* Any scene with Riddler and Two-Face. HamToHamCombat at its finest.
-->'''Riddler''': I simply love what you've with this place--[[JustForFun/XMeetsY Heavy Metal meets House and Garden]]! Ha-ha-ha; beautiful! It's so ''dark'' and ''gothic'' and ''(sits a Box on a table and beckons leather-clad moll over)'' disgustingly decadent... and yet so bright and chipper and...''(sets Box down)'' conservative. ''(whistles for white-clad moll)'' It's so...YOU! And yet so [''opera singer voice''] YOU~! Very few people are both a summer ''and'' a winter, but... you pull it off nicely.\\
'''Two-Face''': ''(feigns bashfulness...and then [[ShutUpGunshot fires a gunshot into the air near Riddler's ear to shut him up]])'' What's your point, big boy?\\
'''Riddler''': ''(while cringing harshly)'' Has anybody ever told you...you have a [[SuddenlyShouting SERIOUS IMPULSE CONTROL PROBLEM?!]]
** And when Riddler demonstrates his Box to Two-Face in the same scene. The quote doubles as a ShoutOut to the drug PSA with the egg & frying pan.
--->'''Ridder''': This is your brain on the Box! [''takes the receiver away''] This is ''my'' brain on the Box. [''puts the receiver on his head''] DOES ANYBODY ELSE FEEL LIKE A FRIED EGG?!
** Earlier in the same scene:
--->'''Riddler:''' By the way, that's never gonna heal if you don't stop picking.\\
'''Two-Face:''' ''[cocks his gun, and puts it against Riddler's cheek]'' Let's see if you bleed green!
** At the end of their first scene together:
--->'''Two-Face:''' You have broken into our hideout... violated the sanctity of our lair. For that we should crush your bones into powder. However, you pose a most interesting proposition. Therefore heads, we accept. And tails, we blow your ''damn head off!''
** The novelization takes it further as Riddler has an OhCrap moment when he realizes that he forgot all about Two-Face's psychosis; "Any chance of two out of three?"
** During their first job as a team:
--->'''Riddler''': Hey, Two-Face! Show me how to punch a guy!\\
'''Two-Face''': It's darn simple my dear boy--ball up the fist, reach way back and assert yourself! ''(punches security guard)''\\
'''Riddler''': Ooooo...sound sgood! Lemme try, lemme try!\\
'''Two-Face''': Ball up the fist...\\
'''Riddler''': ''(does so)'' Ball up the fist!\\
'''Two-Face''': ...reach way back...\\
'''Riddler''': ''(winds up)'' Reach way back!\\
'''Two-Face''': ...and assert yourself!\\
'''Riddler''': ''(swings)'' And assert yourse--''(another security agent doesn't even flinch at Riddler's weak punch)'' OW! ''(cradles wounded hand)''
** At one point they're driving through the streets after a robbery, both covered in stolen jewelry and giddy like school girls. Riddler's trying to count money before giving up and starts just gleefully throwing bills around.
** Three words: [[http://youtu.be/Q8efr5Ujcmk The Battleship scene]].
* Two of The Riddler's finest moments are during his mock game show for Batman.
--> '''The Riddler''': Soon my little box will be on countless tvs around the world feeding me, [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking credit card numbers, bank cards, sexual fantasies]] and little white lies; into my head they'll go, victory is inevitable. For if knowledge is power....[[AGodAmI then a god]] [[LampshadeHanging am]] IIIIIIIIIIIIIII!
** Best part about this line as Riddler is growling the "I" part, [[TheStoic Batman]] goes from looking pretty sure of himself to flat out [[OhCrap looking like he's about to shit a brick.]]
** And this gem right after that line:
--> '''The Riddler''': [[LargeHam Was that over the top?]] [[Creator/JimCarrey I]] [[LampshadeHanging can never tell.]]
* After Dick takes the Batmobile:
--> '''Alfred''': Actually, he took... the car.\\
'''Wayne''': He boosted the Jag?\\
'''Alfred''': No, sir. Not the Jaguar. The other car.\\
'''Wayne''': The Bentley?\\
'''Alfred''': No, sir... the '''other. Car.'''\\
''cut to Dick cruising in the Batmobile''\\
'''Dick:''' Goin' for a lil' ride in mah love machine, baybee!
** Then Dick running into ladies on the street:
-->'''Woman 1''': Open up, Batman!
-->*Dick Grayson emerges from the Batmobile*
-->'''Woman 2''': That's not Batman!
-->'''Dick''': What are you talking about?!
-->'''Woman 3''': That's Batboy!
* This:
-->'''Dick:''' What do you think? What's a good sidekick name?\\
'''Bruce:''' How about Dick Grayson, college student?\\
'''Dick:''' Screw you!
* The scene with Stickley in general:
-->'''Nygma:''' *sneaks up behind Stickley and bashes him on the head with a coffeepot* ''Caffeine will'' '''kill ya!'''
* Edward Nygma's fake tears after the office finds out about Stickley's death:
-->'''Nygma''': Why?! Oh, why?! Two years working in the same office; he was like my father... my brother... ''a cousin who visits all the time!''\\
'''Co-worker''': Get a grip, Edward.\\
'''Nygma''': *hands co-worker Stickley's "suicide note" and informs him in serious voice* I found this in my cubicle this morning. You'll see it matches his handwriting exactly. As well as sentence structure and spelling. *[[MoodWhiplash goes back to crying]]* I couldn't go on working here. The *sob* mem-- *sob* --ories!"
* When Batman meets Chase for her secret rendezvous, only for Chase to tell him she's in love with Bruce Wayne and not Batman, he pretends to take the news sadly, but when he turns away to leave (facing the camera), he Batsmiles to himself.
* Edward Nygma having ''copies of Bruce's glasses'', which he puts on and takes off while talking to Bruce during the party scene.
** Not to mention a mole that he seems to have applied to match Wayne.
* The ShoutOut to the old ''{{Series/Batman}}'' television series and the [[{{Camp}} corny dialogue]] therein.
-->'''Robin:''' Holy rusted metal, Batman!
-->'''Batman:''' Huh?
-->'''Robin:''' The ground, it's all metal. It's full of holes. You know, [[{{Pun}} holey]].
-->'''Batman:''' Oh.
* This exchange between Batman and the bank guard, when the former uses the latter's hearing aid to crack open the vault.
--> '''Guard:''' That's my hearing aid!
--> '''Batman:''' Thanks.
* Bruce trying to hold in his snark as Chase turns down a date with him because of her infatuation with Batman:
-->'''Chase''': You could say he just dropped out of the sky and...bang. I think he felt it too.
-->'''Bruce''': Sure did.
-->'''Chase''': What?
-->'''Bruce''': ....I mean, who wouldn't?
* After Bruce chews out Dick for his heroic ambition, Dick shrugs it off and asks Alfred to put his Robin outfit next to the Batsuit. As Alfred walks away, Bruce rounds on him too: "And ''you're'' encouraging him!"
* Dick Grayson does [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment kung-fu laundry]].
* Batman's unamusement at Chase's advances at the Bat-signal:
-->''You called me here for this? The Bat-signal is not a beeper!''
-->''It's the car, right? Chicks love the car.''
-->''You trying to get under my cape, doctor?''
-->*after Chase shows her admiration for his black rubber suit* ''Try firemen, less to take off.''
** Being human, he is taken aback when [[SexyCoatFlashing she finally shows him what she's wearing under the coat.]] He has a moment of hesitation, followed by, "Direct, aren't you?"
** Then after finally getting back into his car, he simply sighs to himself and mutters, "Women."
** Chase Meridian in general is hilarious for being the most unprofessional psychiatrist ''ever'', with [[AllGirlsWantBadBoys unsorted issues of her own]], and being totally self-aware about it too.
* When The Riddler shows Two-Face exactly what Bruce Wayne was thinking under the influence of The Box, Harvey is speechless with joy.
-->'''Riddler''': Go ahead, you can say it.
-->'''Two-Face''': You're a genius!
-->'''Riddler''': OH STOP! *kicks leg out*
** The whole scene takes place with Two-Face just about sitting in his lap.
** More Riddler/Two-Face HoYay: [[http://duhduhduhdundun.ytmnd.com HAPPY HALLOWEEEEEN!]] *musical sting*
* When Bruce goes to see Chase for his appointment in her office, he hears... sounds of struggle? He tries the door, but it's locked! The doctor is in trouble! He rears back and breaks the door down to find... Chase pounding a punching bag.
-->'''Bruce''': I... guess I'm early. I have an appointment, I'm Bruce Wayne.
-->'''[[DeadpanSnarker Chase]]''': Good, then you can afford to buy me a new door.
* Even after The Riddler and Two-Face kidnapped both Chase and Robin, Carrey was in [[LargeHam rare form]]:
-->'''The Riddler''': Can Bruce Wayne and Batman ever truly coexist? We'll find out today! But first...''*in a game show host's voice*''...let's meet our contestants! Behind curtain number one...
-->''*reveals Chase Meridian tied up in a glass container*''
-->'''The Riddler''': The [[MsFanservice absolutely fabulous Dr. Chase Meridian]]. She enjoys hiking, getting her nails done and [[CannotSpitItOut foolishly hopes to be the love of Bruce's life]]! And behind curtain number two...
-->''*reveals Robin tied up in a different container*''
-->'''The Riddler''': ''[[HilariousInHindsight Fatman's]]'' one and only partner. This [[CrossesTheLineTwice acrobat-turned-orphan]] likes Saturday morning cartoons and dreams of one day being...''*whispering*'' barenaked with a girl.
** Made even better with Spice's slight shimmy of her breasts and Two-Face mockingly gasping and putting his hand over his mouth.
* He then tells him that they will fall to their deaths at a push of the button on his scepter. In response, Batman isn't fooled:
-->'''Batman''': There is no way to save them or myself. This is all one giant death trap.
-->'''The Riddler''': Judges? ''[[LargeHam *imitates a buzzer*]]'' [[LargeHam I'm sorry.]] [[Series/{{Jeopardy}} Your answer must be in the form of a question.]] [[LargeHam But thanks for playing!]]
* The endless evil laughs of the villains take on a lunacy of their own.
-->'''Two-Face''': (escaping in an elevator) Ha-ha!....Heehee YA!!
-->(later when the duo decided to spare Bruce and leave him with another riddle)
-->'''Riddler''': If you kill him, he won't learn nuthin'.
-->'''Two-Face''': Ha! Hahahahah!
-->'''Riddler''': HA!....HA! HA! HA!
* The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Md32bKo0ZDg Batcave]] scene
** The Riddler Destroy the Batcave.
* Sugar says Bruce looks cute, and that Edward can't pull off his look well. He tells her to shut up, and she's supposed to be his "date".
-->'''Nygma:''' How's my mole?\\
'''Sugar:''' ''(rolls her eyes)'' Fine.
* Not long after Dick moves in, Alfred finds him trying to get a door to open.
-->'''Alfred:''' May I ''help'' you, Master Grayson?
-->'''Dick:''' How come this is the only locked door around this museum? What do you got back there?
-->'''Alfred:''' [completely solemnly] Master Wayne's [[TheBlueBeard dead wives.]]
-->'''Alfred:''' The silver closet! On your way.
* A meta-example; Jim Carrey broke 12 prop canes doing all the fancy cane twirling he does in the film, and recalls one particular instance where he accidentally nailed Tommy Lee Jones [[GroinAttack in the groin with one]].