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Funny: Apocalypto
  • When the Mayans are chasing Jaguar Paw through the jungle, he dives off of a waterfall and stops to deliver a truly epic Badass Boast. The Mayans are too stunned to react for a moment, then follow him down. We are then treated to a close up of Jaguar Paw's face and ensuing eye twitch.
  • One of the Mayans is mauled by a jaguar. Middle Eye and another man are crouching over his body.
    Mayan: *picks the dead man's necklace up and turns it over in his hands*
    Middle Eye: *snatches necklace out of his hands, stuffs it in his pouch* "He would have wanted me to have it."
  • The whole scene in the beginning with Flint Sky, Jaguar Paw, and the other hunters. Tricking one of his hunters into eating the tapir's balls, calling him ball breath, and all of them laughing about it together. Also a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming before a major Mood Whiplash.
  • Also the old woman who nags and nags Blunt about not being able to give her a grandchild.
  • The special appearance by Waldo in the theatrical cut. Tasteless? Yup. Funny anyway? ...Yup.

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