Funny / Arby 'n' the Chief

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     Season 1 
  • All 6 episodes.
  • Episode 4 "Melee" where Chief overreacts greatly to losing to Arbiter because of Halo 3's Melee system.
    • When getting on the computer to write an angry e-mail to Bungie, Chief deletes the shortcut to Firefox for no apparent reason before opening Internet Explorer.

     Season 2 
  • Chief displays a complete lack of knowledge as to how condoms are used, proposing that him and Arbiter blow them up like balloons, and later fitting a condom over his entire body while "cybering".
"Newcomers" "Cortana"
  • Todd and Cortana spend some time with each other with a jealous Chief watching.
    Cortana I'm a girl gamer living with an alien, and a sexist, mentally defective homophobe who's daily activities consist of going on "" and watching porn.
    Chief wtf sh3 caled me an alein DUM BITCH.
"Conflict, Pt. 1"
  • Everything about xXxSm0k3w33d4LyPh3420xXx.
"Conflict, Pt. 2"

     Season 3 
  • The climax of Episode 14, "Wedding".
  • The scenes with Josh Butterballs in "Cheater" (Episode 8) , and "Evil" (Episode 12).

     Season 4 
  • One word: Oops.
  • Swan dive!

     Season 5 

     Season 6 

     Season 7 

  • The beginning of "A Scientific Fax" where Chief rejoices about the announcement of Halo 4.
  • That shit is so esey. I culd gets all thoes badgers in liek a minits. Just using my ass. Blind foldid. Upsied downs. Evin if I was on fiers. And atacked by bears and rapters. Whiel I was sl33ping. Undar Watar. In spaes. LOL.
  • When a fan asks how the hell Arbiter and Chief are filming themselves without holding the camera, Arbiter attempts to Hand Wave it away by claiming that they use a sophisticated pulley system. Chief asks what the hell he's talking about and points out that Jon is currently filming them.
    • Jon gives him a middle finger in response.