!!Animator Vs. Animation 1
* How does the animator end the fight? [[spoiler:By simply closing the document without saving.]]
!!Animator Vs. Animation 2
* The Chosen One [[spoiler:killing AIM by throwing the open AIM window at him, right before the Animator is about to be told how to defeat his creation]].
* The Animator [[spoiler:defeating the Chosen One by using avast!.]]
!!Animator Vs. Animation 3
* The Animator smacking the Chosen One aside in Microsoft Word with a over-sized "POW!"
* The Dark Lord getting thrown into a Minesweeper game and tries to carefully tread his way out. The Chosen One blew the whole thing up by throwing Firefox into it.
* The Animator trying to finish his game of Solitaire while the Dark Lord and Chosen One fight, not noticing them deciding to team up against him.
** Earlier, he tries to continue the game while the Chosen One and Dark Lord are fighting within it. As they start blowing up his cards, he simply starts a new game right as The Chosen One is about to hit The Dark Lord with a card, causing the card to vanish and prompting The Dark Lord to just punch him. Then he drags them outside the game window--just dropping The Chosen One and carefully placing down The Dark Lord--like a parent telling his children to take their fight outside.
* When Clippy asks to help against the animation, [[TakeThatScrappy the mouse hovers over no for a brief second]].
!!Animator Vs. Animation 4
* In a way, it's kind of funny how [[spoiler:the Animator revives the Second Coming's closed friends: ''he refreshes the page'']], and there they all are, casually playing cards.
-->when do we start?
* When faced with the prospect of leaving their window for the first time after The Second Coming broke in, all the fighting stick figures attempt to shove each other out as if they're saying "You first!" "No, you first!" until they all end up falling over. The Second Coming looks exasperated as he approaches the hole and just casually jumps out of it.
!!Animation Vs. Minecraft
* When the stick figures are essentially playing Minecraft Creative Mode at the beginning, Blue tries growing plants with bonemeal, and ends up getting launched into the air by a rapidly growing jungle tree.
* A Creeper [[StealthHiBye sneaks up on the stick figures.]] [[DelayedOhCrap They take a few seconds to react and only do so when the Creeper is about to blow up.]]
** Made better by the fact that the Creeper ends up standing right in front of Yellow, [[FailedASpotCheck yet Yellow doesn't notice it any sooner than the others.]]
* The way the Minecraft block passes from figure to figure:
** The Second Coming willingly gives it to Green so he can try it, only for Green to run off with it.
** Blue sneaks up from behind Green and grabs it while The Second Coming is shaking Green's hand.
** Yellow ''leaps over Blue's head from offscreen'' and grabs the block while Blue was holding it up.
!!Animation vs. Youtube
* A bit of Fridge Humor with the fact that the original "Animator vs. Animation" being played by the Youtube face means that it was tagged as one of the best videos on Youtube. Consider that the playlist being used was compiled by Alan himself.
* When the "Drag Vac" ad appears, Website/YouTube {{Facepalm}}s, Green [[{{Headdesk}} bangs his head against the ground]], and the Second Coming's gestures just scream [[YouHaveGotToBeKiddingMe "Are you kidding me?!"]]. [[ATruceWhileWeGawk None of them use this interruption to their advantage in the battle.]]
* One of the videos [=YouTube=] attacks with is a seemingly calm clip of a giant panda and her cub. After some momentary bemusement, the stick figures proceed with caution... then the baby panda sneezes, causing the mother to flinch and trip up the stick figures once again.
* At one point Youtube starts up a VideoGame/StepMania video. There is a slight beat before the arrows come up dragging the sticks to the top of the screen.
* [[spoiler: After the other stick figures enter following Website/YouTube's defeat, once they confirm Green and the Second Coming are OK, Blue refreshes the page and Red begins scrolling through the playlist. Cue Green and the Second Coming [[ScrewThisImOuttaHere getting up and bolting out of the room]], to everyone else's confusion.]]
* Even if Green and The Second Coming seem pretty distressed, [[spoiler:it's hard not to at least chuckle at Youtube literally celebrating refreshing its webpage by playing several videos of people cheering, including the MemeticMutation "Numa Numa" song.]]
* If you type in the URL that appears at the top when [[spoiler:Green uploads himself as a video]], you'll see that [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Z9qOlZFn8Y said video actually exists,]] but it's unlisted. It consists of Green struggling around in the [=YouTube=] player for several minutes, and at one point pulling out a phone and [[BeyondTheImpossible watching the very video he's in at that moment.]]
!!The Rediscovery
* [[spoiler: After the other stick figures have set up some failsafes so they can quickly neutralize Red should he go BrainwashedAndCrazy again, they give him the Minecraft icon and run for cover. He spazzes out for a few seconds, scrolls through the inventory in the same posture he did when he was brainwashed(this almost gets him shot by Yellow), lands on a spawn egg, holds it up while everyone braces themselves...[[AntiClimax and spawns harmless rabbits.]] Cue everyone standing there stunned and Blue [[DopeSlap whacking a way too proud Red upside the head with his diamond helmet.]]]]
!!The Building Contest
* Red's IncrediblyLamePun with his entry. [[spoiler: The excavator that they're challenged to build is labeled "CAT", so he spawns a cat on the arm.]]
* After Green wins and everyone's applauding him, [[SoreLoser Blue pulls out some TNT and lets Yellow light it so he can throw it at Green's structure.]] Green notices [[OhCrap and dives for it]] seconds before it explodes, which it does just as the episode ends.
!!The Roller Coaster
* The whole video becomes a laugh riot if [[FunWithSubtitles subtitles]] are turned on. Highlights include a PublicServiceAnnouncement not to dig straight down in Minecraft, a random TakeThat at Donald Trump, Yellow being a bit of a LargeHam at the beginning, and [[spoiler:a casual "ded" when the stick figures plummet out of sight instead of making the jump]] at the end. Sadly, the subtitles seem to have been changed to be more mundane.
* At the very start, when Yellow is playing around with a pressure plate, he breaks a trapdoor and accidentally breaks a block below it, damaging the interface. He promptly panics and tries to cover it up with black wool before [[ActingUnnatural innocently walking away.]]
* The Second Coming trying to chicken out of riding the titular roller coaster.
* The entire "Superpig" segment. It's basically two and a half minutes of the stick figures getting their behinds handed to them by a pig under the influence of almost every positive potion effect ever.[[note]]Specifically: [[TheJuggernaut Strength, Speed, Absorption, Resistance, Health Boost, Jump Boost, Regeneration, Fire Resistance, Night Vision, and Luck. All at level II.]][[/note]]
* The timing makes this bit:
-->'''Yellow(Subtitles):''' ''(Talking to Green and the Second Coming around a campfire)'' So the guy was like, look behind ya\\
''(Superpig comes from behind him and destroys everything)''
** For bonus points, the Second Coming was facing in the direction that Superpig was coming from, but [[FailedASpotCheck either didn't see it coming]] or didn't think to warn Green and Yellow. He also tries to swing at it with a diamond sword and [[NoSell it does absolutely jack squat]].
!!Note Blocks
* The RevealShot that while all the other stick figures were having a Note Block jam session, the Second Coming [[spoiler:was just trying to get some sleep]].
** Bonus points: If you look in the lower right corner when the Volume window is open, you can see that [[spoiler:it's just past 3:30 AM. Makes you wonder why the Second Coming was the only one sleeping.]]
** When the Second Coming silences the session by turning the computer's volume down to zero, once he heads back inside, [[spoiler:Blue turns it back up to ''100'' (it started at 50). Green then gives a couple seconds for the Second Coming to let his guard down before [[SensoryAbuse signalling for the others to resume playing, which actually knocks the Second Coming off of his bed.]] All the Second Coming can do in response is pull the bed on top of him.]]
!!Command Blocks
* Yellow teases Red with a hard-to-get cake, repeatedly teleporting it away from him and vice-versa. Red finally gets a whole pile of cakes from a dispenser, and Yellow is about to [[YankTheDogsChain turn them all into rotten flesh]] when Red catches on.
* In the midst of that, Red sees an armor stand waving at him and it doesn't even phase him. He even waves back!
* The way [[WorldOfChaos everything goes to crap]] after a lightning bolt hits a command block, eventually causing the entire pile of blocks to malfunction. Among the highlights are a giant zombie, a TNT block exploding into baby sheep, [[MythologyGag an upside down rainbow sheep]], chickens pouring out of Green's head, and a creeper riding a bat.
* The ending. [[spoiler:After being killed, Green respawns back in the browser window he came from way back in [=AvA4=]. He climbs out and closes the window, revealing that the other stick figures are holding a funeral for him. He climbs up and surprises them... and they freak out and kill him again.]]