Funny / Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog

  • The footnote from "Caterkiller's Coming" as Sonic vibrates through the machine.
    Please don't try this at home.
  • Sonic Universe #3: Omega's debut. His first spoken line is a refusal to obey his master.
  • The scene in Sonic Universe Issue 18 where Antoine - while trying to escape from the Battle Bird Armada's island fortress - opens an escape hatch, only to find it opens up onto the edge of a cliff.
    • In the same issue, just to prove that no one will EVER forget the margarine scene from Sonic SatAM - just as Tails is starting to get his rescue plan into action, unaware that Antoine and Bunnie are forging their own plans, we suddenly cut to this:
      Random Bird Mook: And then, I dunno, I guess I'd use a bit of margarine!
      Antoine: Ah, well, you see, zat is ze problem right there! Eet must be butter!
      Random Bird Mook: Really? That makes a difference?
      Antoine: A difference? Ha! Zat is like asking if there is a difference between ze water in your glass and zat which is in ze commode!
      Random Bird Mook: Really? Listen, I've got a friend who's really into cooking! He'd love some pointers. I'll be right back!
    • In the following issue, he, Bunnie, and Tails encounter Dr. Fukurokov and have a little trouble with his name:
      Tails: You can't stop us, Doctor foo... foo-foo...
      Antoine: Coo-foo-craw?
      Bunnie: Foo-coo-clock?
  • And there's Shadow's reaction when Marine tells him that she doesn't know as much about ship building as she let on previously. For several panels, Shadow's expression locks up in one of the most amusing reactions given from a character in the comic.
  • "Snoo- PINGAS usual?!".
    • Also from issue #205: when Tails disables the still-quite-mad Eggman's tortoise-bot, Sonic tries to convince him to come back with them. Eggman then proceeds to spontaneously punch him in the face.
  • In the very first issue, there is a sign on Robotnik's desk which reads "Dr. Robotnik: Supreme Dictator, Industrial Polluter, Megalomaniac, Corrupt Politician, Underhanded Reprobate, Rain Forest Ravager, Puppy Kicker, Oil Spill Coordinator, Holiday Hater, Insurance Salesman. Rights violated while U wait!"
  • Sonic's reaction when Ixis Naugus goes flying through the air while cackling to attack the new Death Egg in issue 225:
    "It's got to be an act. Nobody can be that creepy."
  • In 220, after Feist explains that he didn't stop Geoffrey from double-crossing Sonic because he found it amusing. Sonic replies that it wasn't a problem, then adds under his breath "You creepy, overbearing, ill-tempered, bad-humored, egotistical, badger-panda-giant thing!"
  • In 225, Sonic's reaction to Silver Sonic V3.
  • From SU # 16: Recently exposed as a spy, Espio reveals dirt on Sonic ("The Sneak."), Tails ("Captain Super Fox-Man."), and Sally. ("The location of your royal birthmark.")
    • The first two reveals are made better by the smug grin Espio has.
    • Later on in the issue, when Espio is told to go back to his station on Angel Island, he reacts with a joyous outburst before going back to his calm demeanor that he had before that.
      Espio (after being told to return to Angel Island and act as he sees fit): *grinning hugely* Really?! I can?! I—you—-just— YES! Thank you, Mo— *clears throat, with an "ahem" sound effect* Master. Please excuse my outburst.
  • From the Knuckles the Echidna mini-series: A starving Knuckles attempts to eat Archimedes.
  • Sonic Universe #22. Between Omega, Cream, and Bean, the whole issue is hilarious. The crowner, however, has to be Omega experiencing Love at First Punch... with Blaze.
    "I like you. Let us burn things together!"
    • And later in the same arc, Blaze defuses one of Bean's bombs, leading him to a long, mournful eulogy about how it "died", and naming it. Then Blaze reignites it.
      Bean: J.K., you came back! *bomb explodes* (happily) I can't feel my hands!
  • In 230, Eggman's reaction to Operation Clean Sweep's failure... followed by his recovery.
  • Mephiles the Dark's cameo in Sonic Universe #29. As the being who spent his video game appearance juggling his time between trying to drive Shadow insane and causing the absolute destruction of reality itself (among other things), one can't help but chuckle at his reaction to Scourge verbally abusing Fiona Fox in a prison cafeteria.
    Mephiles: (to Void) Dude, that guy really needs to lighten up.
    • The following issue, with creepy Flying Frog, leaving Scourge to comment that he makes Rosy look cuddly.
  • As Silver tries to fight Enerjak in an alternate past in SU 27 he tries to think about what kind of advice his mentors would give him. Cue visions of his mentor and Edmund.
    Vision of Edmund: Get up you lazy cuss! Kid's today, honestly...
    Vision of Silver's Mentor: Your power is your spirit, and thus the power lives in you.
    Silver: Great. Either cranky or cryptic.
  • The framing device in one Sonic Kids story is present-Sonic telling a bunch of kids how Tails got his sneakers. After the story, which involved stopping Robotnik from using a time-stopping device on the forest, Sonic discovers that kids fell asleep!
  • After Sonic argues with Knuckles:
    Tails: Sonic! Glad I found you. Where were you?
    Sonic: Oh, just watching Knuckles be useless.
  • Geoffrey's description of Naugus in 233:
    "My master is about as subtle as a brick."
    (cue to Naugus' sneer)
  • Sonic Universe issue 37 has a few gems, including Lien-Da complaining about being teleported along with the other Grandmasters, despite being right down the hall from the conference room, and Eggman realizing that Orbot and Cubot have been serving tea and snacks while he's been monologuing.
    • Also, Eggman declares he intends to reward Lien-Da for her loyalty. She's as shocked at the news as everyone else.
    • Even better when Orbot and Cubot ruin Eggman's speech about having complete control over them by handing out tea and cookies to everyone. Including the cyborg ninja queen.
  • Some of the Off Panel comics. For example, Mecha Sonic marrying Mecha Sally, with Sonic screaming for another universe reboot. Even funnier when, in a later issue, a fan-submitted comic follows the same events, but with Sonic roboticising himself for Sally.
  • The majority of 195. As the battle against Scourge continues, more and more hedgehogs start showing up, each time spurring another hilarious moment, starting with Shadow.
    Sonic (Explaining the situation to Shadow): He (Scourge) conquered this world and then tried to invade Mobius. Since you're here, do you want to help beat him up?
    Shadow: ...Sure.
    Scourge: Dude! Weak!
    • A new Metal Sonic then appears to even the sides, then Rob and Silver appear and Amy brings her fight with Rosy over. Mass chaos ensues. All the while, Silver is trying to figure out which one is Sonic. Since everyone is busy fighting, he grows increasingly irritated and eventually holds everyone in place, demanding to know which one is Sonic.
      Silver: I've journeyed from the future to find this "Sonic" and destroy him.
      Sonic and Scourge (pointing at each other): He is.
      Scourge: You coward.
      Sonic: Okay, it's a technicality, but still...
    • Sonic joking about how similar he finds Amy and her Axe-Crazy counterpart Rosy. Amy sweetly threatens to smash him before Rosy can.
  • Cream's outburst when Team Hooligan has Cheese in SU #22.
    Cream: You put Cheese down this instant! How dare you kidnap Cheese! Don't hold him by the wings like that! Do you know how sensitive they are? And give back Ms.Blaze's Sol Emerald! We have worked very hard to get that back for her, you know! This whole day has been nothing but rough-housing and rude people and I simply will not tolerate it!
    Nack: Criminy, kid...
  • The string of misfortunes Larry causes in SU #44 to keep the council from ratifying the new constitution under Nagus' influence. Hamlin's reactions alone sell it.
  • From way back, issue #119 has Rotor trying to hack Nicole's system to discover her origins (Future Rotor, incidentally). Entirely through monitor displays:
    Rotor: Where did you come from?
    Nicole: Not gonna happen.
    Rotor: Who designed you?
    Nicole: Sorry, try again.
    Rotor: Awwww... Come on, Nicole.
    Nicole: *XP face*
    • Then at the end of the comic, Nicole's security inspires Rotor to upgrade his own...
      Eggman: Do I gain access to that lunkhead Rotor's computer database in Knothole Village? Of course not! His security system isn't just an ego smasher... *shows his monitor with Nicole's XP face*'s downright rude!
  • In the promotional comic for Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed, as Eggman announces his threats to each of the other racers (destroying Sonic, taking control of the moonstones, etc) he turns to Beat and tells him that his evil plan for Tokyo-to is... to bring order to it and keep gangs off the streets.
    • As well as turn Aiai's banana horde into smoothies for himself.
    • And as they race, when Eggman's missiles destroy the bridge:
      Eggman: Sorry, Sonic! You're too slow!
      Sonic: Oh, no he didn't.
  • On the final page of Sonic The Hedgehog #247, the Genesis Wave gets used again, setting up the Crossover with Mega Man. The "Off Panel" cartoon riffs on it. Standing by a sign reading "Crossover Next Exit", Silver is embarrassed as Sonic remarks, "Oh come on! A Genesis Wave and Sally cliffhanger again?!". Dr. Eggman is carrying Mecha-Sally and sticking out his tongue going "neener-neener-neener!"
  • The "Off Panel" for Sonic Universe #52 has Sonic and Mega Man preparing to face down the Genesis Unit from Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Sonic kinda snaps at the mentioning of the Genesis.
    Sonic: "The Console Wars are never over! This is for the Saturn! Remember the Dreamcast!"
    Mega Man: "Aah! Cut it out! I'm multi-platform!"
  • This line from Sonic Universe #22 where Blaze just forced Team Hooligan to crash:
    Bean: "Like candy from a baby," you said. What nursery did you come from, pal?!
  • The cover of Sonic Universe #23. Cream and Cheese dressed up like tough bikers is funny enough, but Shadow facepalming in the background just sells it.
  • In Sonic #252, Sonic's busy trying to understand how he's back in New Mobotropolis with Tails Doll's monstrous form attacking. When Sonic mentions rescuing Sally on the Death Egg and Tails counters with rescuing King Acorn, the footnote responds STH#... wait a minute...
    • The Off-Panel comic in the same issue. Sonic is relieved to get back to his storyline, realizes he's coming back to King Naugus, Mecha Sally, coma-ed Antoine and an uncertain fated Bunnie... and quickly decides to call Rock back to go stay at his house for the rest of the issue.
  • The "Off Panel" for Sonic #254. Sonic has another memory restored... and he remembers he left the iron on.
    • Additionally from 254, Eggman busting through the GUN aircraft carrier on a cobbled together Egg Walker in a manner identical to the Weapons Bed stage from Sonic Adventure 2. What makes it a moment of funny instead of just awesome is that he finishes the nostalgic scene by quoting his A-Rank statement from said game to Orbot and Cubot.
      Eggman: "And now you know why I am the best!"
  • The "Off Panel" for Sonic #258 and Professor Pickle's love interest being MAMA ROBOTNIK
  • In "Worlds Collide", when Vector is sapped, the conversation...
    Tails: Vector's traits are being strong, loud and, uh... owing money. What kind of weapon would he give you?
    Mega Man: We're about to find out!
    (Mega Man fires the Accoustic Blaster - a musical ray that makes a Death Metal screech. It's specifically used to floor Charmy - who is ironically the one who most annoys Vector)
    • Everybody's reactions to being deroboticised.
  • Alan Quail in Sonic Universe 47. As per his character he sings a merry tune while in the middle of a prison break "In the deepest darkest cells, The flames of hope shone bright! Their spirits— Never truly broken, rose up to join the fight!" When his teammate, Munch Rat, tells him to get serious he sings in response: "Amid the desperation, One man brought some Levity— which in truth — was just a front for he knew the situation's gravity! AND A HEY *bashes a mook's head in with his cittern* NONNY *bashes another mook's head in* NONNY! *spin attacks taking out four mooks at once... then resumes playing*
    • Munch Rat: Show off.
  • Charmy's ADHD in Sonic Universe 63.
    Charmy: I thought that was the police. Wait, are we the police now? I WANNA DONUT! I— (gets cut off by Vector's hand)
  • In Sonic Universe #64, Nack calls for Bean to cover their escape, which he does by (of course) tossing a bunch of bombs while shouting "NINJA VANISH!" This prompts Espio to yell "THAT IS NOT HOW NINJA VANISH!"
  • Sonic Universe #67 and Omega obliterating that blasted barrel from Sonic the Hedgehog 3's Carnival Night Zone
  • A moment occurs between Knuckles and Shadow where, during a fight, they get knocked into a river. They both try to help each other from drowning, stop to catch their breathe once they get back on land, and then promptly continue their fight.
  • A quick moment the end of "Total Eclipse", after the Master Emerald is shattered. Before Knuckles sets off to fix things, he asks a favor of Rouge. What he says sums up his frustration towards the day (particularly Shadow) in four words.
    Knuckles: Hey, Rouge? Tell Shadow... that he's a jerk.
    Rouge: *Bursts out laughing*
    • This moment would later be called back in "Shattered".
    Shadow: ...He called me a jerk.
    Knuckles: Yeah.. well... you are.
  • Sonic Universe #72's "Match-marker" variant cover, with Sonic panicking as Amy blows a kiss at him, Big looking confused and Omega winking and giving a thumbs up as a line's drawn to Blaze, calling back to his crush in "Treasure Team Tango".
  • From "Mobius 25 Years Later", doubling as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Mina:
    Mina: (to some mooks tying up an unconscious Tails) And now for a little number I like to call: "Let go of my husband and I'll go easy on you"!
  • Sonic's reaction of having to go underwater during Waves Of Change:
    Sonic: Hate Water! Hate Water! Can't Swim! Hate All Those Water Logged Zones! Hated Fighting Chaos -- He Was Made Of Water! Hate Water! Hate Water!
  • This heart to heart between Amy Rose & Coral the Betta:
    Amy: I don't know a thing about Chao raising, makes me wish we'd brought Cream along...
    Coral: What good would Cream do us?
    Amy: No, not like that. Cream's a friend of mine — She loves Chao; You two would get along great. Actually, speaking of our friends, we could have used Tails to fly though the holes in the ceiling here instead of swimming.
    Coral: You... Fly... With your tails?
    Amy: Never mind. Maybe I can introduce you all later.
  • Sonic #268 and Amy and Honey meeting for the first time. Amy just utterly geeks out at Honey's presence.
    • Following that, when Tails explains that they need the Chaos Emerald to save the world, she promises to give it to them if she wins....
    Honey: And in return, the Freedom Fighters will help promote my next line, riiiiiiiiiight?
    Tails: ...I only wear shoes, socks and gloves.
    Honey: You can accessorize.
    • Really, it's the catty/opportunistic/mischievous look on her face that sells it.
    • Then after Tails loses to Honey, he's shown wearing a comically large bow tie with a grumpy expression on his face.
    • Espio gives Vector a sitrep on a payphone, but warns he only has a minute. When Vector questions what happened to his five dollars in quarters, Espio can only voice his suspicion that the slots are rigged.
    • When the Hooligans realize the Freedom Fighters are competing, Nack dissuades Bean from immediately warning Eggman about it, telling him to think of their professional pride. Bean's response?
    Bean: We still have that?!
    Nack: Shut up.
  • Sonic #269 covers the beginning of the tournament proper, and one of the match-ups is Honey the Cat vs Tails. This being a televised event, the Freedom Fighters are watching on TV. When Honey pulls a fast one to win the match ("Look out! Rogue wave!" before sucker-punching Tails), the one who flips out at the cheap trick? Probably the last person on the team you'd expect...
    Cream: (Shouting furiously) THAT'S CHEATING!!
    • A small one, but during Knuckles` fight with Bark you get a glimpse of the rest of the cast as they watch the tournament, including Team Dark. Rouge & Omega are excited and Shadow... is pouting. Especially funny since a bowl of Popcorn fell on his head and he keeps the same expression.
  • Sonic #270's "Off-Panel" gives us "What if Champions were the manliest of anime?"... which has Sonic as Kenshiro and Knuckles as Jotaro. Even funnier is the roaring "MUDAMUDAMUDA!" and "ORAORAORA!" screams leaving the editor box confused.
    • After each match, we see Razor gleefully collecting on a bet, first against Captain Striker, then King Puff (at which Queen Angelica can be seen facepalming). Then Knuckles beats Nack, forcing the shark to fork over all of his winnings... to Pearly.
    • Vector scolding Espio on his loss to Bean...through a collect call.
    Operator: You have a collect call from—
    Vector: It's Vector!!! Don't accept the charges we can't afford it but HOW YOU COULD YOU LOSE TO THAT DUCK I THOUGHT YOU WERE A NINJA?!
  • At the end of issue #271, Chip, after learning that the Freedom Fighters are going to help him with his mission, happily asks if anything is going wrong at this point. Cue Sonic going Werehog in front of him and Knuckles.
    Sonic: Um, so... I have this condition...
  • Sonic Universe #75 has Sonic return from the volcanic world he chased Metal Sonic into, Chaos Emerald in hand. Amy leaps into his arms... then recoils away as he realizes he smells like a chimney. He uses that opportunity to tease Amy, with Amy telling him she'll get back to her own antics once he's taken a shower.
  • Sonic Universe: 30 Years Later, part 1 has this gem when the Dark Presence are going to strike the Five Years Of Peace celebration. There's even an audio dub on Youtube.
    Random Echidna 1: Team B here, setting up. (as a hotdog stand?)
    Random Echidna 2: Team D is set. Poor visibility. (selling balloons?)
    Random Echidna 3: Team A, checking in. We're setting up. (On the skyscraper top... that's a bit more reasonable...)
    Random Echidna 4: (in a traffic jam) Team C here. Not going to make it! (Bad luck!)
  • Issue 281 has this exchange after the Freedom Fighters meet their old friend Dulcy the Dragon:
    Sonic: Remember back then 'Twain? Those were good times.
    Antonine: (deadpan) I am remembering her sneezing and setting my hair on fire.
    Sonic: Good times.
  • The "& Knuckles" variant cover of Sonic Universe #89 has Knuckles, with a borderline Slasher Smile on his face, playing a crane game with the Chaotix trio as the prizes. The trio is understandably panicking, holding on for dear life with hilarious expressions on their faces. Also, Espio is seen yelling "Why am I connected to the bee?!".
  • The one-shot Sonic Mega Drive is chock-full of funny moments. In order:
    • This gem.
    • Tails complaining about Sonic's weight.
    • Anything to do with Knuckles. Including:
      • His face when he's first revealed for the first time.
      • The flashback between Knuckles and Eggman- in particular, the childish drawings that look like they came out of End of Evangelion.
      • The smug look on Knux's face after said flashback ends.
      • The look on Knuckles' face when he realized he was duped yet again. And then...
    • Doctor Eggman's death trap involves him chasing Sonic, Tails, Amy and Knuckles down a collapsing pit... until his Egg-mobile gets wedged between the walls.
    Doctor Eggman: (as the very angry team glower at him) Now let's take a moment and be calm, rational people about this...
    (several seconds of painful pummelling ensue)
    Doctor Eggman: S-savages...
    • As they fall down the death-trap, Sonic holds Amy, who has a look of absolute glee on her face.
    • Finally, the Off-Panel, which uncovers how the title Sonic 3 & Knuckles came to be.
  • In Issue #153, Dr. Eggman hires Nack The Weasel to assassinate Mina Mongoose. Why? Because he listened to one of her songs, hated it, but couldn't get it out of his head.
  • A touch of Black Comedy, but, with the series' cancellation, the very last thing to happen in the comic chronologically was... the Chaotix not getting paid for a job.
  • In issue #262, Pearly the Manta confesses to Amy Rose that she hates having to work with her shrine's resident Chao, because she thinks they're some of the creepiest critters around. Amy is, appropriately, dumbfounded by the revelation.