Funny / Ar Tonelico 3

  • Saki's song at the DFP in Phase 1.
  • This exchange in one of Finnel's Cosmosphere levels. It Makes Sense in Context.
    Aoto: "...Hey, can you do me a favor?"
    Soma: "I'll be mad if it's a lame favor."
    Aoto: "...Kill me!"
    Soma: *Without missing a beat* "Gladly!"
  • Tyria's instances of her Cloud Cuckoolander nature.
  • Finnel's Level 4 because it's a parody of old school fantasy RPG.
  • Saki's picture book fairy tale tells about the story of the brave warrior in his quest to defeat the evil demon lord. It's so cliche... until you see the ending.
    Saki: And!......The brave warrior and the demon lord fell in love with each other and lived Happily Ever After!
    Aoto: Hey! What the—!
    • Referenced constantly, with Aoto asking her of story about the "Warrior and the Gay Overlord."
      Saki: The overlord is not gay! That's offensive to gay people!"
  • Mute herself is a walking Crowning Momentof Funny, but one of her highlights would be the marriage scene in Finnel's Lv. 3 Cosmosphere, and the consequences to choosing the "bad ending" in it:
    Saki: Please don't embarrass me! See, our child has grown this big.
    Aoto: W-wait! Our child...! That just happened last night, right!?
    Mute: Papaaa!!
  • Download the "Tsundere" DLC pack for Harvestasha and you'll never take this scene seriously ever again.
    • Her "Ultra M" DLC qualifies as well. She gets really excited when Cocona goes on an insult barrage.

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