Funny / Bakugan

First Season
  • The Brawlers Face Fault when Marucho tells them the skyscraper is his new residence.
  • Masquerade's recruitment of the JJ Dolls in Episode 7.
    Masquerade: Jenny and Jewls. I am Masquerade. Over here to the right.
    Jenny and Jewls begin looking around. They start looking to the right.
    Masquerade: Yes. Yes.
    The camera cuts back left.
    Masquerade: No. No. That's your left. The other right. Aruggh.
    Jenny: Your right or mine?
    Jewls: I think yours.
    Jenny: Oh, right.
  • When the team gets back from the Doom Dimension they then meet Wayvern whom Drago knows very well, and she even has a nickname for him: Dragoroonie. Then there's this exchange:
    Preyas Angelo: From the first moment they've met...
    Gorem: There've been fireworks in the air.
    Drago: So immature.
    (cue other Bakugan laughing at Drago)
  • In an episode not far from the one above, Drago is going out to meet Wayvern. Dan then gives him the "watch both ways before you cross the street" speech. Drago then proceeds to hop off, Dan calls out to him again and what Drago says next is hillarious: "Silence, human!"
  • Preyas. Constantly.

Second Season

  • After they've destroyed the last dimension controller, they team begins to fly towards Ves Palace. But Hydron activates the final dimension controller and turns the team's Bakugan back to balls. Shun, Mira, and Marucho make it to safety but Ace, Baron, and Dan are left falling. When we think they're done for we can hear the flapping of little wings and see Drago, Percival, and Nemus carrying the three up, in ball form! When they set them on the ground Percival is keeled over on his back panting for air, and Nemus is leaned over forwards.
  • After Helios and Spectra join the brawlers, they throw a little party for the two. Helios comments how silly humans can be, this conversation ensues:
    Runo: Oh, don't be such a downer Helios.
    Julie: Yeah, nobody likes a party pooper.
    Helios" (sounding very angry and serious) I'm not a poopy anything!
    *The two girls laugh and run off*
    Helios: (growls) Girls. *curls up into ball form and hops off Keith's shoulder.
    • From that same episode the Bakugan are the decorations on the cake, Dan says that his mouth is watering, looking very much lie a Kaiju ready to eat the citizens, causing the Bakugan to scream and scramble off the cake.

Third Season
  • Near the end of episode 29, Mason and Avior spend the last few minutes of the episode arguing like an old married couple after they're welcomed onto the side of the heroes.
    Avior: Hey, do you think you can go a day without acting like a smart aleck?!
    Mason: Can you go a day without nagging?
    Avior: I guess that's a no then?
  • From episode 37, more Mason and Avior.
    Mason: (excited) Their both using Level 2 Battle Gear! Intense!
    Avior: Sounds like you might have some Battle Gear envy going on there Mason. Haha!
    Mason: (annoyed) Do me a favor, and pipe down.

Fourth Season