Funny / Barbie in the Pink Shoes

  • When Kristyn goes off the choreography, this exchange happens.
    Tara: What's she doing?
    Dillon: Something awesome...That's gonna get her in a whole sack of trouble.
  • Hailey being so dead-set on catching Albretch at lying about being a peasant, and single.
    Hailey: Beef stew or Foie gras?
    Albrecht: Why Foie gras of course.
    Hailey: AHA!
  • Albrecht and Hilarion's constant bickering.
    • Albrecht and Hilarion getting along by singing "John Jacob Jingleheimer-Schmidt."
    • Albrecht mocking Hilarion wanting to bag the swans for Giselle.
    Albrecht: Marry me! Oh, here's a dead bird!
  • Hilarion telling 'Giselle' that they milked their first cow together and he gave her her first bucket.
  • Hailey's reaction to finding out that Swan Lake is made of the tears of the swans' parents.
  • Hailey dealing with her swan form, especially trying to fly and talk.
  • For whatever reason, Tabitha St Germain chose to voice the Sugar Plum Fairy to sound a lot like Odile from the Barbie Nutcracker movie.