Funny: Band of Brothers

  • George Luz pretty much owns this. His mimicking of Sobel and Dike's voices are some of the few funny moments in an otherwise grim series.
    • During training in England, Luz impersonates Major Horton's voice, fooling Sobel into cutting open a barb wire fence. The next scene shows an angry Lt. Colonel Strayer chewing out Sobel for setting loose a herd of cows which are now wandering all over their base. Sobel is made to look even more foolish when he finds out that Major Horton isn't even on the base.
      • During the impersonation scene, when Sobel whirls around and bellows "Who said that? Who broke silence?" Pvt. Tipper, desperately trying not to grin, remarks "I think it's Major...Horton, sir."
      • Even better? When Luz first starts speaking in Major Horton's voice, if you look in the background you see Tipper immediately break into a grin, because he knows what's coming.
    • Also, this particular exchange during Why We Fight:
    Frank Perconte: Hey, George.
    George Luz: Yeah?
    Frank Perconte: This kind of remind you of Bastogne?
    [comedic pause, including bemused look]
    George Luz: Yeah... now that you mention it. Except, of course, there's no snow, we got warm grub in our bellies, and the trees aren't fucking exploding from Kraut artillery, but yeah... Frank... other than that, it's a lot like Bastogne.
    Frank Perconte: Right?
    George Luz: Bull, smack him for me please?
    George Luz: Thank you.
  • All of the guys scrambling for a Hershey Bar during The Last Patrol.
  • When Malarkey's complaining about the food, someone says "Nothing you won't eat, Malarkey."
    Skip: I won't eat Malarkey.
  • Skip telling the true story of swimming across the Niagara river... only to be told that his sister was right: he's an idiot.
  • Perconte showing off his bloused trousers to the newly-promoted Martin.
    Perconte:Now, just think. If you had any class or style like me, people might mistake you for somebody.
    Martin: You mean like your fucking sergeant?
    Perconte:...I'm just kidding.
  • "You've done it now, Yanks. You've captured me."
    • And then the "captured" Brit asks "Is that the enemy coming?" When Winters realizes it's Sobel approaching, Winters mutters "Actually, it is."
  • "HI-O SILVER!!! Anyone who has served in the military has known at least one officer like Sobel, and can vouch that this is not an exaggeration.
  • During the battle to take Carentan, the battalion staff officers are hiding behind a wall, whisper-yelling to Winters asking if it's safe to come out. Winters tells them it is, exchanges incredulous looks with Nixon, and a moment later gets shot in the leg. The look on his face just screams "Really?!"
  • During the assault of Brecourt Manor, Malarkey runs out into the open because he thinks one of the dead Germans has a Luger. The Germans stop shooting, leading to this exchange:
    Trooper: Christ, they must think he's a medic or something!
    Guarnere: He's gonna need a goddamn medic!

  • "We're paratroopers, lieutenant. We're supposed to be surrounded."
  • "This guys reading an article that says the Germans...are bad." *nods*
    • YMMV on this being Harsher in Hindsight as the trooper was probably reading something about the sort of thing Easy Company finds when they get to their destination.
  • In "Carentan", Welsh and McGrath go to engage a German tank with a Bazooka. They load, take aim, and fire an anti-armor round, which bounces harmlessly off of the tank's armor.
  • Sobel after finding one recruit's huge stash of condoms: "How in the name of god was he going to have enough energy to fight the war?"
  • Winters slyly letting Guarnere know he knows about the Quaker story Guarnere's been spreading around, and that he's not.
    • Soon afterwords, Guarnere jokingly muses that Winters must be a Mennonite, then. Making it more funny is that he's actually right this time.
  • When Winters unsuccessfully tries to rouse Nixon from bed, he resorts to dumping a pitcher of water on him, only to find out from an angry Nixon that it wasn't water in the pitcher, it was Nixon's urine!
  • The 7th episode "The Breaking Point" is…well, it is a pretty harsh episode. But there are some chuckle-worthy moments in the midst of the insanity. Points have to go to Guarnere remarking to Toye after they've both lost a leg in the shelling that "I told ya I'd beat ya back to the states, Joe!" Another is a couple of soldiers remarking about the stories about Lieutenant Spiers, including how Spiers allegedly offered a bunch of prisoners cigarettes before executing them all. At this point, Spiers walks up behind the group, makes casual conversation…and then offers them all a cigarette. The looks on their faces are priceless.
  • Janovec takes a German girl for a little "R&R". An officer walks in, looking for his war trophies. Janovec hops out of bed and comes to attention, saluting while stark naked. When the officer leaves, he goes back to it.
  • ''The Night of the Bayonet". Even Smith and Talbert thought it was funny.