Funny / Avernum

The Avernum series has some very witty dialogue, and thus funny moments are inevitable.

  • The page quote from Conrac:
    "Oh, swell. She only summoned a demon lord into the tower once. She's only mildly insane. What a wonderful idea! Let's proceed at once!"

  • The Giant Intelligent Friendly Talking Spiders. Everything they say and do is both adorable and hilarious. Especially the few that hit on you.
  • In Avernum 2: The Crystal Souls, A guy in Fort Draco named Harg is drowning his sorrows at the local tavern because he's in love with a woman named Rose in Formello and he doesn't have the nerve to propose to her. You have the option of going there to ask for him, and she quite emphatically turns him down. This is the dialogue option you are given to break the news to him:
    Good news! We proposed to Rose for you! She said that she could never love you. You can stop worrying now.