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Funny: Arkham Horror
  • Encounter at the bank: "A little old lady stands in front of you in line counting out a bag of pennies to deposit. Lose 1 Sanity."
    • Made even funnier if you think about what it would look like in-universe if you happened to hit 0 from this. This Troper had it happen to him, which immediately resulted in a lot of jokes about surviving three Other Worlds and this was the thing that broke my character.
  • An encounter at the University can result in you giving a guest lecture about the Mythos...only for everyone to conclude you're off your rocker and ship you to Arkham.
  • One of Wendy Adams' abilities, Minor, prevents her from getting a bank loan. However, it does not stop her from becoming the Deputy of Arkham. What makes this even more hilarious is that "Skids" O'Toole has a similar ability, Criminal Record, that does stop him from getting a bank loan or becoming deputy. So we can conclude from this that a homeless little girl is more trustworthy than a former criminal.
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