Funny / Baki the Grappler

  • The very first fight of the second season, Baki vs. Artie Regan, a massive pro wrestler, as they're being introduced.
    Regan: I heard you are the champion. Poor thing! Do you know what's going to happen?
    Baki (in his head): I will kick you back into your mother's womb. * Gentle smile*
  • Yujiro calls the Prime Minister, tells him he's gonna come over and kick his ass in an hour, proceeds to go to his office, makes short work of the guards, walks into his office, and leaves. Almost all of the guards get fired because of this.
  • Trump meets Yujiro. Trump is being his usual self and says he thinks Yujiro is just a lie. Yujiro shows up and Trump pees his pants. Next panel has Trump saluting Yujiro and reciting the pledge to Yujiro.