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[[AC:Yakko, Wakko and Dot]]
* "[[SpoofAesop The Wheel of Morality]] [[ExecutiveMeddling adds boring educational value]] to what would otherwise be an almost entirely entertaining program!"
** "It's that time again!" "[[TakeThat To make fun of the]] Creator/DisneyChannel?"
*** [[ThinkOfTheCensors "To make the Fox censors cry?"]]
* "The Big Candy Store", during the climax. The [[ItMakesSenseInContext nun, who was rather rudely kicked out by Mr. Flaxseed, the store owner for asking him for charity, returns to find Flaxseed in the middle of abusing Yakko, Wakko and Dot.]] [[BerserkButton This does NOT sit well with the nun,]] who calls for backup in the form of her justifiably angry convent, who begin bearing down on Flaxseed with yard sticks. Flaxseed tries to get out of it by interjecting with the fact [[LogicBomb that nuns can't resort to violence.]] Stopped in their tracks, the [[VillainHasAPoint lead nun stops the others.]] It then leads [[TakeAThirdOption to this:]]
-->'''Nun #1''': He's right girls, let's pray.
-->''(The nuns huddle together and pray furiously)''
-->''(Cut to outside Flaxseed's candy shop, where [[StealthPun a bus for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish pulls outside]] and the entire team, including the cheerleaders, pile out to give Flaxseed one hell of a beatdown.)''
* Remember during the Beauty and the Beast episode when they were lost in the woods? Funnier if you're aware of the political environment during the time it was made.[[note]]Aired September 7, 1996, about two months until the Presidential Election.[[/note]]
--> '''Wakko (looking at what is presumed to be a map):''' According to this we've lost our way.\\
'''Yakko (taking the map):''' This isn't a map. It's a flyer for the Republican Party!\\
'''Wakko:''' "Lost our way as a country," that is.
** Earlier in the same short, we had Yakko, Wakko and Dot trying to introduce themselves to the audience... only for Dot to fail to say her full name correctly four times in a row, in a set of [[HilariousOuttakes 'out-takes']], until she eventually snaps and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xMXNFo92ls begins cussing angrily.]]
---> '''Yakko''': That's my cute little sister who said that! [[CatchPhrase Good night, everybody!]]
** Dot chewing out Wakko for [[MediumAwareness "P-popping" into the mic]]:
--->"Oh, '''[[IResembleThatRemark P]]'''[[IResembleThatRemark oo!]] I ''never'' '''P'''op my '''P''''s!"
** In the same episode, Dot telling Yakko off with, "Well, pardon me, Mr. United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama!"
** The ending credits gag of this episode. The Warners finish up their sign off to the viewers, the lights fade out and the credits begin rolling. However, as the credits are appearing on the screen, the Warners are still seen (as silhouettes) and can be heard making complaints about the shows staff and how tiring it is to work for the network, before realizing they left the mics on. While the show is not the only one to use this sort of gag, the execution is done perfectly, with the Warner's shedding their childish demeanor and actually sounding quite adult and real, and having good banter. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7262bUF4jiU Here.]]
* Also an example of GettingCrapPastTheRadar, the episode with the teacher.
--> '''Ms. Flamiel''': Yakko, can you conjugate?
--> '''Yakko''': Who me? I've never even ''kissed'' a girl.
--> '''Ms. Flamiel''': No, no, no, it's easy. I'll conjugate with you.
--> '''Yakko''': Goodnight everybody!
--> '''Ms. Flamiel''': You don't understand. Let me go to the board and show you.
--> '''Yakko''': (To the audience) Don't look.
** And it gets taken even further in other places.
---> '''Yakko''': ''(as a detective)'' Number One Sister, dust for prints!
---> '''Dot''': I found Music/{{Prince}}! ''(Carries the singer.)''
---> '''Yakko''': No, no, no. ''Finger''prints!
---> '''Dot''': ''(looks at Prince, who grins)'' I don't think so. ''(throws him out the window)''
* "King Yakko"
** Basically, ''Film/DuckSoup'' updated for the 90s.
** "Polka Dot?" (Cue Dot with polka music)
*** -->'''Dot''': [[RuleOfThree Not]] ''[[RuleOfThree again!]]'' ''(cue Dot involving EVERYONE in immediate area in polka dance)''
** From that same episode:
--->'''Umlatt:''' No, no! This is the uniform of a great man!\\
'''Yakko:''' Does he know you're wearing it?\\
'''Umlatt:''' I am Umlatt of Donlikus, and I am here to demand you surrender Anvilania to me! I give you 24 hours to vacate!\\
'''Yakko:''' Vacation already? This is only my first day on the job!\\
'''Umlatt:''' I ''demand'' your surrender!\\
'''Yakko:''' I will not surrender! ''You'' surrender!\\
'''Umlatt:''' Me, surrender?\\
'''Yakko:''' Okay, I accept. Hand over the keys to your castle.\\
'''Umlatt:''' Don't be ridiculous! I'll go to war before I surrender!\\
'''Yakko:''' Well go ahead, and don't you come back until you've learned some manners, young man!\\
'''Umlatt:''' Very well, you silly child! ''[throwing his hands into the air]'' This means war!\\
'''Yakko:''' I thought that meant touchdown?
** "Get that camera out of my mouth!"
** The "Anvilanian Family Tree" song and "Perry Coma" are two of the series' best musical gags.
* Inevitably and hilariously, the Warner siblings wound up crossing paths with a certain well-known purple dinosaur in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbW9t2baflc Baloney & Kids]].
--> '''Wakko:''' Are we being punished?
--> '''Dot & Yakko:''' ''Yes.''
* From "Papers for Papa":
-->'''Creator/ErnestHemingway''': ''[talking in a woman's voice]'' Who is it?\\
'''Dot:''' Pushpen Office Supply delivery for... Mr. Ernest Hemingway.\\
'''Hemingway:''' Mr. Hemingway isn't here right now. This is, uh, Alice B. Toklas.\\
'''Warners:''' No you're not.\\
'''Hemingway:''' Yes I am.\\
''[Camera zooms out to show the Warners standing right behind him.]''\\
'''Warners:''' No you're not.\\
'''Hemingway:''' ''[in his normal voice]'' Daah!\\
'''Yakko:''' You can't fool us. Alice B. Toklas doesn't live here anymore!
** Hemingway's breakdown earlier also makes me laugh.
* Pavarotti + [[Film/CloseEncountersOfTheThirdKind Close encounters]] + WesternAnimation/{{Animaniacs}}? Funny? Definitely. Awesome? That too.
* Mr Director (the Jerry Lewis-esque director) pretty much anytime he appears, especially in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmHIyaQ0fgo the first episode with him.]] "Ohhhh I LOVE these kids, they's so funny, nice kids that look like puppies! Flammeil!" Not to mention the Warners "WTF?" reaction to Mr Directors behavior, and their increasingly desperate attempts at getting away from him. Thats right, there is a person who is so zany and over the top that even the Warner siblings are afraid of him.
** The ante gets upped with "Hearts Of Twilight", an ''Film/ApocalypseNow'' pastiche with references to ''Film/TheDayTheClownCried''... two references that [[ViewersAreGeniuses kids would get right off the bat]]. The fake [[Music/TheDoors Jim Morrison]] steals the show on that one, however.
---> "This is the ending, the ending of our story. The ending, the ending..." *gets run over by a golf cart* "...the ending..."
* From "Clown and Out": The Yiddish Clown who, like Mr. Director, acted in a very Jerry Lewis fashion with an extremely stereotypically Jewish style.
--> ''(just before a fall from a great height):'' "I'm in the sky."
--> ''(after his third fall from a great height):'' "I don't want to do this no more..."
--> ''(after his fourth fall from a great height)'' "I wish the ground was mushy and soft..."
** After Wakko uses a cannon made out of a balloon to hit the clown, who says, "That hurt my face", before falling, Plotz and Scratchansniff are watching the whole thing from Plotz's office and Plotz is expressing utter glee at the clown's pain. When the clown attempts to leave, Plotz sends him back for more and gleefully exclaims, "Oh, baby, is that clown gonna get it! Yes!" and Scratchansniff guides him back to the couch for more therapy.
** "A clown is my friend. A clown will not bite me and throw me in the basement. A clown [[{{Literature/It}} is not a big spider."]]
* From "The Girl With the Googily Goop", when the sibs get spat out into another studio's cartoon, where literally everything is alive:
--> '''Yakko:''' This is going to be the most frightening six minutes of our lives.
* "Yakko's Universe":
--> ''It's a great, big universe and we're all really puny!''
--> ''We're just tiny little specks about the size of Mickey Rooney!''
* "Wakko's Gizmo," a loving tribute to Rube Goldberg taking his absurdly complex machines UpToEleven. Aireborne ows, orbital satellites and the Warner Brothers studio tour all play key roles.
* The short sketch in which Dot "translates" Puck's closing monologue from ''A Midsummer Night's Dream''.
-->'''Yakko:''' That you did but slumber here / while these visions did appear...
-->'''Dot:''' Ya fell asleep on your butt and dreamed the whole thing.
-->'''Yakko:''' And this weak and idle theme / no more yielding but a dream!
-->'''Dot:''' There's a hole in the plot you could drive a truck through.
* "Fair Game" is a goldmine of these, when the siblings constantly buzz at the wrong time, usually saying "Issac Newton," until the answer actually ''is'' Issac Newton, when they [[{{Irony}} just can't seem to remember it.]] One of the best moments, however...
-->'''Host:''' Very well. The answer is what?
-->'''Yakko:''' It is? What was the question?
-->'''Host:''' I don't know.
-->'''Yakko:''' Then don't buzz in.
-->'''Host:''' I didn't buzz in!
-->'''Yakko:''' Then you can't answer the question.
-->'''Host:''' Do you think this is funny!?
-->'''Dot:''' (Buzz) Yes.
** At one point, the host grabs them all by their tails to keep them from buzzing while he can say the entire question, while the Warners try to reach for the buttons. After letting them all, each of them were about to buzz, but then rub their chins. They're ready to buzz, but rub their chins again.
* Any of the Great Wakkorotti musical shorts, where Wakko belches to classical music.
** Excuse me, oh excuse me.
* One from "Dezanitized", the first short of the entire series, mostly due to the GeniusBonus that comes with the territory:
--> '''Scratchansniff''': ''(with fuller, wilder, and brown EinsteinHair)'': Now, tell me about these dreams you've been having, Mr. Reagan.
--> ''(Cut to a younger UsefulNotes/RonaldReagan, an actor at this point, dressed in a white tuxedo, purple pants and sporting a pompuador)''
--> '''Actor Reagan''': Well, in my dreams, I'm president of the United States.
--> ''(Cut back to Scratchansniff, who freezes from his writing to give the audience a grimace, as though he is asking us directly "You just heard that, too, right?" and proceeds to write into his notebook)''
--> ''(Cut to Scratchansniff's notebook, which has the heading of "Delusions of grandeur". He then adds "Incurable" in capital letters, underlining the word with a passion.)''
* [[PottyEmergency POTTY EMERGENCY]] -- specifically, Wakko goes through a ton of cruel yet hilarious gags about being unable to go to the bathroom. He eventually has to resort to BreakingTheFourthWall in ''reverse,'' going into the movie he was watching at the beginning of the episode in order to find a restroom. He then shakes hands with the actor in the movie, who remarks in a slight lisp,
--> "That's disgusting. He didn't even wash his hands!"
* The Dot's Pet gags are usually hilarious. Dot carries a tiny box that, thanks to {{Hammerspace}}, contains a giant hideous beast that's different every time she opens it. The best one is definitely the one from The Party episode, where she shows it to an ''Alien'' xenomorph.
--> '''Dot:''' Wanna see my pet?
--> *Dot opens the box, and out pops the giant head of Mr Director*
--> '''Mr Director's inner jaw:''' "OH, MONSTER!!! 8D"
--> *Xenomorph runs off whining like a scared dog*
* This segment from "Dot's Poetry Corner"
-->'''Dot:''' I'm a little teapot, short and stout. Here is my handle, and here's a note from my shrink. He says I'm getting better! Last week I thought I was a toaster oven! ''(disturbed laughter)'''
* "The Warners and the Beanstalk":
-->'''Giant:''' Ow, that smarted me!
-->'''Yakko:''' I doubt it.
* "Turkey Jerky". After being outwitted by the Warners and the turkey, Miles Standish orders them to go away and leave him alone. [[ExactWords They do just that and remove the props and scenery, leaving him standing alone on a blank white screen.]]
* The 65th Anniversery Special overall, especially the reveal of who the Warner siblings hired as their agent to negotiate with the studio. [[spoiler: Irwing Laboo AKA Chicken Boo.]]
** [[spoiler: He's a chicken I tell ya, a giant chicken!!]]
** The fate of Lon Borax, the animator who originally created The Warners in-universe. He and producer Weed Menlo were working on one of the old Warner Bros "Buddy" cartoons, an actual cartoon character from the 20s, and in the Animaniacs universe, Menlo hated the first Buddy cartoon and forced Borax to work day and night to come up with something to make the short funnier. Borax eventually went insane from stress and lack of sleep, and created the Warner siblings just before running off in a LaughingMad fit.
--> '''Weed Menlo''': "The next day we were supposed to show the cartoon to the studio head, but I couldn't find Lon around anywhere. Later I found out he went [[DrivenToMadness all funny in the head]]. [[BlatantLies But I hear he's getting better!]]
--> *cut to an aged Borax sticking his head out the window of an asylum bearing the sign "Home For Retired Animators".
--> '''Borax''': '''[[NoIndoorVoice We're having soup today!!!]]'''
** Another comedy gem from the 65th Anniversary episode is the series of cartoons the Warners made after Buddy got fired, which included an 8 hour skit of them with flypaper stuck to their butts, a baking cartoon where you can hear Menlo screaming directions to Wakko in the background since he kept eating the props, and finally, Mr Plotz biggest mistake in his career, the last of the original Warner cartoons, which he let Wakko direct. It was nothing but the Warner siblings in navy uniforms while Wakko played Yankee Doodle with his armpit. This is what indirectly led to Plotz locking them in the water tower.
--> '''WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck:''' It was alright for a short, but this went on for eight hours. ''Eight.'' ''Hours.''
** Can't forget the expose on the Warners activities between [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII WWII]] and present day. Once every decade or so, the water tower had to be fumigated for termites, to Plotz would allow the Warners out for a day. They'd rush off to run amok elsewhere. They showed up at the post-war meeting between UsefulNotes/WinstonChurchill, UsefulNotes/JosefStalin and UsefulNotes/FranklinDRoosevelt (where they asked to jump on Churchill's belly like a trampoline), did a surprise walk on music performance on ''Series/TheEdSullivanShow'', outperformed Creator/JohnTravolta in a disco contest and helped tear down the UsefulNotes/BerlinWall in exchange for candy money.
* Dot's huge crush on Creator/MelGibson, and Mel having no idea how to handle it in the handful of episodes they have together... most notably the Pocahontas parody and the "Temporary Insanity" episode.
* The CutawayGag about the writers laughing about the Warners being right behind Thaddeus Plotz.
* The whole of "Ups and Downs" could qualify, but Wakko's KnockKnockJoke really stands out:
-->'''Wakko:''' Knock knock.
-->'''Scratchensniff:''' ''(completely unenthusiastic)'' Who's there?
-->'''Wakko:''' Max.
-->'''Scratchensniff:''' Max who?
-->'''Wakko:''' Max wants to come in and go crazy!
-->'''Scratchensniff:''' ''(giving the audience a confused AsideGlance)'' Well, ok, that's not really a joke, is it? You see, because it makes no sense.
-->'''Wakko:''' It does if you know Max.
-->'''Scratchensniff:''' But I don't ''know'' Max!
-->'''Wakko:''' If you did, you'd be laughin'!
* ''Hooray For North Hollywood'' which had the Warners' film consisting of as many film parodies as the staff could shove into a single episode, including ''Film/TheEnglishPatient'', ''Film/ForrestGump'', ''Film/{{Fargo}}'', and ''Film/JerryMaguire''.
** From the ''Film/{{Fargo}}'' parody, Dot and Yakko are discussing whether a man in the snow is dead or just sleeping. Dot comments how good her coffee is and accidentally spills some on the guy, who then gets up and runs away screaming because of how hot the coffee was.
--->'''Dot''': Oh gee he really was sleeping!
** The OverlyLongGag of the Warners going "We wanna make a movie!" and Plotz going "You can't make a movie!:
--->'''Skippy Squirrel''': That was pretty much it. For a ''full half hour''.
*** The beginning of the episode's next half:
---->'''The Warners''': We ''still'' wanna make a movie!
---->'''Plotz''': You ''still'' can't make a movie!
* From "Draculee, Draculaa":
-->'''Count Dracula''': I am Count Dracula...
-->'''Yakko''': Didn't you use to teach math on Series/SesameStreet?
* "Hot, Bothered, and Bedeviled":
** The Warners get sentenced to indescribable torment and agony while in {{Hell}}...[[spoiler:[[CoolAndUnusualPunishment listening to whiny protest songs from the 60's]].]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Singer''': ♪Oh, I hate the government, more than you and me. The government stole my goldfish, and unplugged my TV!♪]]
-->''[The Warners scream in terror]''.
-->'''Satan''': Enjoy! ''[Satan gets thrown in instead]''
** What happens when Wakko and Satan have a challenge to see who can grow taller:
--->''[an angry Satan grows taller than he previously was]''
--->'''Wakko''': I can do that, too! ''[Wakko's neck stretches up to Satan's head]'' Look at me, I'm a giraffe!
--->'''Satan''': Hah! Silly mortal, I can grow taller than you!
--->'''Wakko''': Bet you can't. ''[he and Satan gradually grow taller until Satan hits the roof with his horns]'' You win.
--->'''Satan''': ''[with his horns stuck in the roof, he shrinks back to this normal size]'' Blasted horns, I knew I should've gotten them trimmed.
*** Extra Bonus Injoke: Satan is played by Creator/RonPerlman, probably best known for doing Film/{{Hellboy}}--you know, the demon with the trimmed horns...
* The Creator/WilliamShakespeare shorts, where Yakko acts out a scene from a Shakespeare play, Theatre/AMidsummerNightsDream, Theatre/{{Hamlet}} and Theatre/{{Macbeth}} respectively, with Dot translating the dialogue.
--> '''Narrator''': Welcome to (Play Name), translated for those viewers who, like Yakko, have no idea what he's talking about.
--> *Yakko looks offended and Dot giggles*
** The funniest part is that the dialogue is word for word, even if the translation isn't, though it usually goes somewhat by what the dialogue means.
* While escaping from Ralph, the Warners use a trampoline to bounce back to the water tower. Then, Ralph tries to do the same and emulates their "Boinkie-boinkie-boinkie!" chant before the trampoline collapses on him.
* The "Super Warner Siblings" parody of ''MightyMorphinPowerRangers'' which legitimately could be considered an episode of Power Rangers with the Warners in it. What's especially funny about the whole thing is that Rita Repulsa knockoff's voice is so similar to the real deal you'd genuinely think she was voiced by Creator/BarbaraGoodson.
* ''Chairman of the Bored'' is wonderful solely due to the fact that the Warners are the ones being ''tortured.'' It's beautiful to see a creature so annoying that even the ''Warners'' can't handle him.
* The entirety of "Bingo" counts due to being several WhosOnFirst routines between Wakko and Otto Von Scratchansniff at a Bingo game, such as Wakko misinterpreting "I-30" as "I'm thirsty" and "Oh, nein" as "O-9", but this exchange takes the cake.
-->'''Otto''': I-29.
-->'''Wakko''': Oh, no you're not! You must be at least fifty! Really, 29...
* When the Warners see a rumbling in the ground in ''The Warners and the Beanstalk'':
-->'''Yakko''': Beans'll do that to ya.
* In "Draculee, Dracula", when Dracula saw the Warners in his coffin, he made a really hilarious-sounding scream, while his head was like the shape of Bart Simpson.
* The Bones Song. And at the beginning, the old man wants Yakko to play it but he's not interested.
-->'''Old Man''': "I'll give you some more beans."
-->'''Yakko''': "Nah."
-->'''Old Man''': "I ''won't'' give you some more beans."
-->'''Yakko''': "Okay... This is not the Bean Song."
* "[[https://youtu.be/620APj36WFo?t=24s OH, LADY! OH, LADY! OH, LADY! OH, LADY! OH, LADY! OH, LADY! NICE LADY! OH, LADY! OH, LADY! OH, LADY! NICE LADY!]]"
* "A Hard Day's Warners" has the Warner siblings being chased by their fans all throughout the short. How do they get them off their backs? [[spoiler: Yakko tricks Brain and Pinky into going to the convention they're at and gets the fans to chase them instead.]]

* [[Funny/PinkyAndTheBrain See here]]

[[AC:Slappy Squirrel]]
* Slappy is aware of the medium. Her nephew Skippy starts out with GenreBlindness:
--> '''Slappy:''' I've tangled with Walter Wolf, Sid the Squid and Beany the Brain-Dead Bison. This 'Doug' guy is ''nothin'.''
-->'''Skippy:''' [[ThisIsReality But those were cartoons, and this is real life!]]\\
'''Slappy:''' ''(*AsideGlance*)'' [[TomatoInTheMirror Don't tell him, he might crack]].
* "Woodstock Slappy". Slappy happens to be present at Woodstock in 1969, but not by choice. Just watch [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlXjIg4fH74 this]] and try not to laugh.
** I mean seriously, besides the HurricaneOfPuns, the mere fact a 90s kids cartoon even ''had'' a UsefulNotes/{{Woodstock}} episode is notable.
** Woodstock? How about the fact that the above HurricaneOfPuns was also a ShoutOut to WhosOnFirst, a comedy routine that was famous 20 years ''before'' Woodstock?
* A great moment when Slappy Squirrel took Dot's place in a short during the BizarroEpisode "Animaniacs Stew" and was less than enthusiastic about it.
-->'''Slappy''' ''(reading directly from the script):'' And I'm Princess Angela Luisa Fran... ''(tosses the script aside)'' Ah, forget it. Here, have some dynamite down your pants.
* The Slappy cartoon "I Got Yer Can" is based on something that happened to one of the writers. Although the parts with the dynamite, the quiz show and Santa Claus were probably only in the Slappy version.
** The VillainousBreakdown and the can becoming 'the thing that wouldn't leave' seem to be building to an epic climax... when, inexplicably, an anvil falls on the DesignatedVillain instead. Slappy looks up and sees Skippy leaning out of an upstairs window with a satisfied expression.
--> '''Slappy:''' What about the ''plot,'' Hemingway!? What's an anvil got to do with this story?
--> '''Skippy:''' Who cares. Anvils are funny.
* "No Face Like Home": Walter Wolf tries to botch Slappy's plastic surgery, but in the end fails and Slappy tells the doctors to operate on him instead and gives them a photo from her wallet. When Slappy and Skippy are walking home, Walter runs out of the clinic and his face and hairstyle now look like Hello Nurse's as he yells "What will the other villains say?!"
* From "Frontier Slappy", every song about Daniel Boone but especially: "Daniel Boone was a great big jerk. Yes, a stupid jerk. He had another dumb plan that more than likely wouldn't work!"
* The "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=79kr6ha6pnA Buttermilk Commercial]]" sketch that parodied the 80s "Milk..It Does A Body Good" ad campaign. After being snubed by a arrogant bodybuilder, a younger version of Slappy ages from drinking buttermilk to the point that she is now cranky and bad tempered enough to take vengeance on the man. She then proceeds to blow him and announcer up on the spot.
** Similarly, "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VWKp2t3hSLg The Slapper]]" commercial parodies the Clapper light for senior citizen. The product in this case is a giant glove that bursts out of Slappy's purse and smacks down anything that's causing her annoyance.
* And when Slappy finds herself in the middle of the ''{{Film/Speed}}'' shoot, Keanu Reeves pops up and says he's looking for a bomb. Slappy's epic response?
--> "Check out your performance in ''[[Film/BramStokersDracula Dracula]]''."

[[AC: Other]]
* The premise of the Chicken Boo shorts, since Boo's disguises are not exactly convincing, and he acts and moves like a normal chicken, clucking and pecking and scratching at the ground for seeds and kernels. Nobody ever finds this odd aside from the OnlySaneMan of each short.
** This exchange in "The Good, the Boo and the Ugly" as Chicken Boo enters the saloon, poncho and all.
-->'''Eli''': You know who that is? The Man with No Personality. Some say he robbed a bank and saved a puppy at the same time.
-->'''Lee''': So is he for the law or agin it?
-->'''Eli''': Nobody knows. Cause he ain't got no personality!
* Any time Pesto gets mad and beats up Squit on the Goodfeathers cartoons.
** This dialogue from the beginning when Squit kisses Pesto after becoming a Goodfeather.
-->'''Bobby:''' Maybe he thinks you're cute. Know what I'm saying?\\
'''Pesto:''' Cute?! You think I'm cute?!\\
''(Squit shakes his head)''\\
'''[[HairTriggerTemper Pesto]]:''' ''THAT'S IT!!''
** In "The Monkey Song", Squit accidentally hits Pesto with the flute he's playing and Pesto beats him up. And then when Squit flies away from the Goodfeathers to continue playing the flute, Pesto catches up with him and continues beating him up, never mind that Squit flew away so he wouldn't accidentally hit Pesto with the flute again.
* A "Punchline" segment in one of the last episodes deals with the question of "Why did the chicken cross the road?" A disguised Chicken Boo is the consultant, Brain is a ConspiracyTheorist, Pinky keeps insisting that guy's a chicken, and Runt has been hired to sniff out the chicken that crossed the road.
** "There was a second chicken [[WhoShotJFK on the grassy knoll!]]"
* This quote from "Jingle Boo":
-->'''Colin:''' That's a chicken, dad! A giant chicken! He'll pick my eyes out!\\
''[Everyone else waiting in line laughs.]''\\
'''Woman:''' ''(whispers to another woman)'' He should get that boy into therapy. He has issues.
* "Noah's Lark". Which turns Noah into a [[JewishComplaining complaining guy with a Yiddish accent]], stuck as the ButtMonkey to the Hip Hippos.
** The Narrator's description of the beggining.
-->'''Narrator:''' God looked down on the Earth, sand saw a great wickedness.
-->'''Some people gathered around a fire:''' PARTY! PARTY! PARTY! WOOH!
-->'''Narrator:''' God was not happy. Everyone on Earth was being a total jerk.
** He's actually an {{Expy}} of comedian Richard Lewis.
** When God first spoke to him:
-->'''Noah:''' Oh my god!\\
'''God:''' Precisely!
** His [[WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes freaking out]] upon meeting Mr. and Mrs. Spider.
* Each 'Good Idea... Bad Idea' combined "life lessons from CaptainObvious" with Tom Bodet's great deadpan delivery and [[ButtMonkey Mr. Skullhead's]] inevitable doom:
--> ''It's time for another 'Good Idea, Bad Idea.' Good idea: Going alpine skiing in the winter. Bad idea: Going alpine skiing... in the summer. The End.''
--> ''It's time for another 'Good Idea, Bad Idea.' Good idea: Climbing a mountain. Bad idea: Climbing a mountain ''lion''. The End.''
** Extra special super bonus points to the one that made Tom Bodet laugh a little in the aired recording:
--> ''It's time for another 'Good Idea, Bad idea.' Good idea: Whistling while you work. Bad idea: [[{{Corpsing}} Whistling while you eat]]. TheEnd."

* Just about ''all'' of [[BizarroEpisode "Animaniacs Stew"]], due to the placing of multiple characters in place of other characters (i.e. Pesto taking Rita's place in a Rita and Runt sketch), but special mention goes to 'Pinky and the Cat'. The entire segment is an opening theme, four lines of dialogue, and a closing theme, with any actual plot being cut short by, well, exactly what you'd think would happen if you put a lab rat and a hungry stray cat in the same cage.
--> '''Rita''' ''(to the camera):'' So far, this is my favorite episode!
** Pinky's remark: "Roomy accommodations, Rita!"
* "[[Film/WestSideStory West Side Pigeons]]": After Squit agrees to fly away with Carloota, the rival gang's bird, he [[ItMakesAsMuchSenseInContext engages in his love song as he gets swallowed up by the police cat that's been following them.]] Even while ''in the stomach'', Squit continues to sing in a sickly-sweet manner, causing Officer Krupkitty to [[TastesLikeDiabetes immediately cough up Squit.]]
-->'''Krupkitty''': [[{{Oireland}} I gotta cut down on me coloratura.]] ''(slinks off)''
* "Boids on the Hood" with the Goodfeathers taking revenge on Mr. Plotz by tormenting Ralph to ''Music/RideOfTheValkyries''. It has to be seen to be believed.
* Pretty much the entirety of "Nighty-Night Toons", a spoof of the children's book ''Goodnight Moon''. Highlights include the short being narrated by Creator/JimCummings using his Sterling Holloway impression (i.e. his Winnie the Pooh voice), The Brain objecting to being called a rat, Buttons being afraid of Mr Skullhead, and the narrator referring to Ralph T. Guard as a big baboon.
* "Definitely don't wanna wet the bunny beds."
* When Dot has her ink blot test
-->'''Doctor''': "I am going to show you some pictures and I want you to tell me what they look like *shows ink blot* what do you say to this?"
-->'''Dot''': "I'd say you're not a very good artist"
-->'''Doctor''': "I didn't draw that"
-->'''Dot''': "Well, whoever did, needs to go back to school"
-->'''Doctor''': "No, it's an inkblot"
-->'''Dot''': "I'll say"
-->'''Doctor''': "No, no, no. It's not ''supposed'' to look like ''anything''"
-->'''Dot''': "Then you did a very good job"
-->'''Doctor (shouting)''': "I didn't draw it! (normal voice) Doesn't it look like a little kitty cat or a butterfly or something?"
-->'''Dot (getting up from her chair)''': "No" (somehow takes the blot right off the sign and turns it into a butterfly in her hands) "That's a butterfly"
* This line in the Monkey Song
--> We're not monkeys, we're just cuckoo.
* The loudmouthed titular characters in "Survey Ladies," who [[{{Determinator}} never stop trying]] to get the Warners to answer their questions. "WOULDJA LIKE TAH TAKE A SURRR-VAAY?"
-->'''Yakko:''' "Would you like to take a ''hike''?"
** Even better is the fact that the whole survey centers on beans and George Wendt (another reference that [[ParentalBonus was pretty much designed to go over kids' heads]]) in endless combinations. "Do you eat beans?" Would you like to see a new movie starring George Wendt?" "Would you like to see George Wendt in a bean-eating movie?" "How many bean-eating movies have you seen with George Wendt?" "How many beans do you eat at George Wendt bean-eating movies?"

[[AC: Meta]]
* When Nickelodeon attempted to edit the theme song to remove as many references to its origins as a Warner Brothers cartoon from the intro, a FunnyAneurysmMoment comes in about one thing... They ended up cutting about two-thirds of the intro, because the "plot" is practically declaring its origins with Creator/WarnerBros with every other line!
* In the Animaniacs comic series story ''Dot the Vampire Slayer'', Dot's stomach growls and she tells it to stop growling because Ralph was going to hear and it wasn't very ladylike. Although there was a bunch of things throughout the series she DID that weren't very ladylike.