceless:
    Ubu: AGK! The thing! The thing! NO!
    Jamroth Bok: AHHK... From below... it's like a magnet.
    Ubu: Hell has come for me... no ARRRRGH!
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