Funny / Ascension

Funny moments from the visual novel Ascension.
Chapter 1
  • The brawl scene with Aida and Jace, while Jace is getting beaten by some thugs.
    Aida: Where did you learn to fight, the zoo?
    Jace: No, they wouldn't take me!
  • Tillie explains to Aida that in order to be accepted by the Eagles, she must act like a bandit.
    Aida: what do I do? Start fights, bully kids, kick ducks and yell really loud?
    Tillie: Precisely...although kicking ducks is not necessary.
  • Aida and Jace are Out-Gambitted by Diego after their attempted stealing of an important document and subsequently thrown into prison. Aida unleashes a Cluster F-Bomb on Jace, berates him for being naive enough to believe that his Diego would care about him being the Sole Survivor of the Knight Order, and them follows up with this gem:
    Aida: "By the old kings!!! This one is alive!!! This must be a miracle! Let's just surrender to him and start worshipping MONKEY BUTTS!!!" !?

Chapter 2
  • Tillie becoming so excited when first seeing Aida in Ildis that she leaves Airdan in the middle of the road and forgets she did so. Also doubles as a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming.
  • Aida threatening an Eagles Mook, and telling him that when she gets her hands on their boss, she'll chop them up into little pieces and such, and will laugh while doing so. She is met with aghast looks from her companions.
    Faelern: Cute...butt?
    Captain Nina: Don't tell me you think "cute butt" was the only disturbing part of that speech...
    Sky:'ll get used to it.
  • Diego declaring that Aida is Valond's princess. Aida and her friends crack up at the idea. Even better, Faelern still has his poker face.

Chapter 3
  • During Tillie's wedding, Aida's companions are all drunk (except for Seena). Especially funny is Sky, who can barely speak coherently. Zander is adorable when he's drunk, and Jace even tries to give him a bro-hug, much to his dismay.
    Aida: time you go all romantic on a girl with your voices and sounds and stuff...leave out the bowel movement.
    • While speaking to Tillie, if you choose the "Cunning" mood option after Tillie explains the history of Ildis miners, Aida spouts a Hurricane of Puns about mining. Tillie isn't amused.
    • If you choose Zander as a Love Interest, during the scene where Aida recovers at camp, Aida and Zander have sex in the tent. While treating Aida's Wound That Will Not Heal, she wonders aloud how Aida managed to burn down there.