* When Thumper gets "Twitterpated"...
** When all of them get "Twitterpated" for that matter.
* The skating scene
* Adult Bambi sharpening his antlers on a tree Friend Owl was resting on. While he is shaking, he sees a "herd" of Bambis.
-->'''Friend Owl:''' Get outta here! All of ya! ''(stops shaking, now sees one Bambi)'' And you too!
* Friend Owl's mockery of the birds' singing every spring can count as this:
-->'''Friend Owl:''' "Tweet tweet, tweet tweet! Tweet tweet, tweet tweet!" [[SarcasmMode Love's sweet song]]. Hmph! Pain in the pinfeathers, I call it!
* Really, most of what the young animals say and do. They aren't just big-eyed babies with sweet voices; they ''really'' act like little kids.
* Two baby birds fighting over the berries their mother gave them. Another baby bird, that appears to be the oldest, ate all the berries. The two stop fighting to see they're gone. Its probably karma that that particular bird had a raindrop hit his head during the later "April Showers" sequence.
* Bambi's first meeting with Faline.
-->'''Faline''': Hello, Bambi! ''(Bambi backs away)'' I said, hello!\\
'''Bambi's mom:''' Aren't you going to answer her?\\
''(Bambi shakes his head)''\\
'''Bambi's mom:''' You're not afraid are you?\\
''(Bambi shakes his head frantically, then gulps)''\\
'''Bambi's mom:''' Well then go ahead.\\
''(she pushes him towards Faline)''\\
'''Bambi's mom:''' Well go on, say hello.\\
'''Bambi:''' ''(lowers his head in defeat)'' [[AC:...hullo.]]\\
''(Faline {{squee}}s and starts jumping around at him)''
* Thumper and his siblings encouraging Bambi to say his first word, "Bird". After several attempts he does so with such force that it [[GaleForceSound sends the bunnies and the birds tumbling backward]].
-->'''Bambi: '''BIRD!

!!''Bambi II''

* Bambi's pathetic attempt at a 'roar'; it sounds like a sheep bleating.[[note]]And it's in fact a blend of the voice actor and the bleat of an actual white-tailed deer.[[/note]] It also doubles [[spoiler:as a ChekhovsGun at the climax of the film when he uses it to draw the hunting dogs away from his would-be stepmother.]]
* This conversation, where the Great Prince gets about as [[TheComicallySerious Comically Serious]] as he ever can:
-->'''Great Prince:''' A prince does '''not''' [[SeriousBusiness 'whoo-hoo'.]]\\
'''Bambi:''' He doesn't?\\
'''Great Prince:''' ''[[FelonyMisdemeanor He certainly does not.]]''
* Thumper trying to lead the Great Prince to where Bambi is trying to be brave by wanting to walk across a log owned by an angry old porcupine.
-->'''Thumper''': There was this [[BuffySpeak thing! And he's got these eyes, and these claws like...gr! And he walks around like this, hai, hai, hai!]] And, well...You gotta see!!!\\
'''Great Prince''': ''(looks after him skeptically)''\\
'''Thumper''': Well, '''come ooon!'''

* Bambi's encounter with the Grouchy Porcupine in a failed attempt to cross his log to prove his bravery. The porcupine refuses to let him cross, so Bambi jumps over him, unfortunately making the porcupine ''very'' angry. The porcupine chases him around the log. Eventually, the porcupine cannonballs his quills into Bambi's butt.
** As the Prince hears Bambi's echoing squeal of pain
-->'''Great Prince''': What was that?
-->'''Thumper''': (''still trying to distract him'') [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial I didn't hear anything! Probably a bird. Yeah, that's it, a bird!]]
-->''(the Prince walks toward where he heard the noise)''
-->'''Thumper''': [[OhCrap Oh, no!]]
** The porcupine insulting the Great Prince:
-->'''Porcupine''': That's the problem with these kids today! No respect at all! [''notices the Great Prince''] [[HypocriticalHumor What're you lookin' at, you big moose?]]
** After narrowly avoiding being caught out of the den by his father, Bambi shows his prickly situation to Thumper and Flower.
-->'''Flower''': Bambi, you okay?
-->'''Bambi''': How's it look?
-->''(Shows the quills in his butt, Flower and Thumper cringe, "Eww")''
-->'''Thumper''': I'm not gonna lie to ya. It ain't pretty.
** Then Thumper pulls the quills off one by one, as Bambi screams louder after each yank. Cut to elsewhere, Ronno is unsuccessfully trying to impress Faline.
-->'''Ronno''': That's the great thing about me. I don't feel any pain. Watch this. ''(charges into a tree)'' [[BlatantLies See? Nothing.]]
-->''Bambi's pained squeal echoes'': YOW!!
-->'''Faline''': What was that?
-->'''Ronno''' [''dismissively'']: Ah, probably some poor stupid animal caught in a trap. So anyway--
-->'''Bambi'''(''in the distance''): YOW!!
-->'''Faline''': [''gasps''] Bambi! (''Dashes off'')
** Then Faline arrives at the scene Bambi insists he's fine just as Thumper pulls the last quill out.
-->'''Thumper''': Just one more.
-->'''Faline''': Bambi! What happened?
-->'''Flower''': Bambi got stung by a porcupine.
-->'''Faline''': Where?
-->'''Bambi''': I'm fine! I just--*ploink* OW!
-->'''Thumper''' (''holding the last quill''): Got it.
* Bambi tries to follow his dad's advice of him to "feel the forest" by walking with his eyes closed:
-->'''Bambi:''' Feel the forest. Feel the forest.\\
'''Great Prince:''' ''[seeing where Bambi is going]'' Bambi!\\
'''Bambi:''' Feel the - OOF! ''[walks headfirst into a tree]'' Heh, heh. Felt it.
* Flower's claim that "Turtles are scary". His point is somewhat proven at the end when [[spoiler:Ronno [[LaserGuidedKarma gets bitten on the nose by a turtle]], making him scream for his mommy]].
-->'''Ronno:''' [[IWantMyMommy OW! OW! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! MOMMY! GET IT OFF! MOMMY!]] ''[dashes away, screaming in pain]''\\
'''Flower:''' See? I ''told'' you turtles were scary.
* When Flower does his bravest face [[SmellySkunk he ends up spraying a plant behind him which causes all of its leaves fall off]]. Later when Bambi is being chased by the dogs Thumper gets Flower to do [[SmellySkunk his bravest face and he unleashes his skunk spray on one of the dogs.]]
* In Bambi's dream sequence, a butterfly flutters around Bambi to his awe. In something of a parody of the first film it lands, not on his tail, but in his mouth. Cue Bambi trying to nudge the butterfly out with his tongue.
* Bambi reacquainting with Faline at the start of the film, now with Thumper playing MoodKiller:
-->'''Faline:''' I almost didn't recognise you.
-->'''Bambi:''' Really? I, I guess it's because my spots are almost gone. Er, and my antlers are coming in too. Can you see 'em?
-->'''Faline:''' ''*skeptical*'' Erm....well...
-->'''Thumper:''' ''*pops in between them*'' I don't see anything! ''*Bambi {{Death Glare}}s*'' ...Well I don't.

!!''Other Appearances''
* Bambi and his mother's brief cameo in the classic WesternAnimation/DonaldDuck short "No Hunting"; they're drinking from a forest stream when all the garbage from would-be hunters comes washing down past them...
-->'''Bambi's Mother:''' ''[Totally calm and deadpan]'' Man is in the forest. Let's dig out.
* Also his cameo in ''Disney/TheReluctantDragon'', where Disney employee Doris presents Robert Benchley with a finished animation cel and background of Bambi from the ink and paint department. Robert jokes he's so impressed that he could take him home with him. The cel of Bambi suddenly springs to life and [[OhCrap hides behind a tree, not to keen.]]