Funny / Avatar: The Abridged Series

Funny moments in Avatar Abridged
  • Iroh is inexplicably Jewish, so nearly every line out of his mouth is gold. Like this exchange:
    Iroh: Oy vey, get it right already! It's "wax-on, wax-off", not "wax-on, wax-on"!
    Zuko: I've done this five-hundred times already, Uncle! Why won't you teach me the advanced fire-bending moves?
    Iroh: Because you suck! Now get back to work, you whiny little putz!
  • Also, any time Zuko whines just makes me laugh for some reason.
    Zuko: Unnncle, hurry up, I'm gonna be late for the Fall Out Boy concert!
    • Any time he says "NYEH!" in his high pitched voice, specifically in episode 9, makes me fall out of my chair laughing.

Episode 1
  • The optimism/skepticism duel in episode 1 remains a classic.
  • The fact that Sokka, Aang, and Zuko all independently confirm that Iceberg Pińatas are a thing.

Episode 2
  • One word: HUMILIATION! when Zuko kicks an attacking Sokka in the face sending him into the ground and Katara's reaction: "Yup, that's about what I expected..."
  • Aang and Zuko's first meeting:
    Zuko: You're coming with me!
    Aang: Will there be candy?
    Zuko: Uh, yeah...happy candy. From the, uh...Happy Company. Just, uh...get in the van—I mean ship.
    Aang: Yeah, candy! Yeeeaaah!
  • "So he's like... Kung Fu Action Jesus?"
  • "Ah...NO. And...NO. P.S. you're smelly!"
  • Then this happened.
    Katara: Aang, we're here to save you!
    Aang: Yeah I pretty much took care of that myself, but thanks for bringing my bison. You're like a valet!
  • The scenes between Zuko and Zhao, especially the X-Men part and 'yeah, you go ahead and run with your tail between your legs. It should be a lot easier to put it there without any BALLS!'

Episode 3
  • At the very beginning of episode 3:
    Suki: Shut up or we'll feed you to our sea monster, Larry the Unquenchable!
    Sokka: We've been kidnapped by a group of warrior women? Oh no! This could only mean... This is the girl-power episode, isn't it?
    Suki: That about sums it up.
    Sokka: I'll take the sea monster option, please.
  • Aang, during his attempt to ride Larry The Unquenchable.
    "Can't die, still a virgin! Can't die, still a virgin! Can't die, still a virgin!!"
  • "With the power of crossdressing, I will be unstoppable!"
  • How Katara attempts to woo Haru, and his reaction:
    Katara: "Yoo-hoo, random stranger!"
    Haru: "El gasp! I have been discoovered! I must flee... sexily."
  • The gay prison warden.
  • The aftermath of Episode 3.
    Sokka: "No, no, no. This is too good. This is too good. Okay, so the first girl my age I ever meet, I get a kiss, like that. You chase some guy halfway across the region, and not only does he reject you, but it turns out he's gay?! Sokka: One, Katara: Negative Five!" (Iroh: 5000)
    • Made even funnier by the captions running during Sokka's rant:
      Target Acquired. Firing Pimp Gun… DIRECT HIT! Target Successfully Pimped!
      Stalking... Stalking... Stalking... Stalking... Restraining Order. I'm a pretty little fairy!

Episode 4

Episode 5
  • "Why would we use a catapult when we can shoot fire out of our freaking hands?" "Because I really wanna!"
    • "You'd think he'd have given up after two hours of trying that." "I don't even really have to dodge. He just kinda misses."

Episode 6
  • Katara letting her horniness get to her again when she meets Jet.
    "Our wedding's gonna have ponies… and flowers… and ponies…!"
    Jet: (to the whole Gaang) "So anyways… Wanna go to my treehouse?"
    Katara: "Yes I'll have your babies!!"
    • Sokka's Call-Back Brick Joke reaction immediately after, upon seeing Katara has another crush:
      "Yep. That proves it. He's gay."
  • Jet's neverending resistance against THEM. "They're like the Freemasons, Templars, and Men In Black combined!"
    • "YOU! Give me your SHOELACES!"
  • And this...
    Sokka: Alright, time for Sokka to save the day!
    (photo of the village below the dam, which gets stamped with big red letters reading "SCREWED")
  • Aang freaking out about getting his ass kicked...
    Aang: Okay, seriously, what the crap?! Who wrote this episode?
    Zuko: Thanks for teaching me to break the Fourth Wall, Uncle.
    Iroh: Ach, it's bupkiss. What could you possibly need to do that for?
    Zuko: (as the scroll shows the episode name with 'Zuko' in the writer slot) Ohhh, nothin'...

Episode 7
  • The Gaang deals with the unpopular "Great Divide" episode by literally bypassing it.
  • The old bat who wouldn't go fishing takes weather advice from her invisible friend, Mr. McPumpkin.
  • Aang and Zuko are revealed to share a love for Lucky Charms.

Episode 8
  • Zhao's fantastic line : "I went to the Light Yagami school of strategy. I can practically predict the future."
    • And its follow-up later on when things go wrong: "J-Just as planned!"
  • "Dear Zuko. Stop. Hahaha. Stop. I got a promotion. Stop. Hahaha. Stop. You're horribly disfigured. Stop. Good day."
  • Everything pertaining to the Blue Spirit. Both of them.
    • Especially this scene:
      Aang: "Hmm. I wonder." *takes off the Blue Spirit mask, revealing Zuko's face* "No way! That's- Oh wait, it's another mask." (RIP!)
      Meng: Why, hello there, lover.
      (Psycho sting; close up on Aang's horrified face)
      Zuko: (entering Aang's cell) "Avatar! Come with me if you want to- Oh, I used all my finger paint on this."

Episode 9
  • Zuko's MANY Butt-Monkey moments over the course of the episode.
    "Okay Zuko. Today is going to be a good day. Because you're good enough and smart enough and GOSH DARN IT, P—" *cue shirshu destroying ship* "Oh why do I even bother?"
    • Zuko vs Aang
      "That's it! I'm not gonna let myself be humiliated anymore—" *gets struck by the shirshu's tongue* "OH THIS IS JUST EXCESSIVE!"
    • "Oh man, can you at least roll me over so I can pretend you're fighting?" "Zip it, Zuko!"
  • This scene:
    Iroh: Oy vey, Zuko! You took a lock of that Water Tribe girl's hair?!
    Zuko: Well, yeah! I just wanted a piece of her with me everywhere I went!
    Jun: *Beat* You're a creepy little bastard, aren't ya?

Episode 10
  • This little memorable exchange.
    Aang: Yeah, what do you have to say now you...little... *sees that Teo is in a wheelchair, and therefore cannot walk* ...Eh...
    Sokka: Wow Aang, you're a real ass!
  • Sokka pointing out the technological inconsistency of the inventor guy.
    "Let me get this straight. You can invent: Tanks (invented in 1915), Jet-skis (invented in 1973), and A GIGANTIC FREAKING DRILL! (20XX) But the concept of a hot air balloon (invented 1783) eluuuuuuuuudes you."
  • Before the battle:
    Aang: So we're going to be flying towards the enemy. Into what you could call a zone.
    Sokka: Yes.
    Aang: And that zone is filled with danger.
    Sokka: Yeessss?
    Aang: So we're taking a metaphorical highway... into what could be called... a danger zone.
    Sokka: Yes! What are you- (notices music fading in) Oh no.

Episode 11
  • At the very end, when Aang hears how Sokka joined the Mile-High Club:
    Aang: "You did WHAT with Yue on Appa?!"
    Sokka: "Pipe down, Aang. We are trying to keep this on the DL"
    Aang: "Screw the D! Don't worry, Appa - we'll burn your saddle, wash you a dozen times and find you a therapist! It's gonna be okay, buddy."
Appa: *growls* (Translation: "What has been seen cannot be unseen.")