Funny / Anno Domini

  • In Anno 1404: Venice you sometime get quests that require you to destroy Corsair Ships. By that point however you are more often than not allied with the Corsairs which makes it impossible to attack their ships. Solution? Buy the Letters of Mark, which you can get ONLY from the Corsair leader, Hassan ben Sahid.
  • Also in 1404, there are the Hilarious Outtakes Credits, featuring all the 3d character sprites and their VA's messing around and generally pretending to be Classically Trained 3d Sprites employed by the developers to star in this particular game.
    • For instance, there is the Smug Snake and Severus Snape-lookalike Guy Forcas, painfully trying to explain that he is actually a really nice guy with a loving family in 'real life'.
    • Then there is the Sultan's bearded advisor Al Zahir pretending to be Father Christmas before complaining about all the fake beard hair in his mouth.
    • Or the cold and calculative assassin leader, proudly demonstrating his full facial acting potential.
    • Your best friend and imperial advisor Lord Northburg fretfully complaining about how he has to look out his little window every few seconds, just to explain to the player that the hemp for the corderies is not there for smoking.
    • Resident Church Militant Marie D'Artois putting on her most angelic Wide-Eyed Idealist voice, praising this game as a 'heavenly exerience for young and old', before quickly going deadpan and asking, "So? Was that enough?"
    • Hassan ben Sahid, the scourge of your waters, giddily asking the makeup guys to re-paint all his tattoos and adjust the fake piercings once more.
    • Wanna-be poet Leif Jorgensen explaining that he wasn't offended at all while playing the part of an utterly talentless individual, and explains that he thankfully isn't one in 'real life'.
  • In 2070, if you actually manage to beat the long and Nintendo Hard mission "Power Games", E.V.E. will comment of your success in a fashion that usually separates from her usual monotone voice (which also doubles as a CMoA):
    Opportunity protocol 74.1 successfully completed. Total control over the sector achieved. Activating self-congratulatory tone: "Haha! Nobody will challenge me again in a hurry!"