Funny / Avatar: The Abridged Series

  • Zuko vs Aang in episode 9.
    Zuko: That's it! I'm not gonna let myself be humiliated anymoreó* gets struck by the shirshu's tongue* OH THIS IS JUST EXCESSIVE!
    Zuko: Okay Zuko. Today is going to be a good day. Because you're good enough and smart enough and GOSH DARN IT! *cue shirshu destroying ship* Oh why do I even bother?
  • The optimism/skepticism duel in episode 1 remains a classic.
  • Everything pertaining to the Blue Spirit in episode 8. Both of them.
    • Especially this scene:
    Aang: Hmm. I wonder. (takes off the Blue Spirit mask, revealing Zuko's face) No way! That's- Oh, wait; it's another mask. (RIP!)
    Meng: Why, hello there, lover.
    (Psycho sting; close up on Aang's face)
    Zuko: (entering Aang's cell) Avatar! Come with me if you want to- Oh, I used all my finger paint on this.
  • "El gasp! I have been discoovered! I must flee... sexily."
  • Aang freaking out about getting his arse kicked in Ep. 6:
    Aang: Okay, seriously, what the crap?! Who wrote this episode?
    Zuko: Thanks for teaching me to break the Fourth Wall, Uncle.
    Iroh: Agh, it's bupkiss; what could you possibly need to do that for?
    Zuko: (as the scroll shows the episode name with 'Zuko' in the writer slot) Ohhh, nothin'....
  • One word: HUMILIATION! in episode 2 when Zuko kicks an attacking Sokka in the face sending him into the ground and Katara's reaction: "Yup, that's about what I expected..."
  • At the very beginning of episode 3:
    Suki: Shut up or we'll feed you to our sea monster, Larry the Unquenchable!
    Sokka: We've been kidnapped by a group of warrior women? Oh no! This could only mean... This is the girl-power episode, isn't it?
    Suki: That about sums it up.
    Sokka: I'll take the sea monster option, please.
  • Aang: "Can't die, still a virgin, can't die, still a virgin, can't die, still a virgin!"
  • Also, any time Zuko whines just makes me laugh for some reason.
    Zuko: Unnncle, hurry up, I'm gonna be late for the Fall Out Boy concert!
    • Any time he says "NYEH!" in his high pitched voice, specifically in episode 9, makes me fall out of my chair laughing.
  • Aang: "You did WHAT with Yue on Appa?!"
    • Sokka: "Pipe Down Aang we are trying to keep this on the DL"
      • Aang: "Screw the D! Don't worry, Appa - we'll burn your saddle, wash you a dozen times and find you a therapist! It's gonna be okay, buddy."
  • "Whatever M Night."
    "That was uncalled for."
  • Naked Iroh Time.
  • "Ah...NO...and...NO... P.S. you're smelly!"
  • The gay prison warden.
  • "So he's like... Kung Fu Action Jesus?"
  • "YOU! Give me your SHOELACES!"
  • The scenes between Zuko and Zhao in episode 2, especially the X-Men part and 'yeah, you go ahead and run with your tail between your legs. It should be a lot easier to put it there without any BALLS!'
  • "With the power of crossdressing, I will be unstoppable!"
  • "So let me get this straight. The first girl my age I ever meet, I get a kiss like 'that'. You chase some guy halfway across the region, and not only does he reject you, but it turns out: he's gay?! Sokka: one, Katara: negative five! (Iroh: 5000)"
  • "Dear Zuko. Stop. Hahaha. Stop. I got a promotion. Stop. Hahaha. Stop. You're horribly disfigured. Stop. Good day."
  • "Oh man, can you at least roll me over so I can pretend you're fighting?" "Zip it, Zuko!"
  • "He's... he's blue!" "Da Ba Dee, Da Ba DIE BITCH!"
  • Before the battle in Episode 10:
    Aang: So we're going to be flying towards the enemy. Into what you could call a zone.
    Sokka: Yes.
    Aang: And that zone is filled with danger.
    Sokka: Yeessss?
    Aang: So we're taking a metaphorical highway... into what could be called... a danger zone.
    Sokka: Yes! What are you- (notices music fading in) oh no.
  • This little memorable exchange.
    Aang: Yeah, what do you have to say now you...little...* sees that Teo is in a wheelchair, and therefore cannot walk* ...Eh...
    Sokka: Wow Aang, you're a real ass!
  • During the "Day of Black Stache" special (which centres on Haru's mustache).
    Ozai: Impossible! He's going into... the Mustache State!
    Momo: (in Mexican accent) Oh, the Mustache State! It is legend!
  • Aang and Zuko's first meeting:
    Zuko: You're coming with me!
    Aang: Will there be candy?
    Zuko: Uh, yeah...happy candy. From the, uh...Happy Company. Just, uh...get in the van—I mean ship.
    Aang: Yeah, candy! Yeeeaaah!
  • Uncle Iroh is inexplicably Jewish, making anything he says more amusing.
    Iroh: Oy vey, get it right already! It's "wax-on, wax-off," not "wax-on, wax-on"!
    Zuko: I've done this five-hundred times already, Uncle! Why won't you teach me the advanced fire-bending moves?
    Iroh: Because you suck! Now get back to work, you whiny little putz!
  • This scene in Episode 9:
    Iroh: Oy vey, Zuko! You took a lock of that Water Tribe girl's hair?!
    Zuko: Well, yeah! I just wanted a piece of her with me everywhere I went!
    Jun: (Beat) You're a creepy little bastard, aren't ya?
  • Zhao's fantastic line in episode 8: "I went to the Light Yagami school of strategy. I can practically predict the future." And its follow-up later on when things go wrong: "J-Just as planned!"
  • The special, "Zuzu's Date." The whole thing is a consummate CMOF.
    Jin: Let's go back to my place and SCREW LIKE RABBITS!
  • Episode 6:
    Sokka: Alright, time for Sokka to save the day!
    * text appears over town* : Screwed.
  • "When It's Done." Katara sounding like Ahnold in the Terminator (either that or Ren Hoek as the Terminator). That is all.
    Katara: You heard it! I warned him! CRUSHING TIME NOW.
    Aang: No, Katara, wait—!
  • The opening to episode 4. Kung Fu Action Jesuuuuuuuuus! He's fightin the bad guys 'n makin' 'em pay, with magic kung fu he'll save the day, it's kung fu action Jesuuuus! (cue picture of Aang's face with a Jesus beard)
  • "Let me get this straight. You can invent: a tank (caption: invented in 1915), a jet ski (invented in 1973) and A GIGANTIC FREAKING DRILL (20XX), but the concept of a hot air ballon (1783) eluuuuuuuuuuuuudes you."
  • "Holy crap muffins!"
  • 70 years later, a terrorist leader tries his hand at stand-up comedy.
  • From episode 2
    Katara: Aang we're here to save you!
    Aang: Yeah I pretty much took care of that myself but thanks for bringing my bison. You're like a valet!
  • Unrelated to this series but still done by the creator is a parody of a scene from Young Justice, in which Blue Beetle chews out Lagoon Boy for his constant ocean puns... And then realizes he forgot to ask for the way out from the alien he was holding.
  • From Fist of the North Sokka: Hokuto Boomerang Ken! "You Are Already Dead."
  • "Why would we use a catapult when we can shoot fire out of our freaking hands?" "Because I really wanna!"
    • "You'd think he'd have given up after two hours of trying that." "I don't even really have to dodge. He just kinda misses."
  • Jet's neverending resistance against - Them. "They're like the Freemasons, Templars, and Men In Black combined!"